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3297 Campbell Ave, Honolulu, USA

Veggie spam sandwich and more

23 Dec 2009

It seems that spam is one of the most popular foods in Hawaii - now vegetarians can sample this local staple too! Nickie's Cafe offers a unique vegetarian spam sandwich on their menu. They also do veggie imitation duck, beef, steak, and more. A large selection of herbal teas too.

Also worth pointing out the Domino's Pizza across the road that does the usual vegetarian (or vegan cheeseless) pizzas along with a veggie baked sandwich.

There is also a Zippy's Restaurant in the same area (@601 Kapahulu Ave) - one of several in Honolulu - that does a vegetarian tofu burger/sandwich (I have tried it and it's not very substantial but adequate as a snack)

* Photos of Nickie Cafe's menu (veg items are bolded) and dishes:-

* Photos of Domino's Mediterranean Vegie Baked Sandwich:-

Shop 7, 23 South Street, Kardinya

Yummy and excellent value!

01 Feb 2008

This is currently the best value vegetarian buffet in all of Perth. I live close by, but it is well worth the trip even if you are not living in proximity to Kardinya. The 940 bus from the city goes directly past it.

Check out their website for full details on opening hours, pricing, etc:-


133 Jalan Raya Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

How to find this restaurant

02 Feb 2011

As street numbers are seemingly random in Bali and to minimize frustration, I'm supplying a small map showing the actual location of Saimaa Vegetarian, serving cheap and delicious vego food. Just a short walk from 'Bemo Corner' of Kuta. The name of the restaurant isn't signposted, but there is a banner with "Vegetarian". Ok, here's the map:-

2525 S King St, Honolulu, USA

Gobsmacking vego supermarket & hot buffet

24 Dec 2009

I had been looking to buy avocadoes during my vacation in Honolulu but the prices were steep in Waikiki where, like most visitors, I was staying. Avocadoes are one of the essential vegetarian powerfoods, full of healthy fats and vitamins. Fortunately, they happen to be very cheap at Down to Earth making it the perfect place to stock up on this essential food.
Besides which they have a VERY extensive range of vegetarian supplies/groceries - anything vego-related you can probably find it here. I only bought avocadoes so can't comment on their prices for other stuff but I'm sure they are reasonable for things you definitely wouldn't find anyplace else.

Not only is "Down to Earth" a vegetarian supermarket, their other attraction is a great salad bar and hot buffet. Most selections are charged by weight (but at the same fixed rate) so you can heap them onto a single plate. Some things are priced individually. Look at my photos to get a sense of their offerings.

Some hot dishes contain dairy, but there are always some vegan items that are clearly marked as such.

They have upstairs (indoor) seating, or use the tables outside.

Across the road is the "Well Bento" (another listing on happycow), that does excellent vegan Japanese take-out.

Bus #4 from Waikiki will get you here.

i.imagehost.org/0581/IMG_0079.jpg (salad bar & buffet)
i.imagehost.org/0174/IMG_0099.jpg (shop sign)
i.imagehost.org/0084/IMG_0100.jpg (plate of food)
i.imagehost.org/0977/IMG_0101.jpg (soup/stew)

261 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

All vegan

21 Jul 2013

Just to clarify - *all* their cupcakes are vegan, on any day of the week. (I'm less clear on the gluten thing...)

180 Berkeley Rd, Berkeley, Wollongong

Serene and imposing

24 Dec 2009

The Nan Tien complex is claimed to be the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere (which I find plausible) and well worth a visit for this reason alone. Beautiful classical architecture and gardens evoke the bygone era of imperial China.

I had lunch in their Dining Hall and it was simple and nutritious. However most come down to soak up the magnificent environs - the food is just a bonus!

640 Ulukahiki, Kailua, USA

Now known as "The Bistro"

23 Dec 2009

This restaurant recently changed its name to "The Bistro" but remains completely vegetarian. Although catering mainly to hospital staff, it is fully open to the public. Excellent salad/fruit bar and hot buffet, with a different main dish every day. They always offer at least one entree that is strictly vegan. If using public transport from Honolulu, bus 56 or 57 from Ala Moana Center will take you directly past the Castle Medical Center in Kailua.

* Check out their menu for Nov-Dec 2009:-

* Photos of their food and more:-
i.imagehost.org/0560/IMG_0093.jpg (entrance to restaurant)
i.imagehost.org/0752/IMG_0095.jpg (veggie chix enchiladas etc)
i.imagehost.org/0055/IMG_0096.jpg (onion rings, fries)
i.imagehost.org/0855/IMG_0098.jpg (cream of asparagus soup)

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