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1624 University Ave, Berkeley, USA

A must-stop for vegans!

14 Apr 2015

A nice surprise as we were walking down University Ave! There was too much to buy and not enough room in the car. The salted caramel so delicious ice cream with salted caramel sauce was amazing. It has a good selection of vegan classics and new treats to try. The so delicious cool whip is so good.

5240 University Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Amazing buffet!!!

05 May 2013

The all-vegan lunch buffet is such a treat. Tons of options and such good food. A cute little place with a friendly atmosphere. I always go straight to the spring rolls while loading up a whole soup bowl of plum sauce, then I go for the phad thai and pour peanut sauce on it, and I sometimes mix in a little of the other stuff as well to see what I feel like. While you don't have to load up all at once because it is an all-you-can-eat buffet, it is difficult not to!

12 Mill Road, Cambridge, England

Homey co-opy feeling

24 Oct 2010

I love this place. I walk in and feel at home. Lots of selection, lots of organic, tons of vegan options. Great fresh bread (vegan!). The marinated tofu chunks are amazing. And they have tree-friendly toilet paper, a large selection of cleaning products, and compostable garbage bags. Oh and a wonderful deli section!

2656 Bridgeway, Sausalito, USA

Amazing ethnic confusion vegan food!

02 Jun 2014

We told the server (who is one of the owners) that we were vegan and he took our menus away saying we wouldn't need those and then proceeded to tell us that he would serve us the most amazing vegan meals of our lives. I was very excited to let someone else make the decisions and he brought us out two mystery dishes where we had to guess what the main ingredient was. We were wrong, but spent the meal fully engrossed in solving the mystery, which added to the dining experience. I won't say what they mystery ingredients were so you can have your own experience, but the food was absolutely amazing and so flavorful and creative. The dishes were a combination of Indian and Italian or Indian and Mexican, which go really well together. We went back the next night for two different mystery dishes and then ordered three more meals to go for the next day when we drove home down the California coast.

It is a family-run establishment, which adds to the warmth and friendliness of the place. We hugged good bye when we left for the last time. It really made a difference that the owner was also the server because he knew all about their food and what is vegan and was so excited about preparing us something new and interesting (rather than saying something like "oh so you eat fish?" or "I'll have to check to see if they can make that without cheese").

We loved it there and look forward to going back the next time we are in the area!

364 Roy St, Seattle, USA

Vegan Chinese food heaven!

14 May 2016

It is ALL about the sweet and sour chicken. And the lemon chicken. I love these dishes so much that I can't bring myself to branch out much farther because I have to have them when I go. The Buddha Basket is also good and it is fun because you get to eat the basket, which is made out of fried taro. The service is fast and it is reasonably priced. I try to go every time I visit Seattle.

Updated on Sunday, 5 May 2013:
After years and years of Bamboo Garden saying they were vegan, it turns out that was not true (see the story here: http://justanotherveganin.wix.com/bamboogardenexposed#!Update-Bamboo-Garden-wants-to-work-with-the-vegan-community-for-greater-transparency/c1sbz/572020990cf2d19e2970574b). I ate there for years thinking it was vegan and I ended up unknowingly eating animal products. I am extremely unhappy with them and I am not sure I will go back even though they seem (after EXTENSIVE resistance) to be revising their menu to reflect what is actually vegan and what is vegetarian. This is so disappointing.

Westenriederstr. 35, Zwischen Isartor und, Viktualienmarkt, Munich, Germany

Amazing selection

02 Jun 2014

Good variety of vegan items, great bread section, vegan options clearly marked in the bakery, lots of frozen/refrigerated vegan "meats", Oatley milk and cream. A little on the pricey side.

2440 Bancroft Wy Unit 102, Berkeley, USA

Not many products

14 Apr 2015

One of the reviews said they have vegan yogurt, but they didn't when we went. There wasn't much in general there as it is a very small store. The deli items didn't look that great.

viale Papa Giovanni XXIII 96 , Bergamo, Italy

Definitely go here!

26 Jun 2016

Not even the US has an ice cream shop like this (that I've seen)! So many vegan options and the waffle cones are vegan too! Tried the peach, strawberry, and hazelnut ice cream and they were delicate and delicious and not too sweet. Nice atmosphere with some indoor seating.

778 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, USA

Gorgeous on a sunny day

14 Apr 2015

Adorable place on a creek with views of the mission. We liked the veggie protein sandwich with split pea soup (which was not too thick and had lots of flavor). The donuts were disappointing because they weren't deep fried and the frosting wasn't amazing.

6-8 S College St, Edinburgh, Scotland

Delicious vegan food, no vegan desserts

26 Jul 2015

This is one of those trendy places where people go on a Sunday by themselves to sit with their Mac and a cup of coffee. It’s set in a cute old building with small tables. The vegan baguettes and soup were wonderful, but there were no vegan options for dessert.

30 Brecknock Road, Holloway, North London, England

Great variety

29 May 2016

We had fun visiting to all three stores to see what goodies they had. They have a wide selection of interesting items and we bought some new products to try. The samosas were Mexican style and really good. Great baked goods and friendly staff. If you are looking for something in particular, make sure to check all three stores because there is some overlap in terms of what you would expect where (e.g., two shops have fridge sections; one has yogurt while the other has tofu).

247 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, USA

Good and refreshing

01 Jun 2014

We really enjoyed the coconut curry soup of the day and the curry soul good rice dish, which was nicely spiced with mustard. Good portions, filling, and healthy. We sat in little chairs with big cushions, which was nice after a long drive. The atmosphere was trendy and clean even though it is located in a strip mall.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Definitely go there!

09 Aug 2014

We had so many things on the menu and they were all good, but our particular favorites are the chocolate mousse pie (SO creamy!!!), the ginger-miso stir fry, and the Indian plate (each flavor was very distinct). The staff are so friendly, greeting you as you enter and exit, and they accommodated our groups during busy lunches even when we were on a time limit.

1686 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

The cha-ya rolls are the best!

14 Apr 2015

This place is AMAZING! The sauces are delicate and packed with flavor. Our only problem was that there were too many options to choose from and not enough time to eat. Our favorite was the Cha ya roll. Wow! The agedashi tofu was also great. We took the advice of another reviewer and put the fried banana on the ice cream sundae and it was so good. Portions were filling and we love how they weren't afraid to deep fry everything.

4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Some good food, too expensive

05 May 2013

It is hit or miss whether the food will be great. I seem to have luck with their sandwiches, but their raw version of a pizza left much to be desired. Their desserts and drinks are amazing. They have gotten way too expensive over the years so I don't go there any more.

Katarina Bangata 17, Stockholm, Sweden

Definitely go here

10 May 2016

Absolutely wonderful food, huge portions, loads of vegan meal and dessert options, great atmosphere, and good for big groups. I went with a bunch of people from the university and they were totally sold on it even though they weren’t even vegetarian. They seemed to like the beer as well. I had the trio tofu main dish and the tofu was well grilled and seasoned and there was a wide selection of interesting things in the salad including kalamata olives and big baked potato wedges. The coconut cake was amazing as well!

3 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, Scotland

Not exciting

26 Jul 2015

It’s fine if you want to try “traditional Scottish food” that is vegan, but the vegan haggis was boring and the filo it was baked in was undercooked so it ended up chewy rather than fluffy. The blueberry scone was good, but they offered me a pat of butter (which I assumed was not vegan because they didn’t specify that it was) after I had already clearly ordered vegan options. It was actually not raining when I went so it was nice to sit outside in the courtyard, which was quiet and had trees. There were other vegan options that I didn’t try, but they looked like they were kind of drying out in the buffet-style area where they were already prepared and had been sitting for a while. It was a cute building and had some salad options that might have been nice.

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Loved it again!

14 Apr 2015

After having lunch at the San Francisco location, we went to the Berkeley location for breakfast and also loved it. We loved the scrambled tofu and red pepper sauce on the savory crepes. The blueberry cornbread was also good. Too bad their wifi did not work while we were there, but the servers were helpful.

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