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300 E 12th St, New York City, USA

best restaurant in NY

08 Mar 2011

Hve bee trying out quiet a few and this is definitely the best, do not agree, a lot of people but not trendy like touristical or fahion. high quality organic and vegan food
High quality rice syrup sweetened desserts, thank you very much, staff adorable

Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels, Belgium

Perfection in Perpetual Progress

09 Mar 2011

This is my home town, and my lunch favorite. Organic, season following menu. Small very balanced plates, whole rice anytime, always beans/tempeh or tofu. Theres a team of switching cooks, so everyday is a new creative experience.
the best place in town, lunch only place. best miso soup and grain coffee of belgium.

329 Chaussée d'Ixelles, Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

dolma gastronomy

26 Oct 2015

I'm going every two moths to this place in the last 10 years,
It has been take over by a young chef Vincent witch is really creative, bringing Dolma beyond a buffet into a vegetarian gastronomic place, playing with spices, with citrus and orange peels, he reshapes vegetarian food beautyfully, place is nice and friendly, service is smilefull, catering service on demand

226 Thompson St, New York City, USA

good vegan place

08 Mar 2011

moderate price - very firendly and smiling staff - very vegan, lots of options high quality products - relaxed environment

5600 Magazine St, New Orleans, USA

Whole foods, non labelled non organic and refined

08 Mar 2011

Whole foods has sometimes aved me travelling from eating really bad foods. But for the price per pound they charge, the global quality vegatebales beans and grains non labelled which means they are industrial bulk products, and bad cheap oils, in brown rice for example, the food never lasted more then 24hours in the fridge, so was already nearly rancid when i bought it. Very green wahing brand in usa, not even giving serious garanties about gmo. A chain can't be good is my deduction for mac donalds as for whole foods. Try to find a locally engaged, maybe smaller farmers community suppporting cooperative shop. (consumer or workers owned) >>> www.coopdirectory.org/directory.htm
some few good organic brands like eden, and some nice friendly people working there, and sometimes better then nothing, for emergencies only, like every supermarket.

59 Rue de Washington, Brussels, Belgium

Gastronomic organic vegan live food

26 Oct 2015

a newcomer in the brussels landscape
is always welcome, it is a place with gastronomic
pretentions, the young french talented chef is a very
promessing example of how we can reinvent vegetarian food.
It was full of colors and design in our plates, extremely friendly service, i personally do not like the neighbourhood but its quiet, the place is simple, beautyfully designed, with light and an open kitchen. Highly recomended.
What i apreciated most and respect a lot (is so often forgotten in vegetarian circles) is that they really now there providers and try to get others more organic and more local. go on like this

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