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1420 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids, USA

This place is good

23 Jul 2007

We got the khumb mattar (mushroom and peas in a creamy, velvety tomato sauce served over rice) and the alooh (potato fried bread stuff). It is great and the service is good. It is very pricey. The khumb mattar alone was $12-13 plus the bread is extra. Go with a big pocket of cash and it is totally worth the price.

22 Battery Park Ave, Asheville, USA

Mediocre Indian Food

26 Dec 2009

This place is VERY cute and the staff is friendly but the food was very bland. There are items marked vegan on the menu which is cool.

You can tell an Indian family does not own this restaurant because it does NOT taste authentic at all. They have these fries that were pretty good though. But, this place is very, very cheap. It is almost too good to be true! It's worth going to, but if you want kick *ss Indian food, go to India Garden or Mele. This is more of a place to go because you don't want to go to Taco Bell. Don't bring family or out-of-towners here.

209 Diamond SE, Grand Rapids, USA

the wait staff is horrible

23 Jul 2007

We went to Gaia two weeks ago and had this male waiter there. He was a jerk and totally ignored us. The service was horrible. The food was ok, the pancake I got was really dry but their fried potatoes and vegan cookies are awesome. SO we went back last weekend hoping for better service. We got the same male waiter and he sat three other tables and took all three orders before coming to our table. We sat there for 20 minutes and he didn't take our order. So we left and found this awesome restaurant called Marie something. I can't remember the name. I'm gonna find out and put them on here cuz they had awesome vegan breakfast and cookies. The waiter was so nice. Its down the road from Gaia too. So you should go to Marie whatever its called instead. It was great. Just because the food is ok at Gaia doesn;t mean its worth to be treated like you are not important.

610 Haywood Rd, Asheville, USA

SOOOO Awesome!

26 Dec 2009

I love this place! It's all vegan except for some cows milk. Its also worker owned and they have books. Even though the menu is small, the food is really good! The Philly Sub is amazing! They have tons of yummy all vegan cupcakes, brownies, muffins. The atmosphere is great too.

Asheville and Black Mountain area, Asheville, USA

Gree4n Light is Great!

18 Aug 2011

I love the atmosphere at this restaurant. There is always seating available and never a wait. The staff is very friendly and I sometimes dream about their BBQ Citrus Bowl. It is wonderful. They have this Thai crepe that is amazing also.

5 Broadway St, Asheville, USA

I agree with Lentil

26 Dec 2009

If I had to write a review, it would be the EXACT one as Lentil's. I try and try to like my visits at Greensage because I love their philosophies and the atmosphere, but their food sucks unbelievably! The soysage is absolutely disgusting along with the gravy. The tofu scramble is really gross too. It's like they just dumped some tofu out of the package and microwaved it. I've been there 3-4 times and I'm not impressed.

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA

Too Pricy

18 Aug 2011

I have gone to Laughing Seed numerous times and most of the visits are usually negative. Either I have to deal with unfriendly staff, long wait, burnt food, or something. The only reason why I still kept going was for the seitan "fish" sandwich and now they have gotten rid of it. The food portions are so small that you leave hungry and it is very pricy for the "kids meal" you end of getting. I am glad there are other veg options around and that is why I haven't been back in almost a year. Im not planning on going back either.

1001 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids, USA

This is the place I was talking about!

23 Jul 2007

This place rocks. They are all green with a garden on their roof. They had vegan stuffed French toast on thick huge pieces of raisin cinnamon bread, tofu scramble with onions, sesame seeds, and other yummies. They have tons of vegan cookies, vegan chocolate cherry cake, vegan pasta salads up the wazoo, hummus, tons of stuff. The waiter we had was perfect, it was great. The atmosphere is very cheery and the employees are great. Definitely go here. We accidentally stumbled into this place. What a miracle!

50 Broadway Ave, Asheville, USA

Better than Asheville Pizza

26 Dec 2009

Even though I do like Asheville Brewing Pizza, Mellow Mushrooms crust is perfect! It's thick and just a little chewy how I like it. Plus they FINALLY have vegan cheese! Asheville Pizza's is NOT VEGAN! Definitely recommend going, plus the atmosphere is cool.

233 Montford Ave, Asheville, USA

Best Pasta in Town!

26 Dec 2009

Yes, the menu consists of pasta and that's about it. It's a Caribbean inspired pasta place, what do you expect? Their pesto pasta is dairy free and is AMAZING! The tofu is actually cooked right, it is so hard to find good tofu in a restaurant. I recommend go trying it. But, if you don't want pasta, go somewhere else because that is all they have.

956 E Fulton, Grand Rapids, USA

Do you want the perfect meal? Vegan or not?

23 Jul 2007

This place is wonderful. It's like heaven in your mouth. The man who runs it is great and the combination platter with the injera (African flat bread) is to die for. You can't beat it. The prices are fair and you are supporting a one man, authentic restaurant. Beautiful artwork display also. The whole restaurant is vegan too!

115 E Front St, Traverse City, USA

Its ok

23 Jul 2007

Went there three times, got the same waiter, very pushy, wants you to eat and leave. Awesome veggie sandwich with roasted red peppers and homemade balsamic dressing that is on it. Portabella mushroom sandwich was really mushy. Very busy and it may take a while to get your food. NO fried foods, very healthy for a restaurant.

640 Merrimon Ave Ste 103, Asheville, USA

Best Vegan Ice Cream in Town

04 Nov 2011

The Hop is by far the best vegan frienldly ice cream shop in town. They usually have 3-5 options to choose from and they use almond milk and soy milk. PLus they are puppy friendly and you can bring your pup inside with you!

West Palm Beach area, West Palm Beach, USA

Amazing Raw Vegan Food!

04 Nov 2011

Veggie Love has an amazing raw burger with homemade raw ketchup and vegan mayo. I have been dying to get another one. Totally worth eating at! Plus their desserts are amazing!

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