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330 W Felicita Ave Ste C7-9, Escondido, USA

Finally! Vegan in North County!

29 Dec 2011

This place is charming, friendly, and yummy. It's reminiscent of Loving Hut, and its prices are very fair. Same great Pan Dan cake, same great feel of Loving Hut, and just as delicious. So great, and unexpected, to have vegan food in Escondido!!!!! The won ton soup is fantastic!

3827 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

They have Daiya!

31 Dec 2010

This place serves meat as well as vegetarian/vegan food. Their spinache and artichoke pizza is very good. Order an XL and take the rest home for a few lunches! They have vegan sorbet also, so that's fun. They have mock meats for pizza, if you're so inclined, and they serve natural sodas. The waitstaff was very pleasant. We went on Christmas day, and the waiter was friendly, funny, and hard-working. Love their pizza! Oh, and you must try their breadstick trio!!!!!!

324 15th Ave E, Seattle, USA

Amazing, delicious, fantastic

16 Jun 2013

So do yourself a favor and get to the Plum Cafe in Sacramento. I am SICK of places calling themselves or their food vegan when it contains bleached sugar/flour and/or honey. This place is the real deal. The staff is super cute and friendly, they are not snarky, and the food is to die for. Get ANY baked good there, but I recommend choosing a blueberry scone, a cowboy creamie, or a mint brownie. Their "tuna melt" is fantastic: jackfruit never tasted so good. Excellent, welcoming environment, in a great location, totally walkable from downtown. Best I've had in a long time, and I have been vegan for over a decade.

22 NW 4th Ave, Portland, USA

Chinese Food that doesn't leave you hungry later!!

16 Mar 2013

This is the second trip I've made to Portland, and it's the second time the first stop is this restaurant. The $8.00 all you can eat lunch (M-F) is AWESOME!!! It's magical food because you stay full for a really long time. Great, friendly wait staff; excellent food; great location, and TEMPURA!!! We ate lunch there three times during our five day stay.

Patio ST, 106-0045, Tokyo, Japan

Yum! So nice we ate there twice!

04 Jul 2009

For my very recent trip to Japan, I printed out a list of 54 places I could get vegan food. Of those 54, several were located in places I could actually get to quite easily. This was one. On our first trip to Eat More Greens, we made it there for Tea Time, so the menu was very, very limited. We ordered the Vegetarian Taco-Rice of Black Rice & Black Soybean. It was fantastic. It was like a taco salad: rice, lettuce, and what appeared to be soyrizo. It was quite filling. Be careful, the only thing they allow you to take out is baked goods, so don't plan to take any leftovers home to your hotel. Just eat it all. The next visit, two days later, I had the Vegetarian Bolognese of Soybean and Root Vegetable. It was one of the best meals I have ever had! It was hearty, yummy, and filling. Deserts there are hit and miss. We had their "eclair," which is made out of bread, not pastry; we had their cinnamon roll, which is very tasty for breakfast the next day; I ordered the pumpkin pie. I have to warn people who are not raw foodists; the word "pie" is used loosely here. It is literally pumpkin in a pie crust. I saw rinds. If I was used to the raw food-like construction, I am sure I would have loved it, but it was a little to rustic for me. Overall, the place is great. Great service, although they allow smoking on their patio. Free water, good portions, decent prices (we're used to paying more though, aren't we?), good location. When you exit the station, you'll be staring at a Wendy's. Veer to the left, and go down the street. Eat More Greens is on the right-hand side.

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

Best Place Ever

19 Mar 2009

This restaurant is my favorite in the whole world. The only negative thing I can say is there is only one Golden Era! If you go, you must try the Vegetable Foo Yung and Sweet 'n' Sour Chick'n. They are yummy, affordable, generously portioned, and amazing. Their desserts are fabulous, and you can eat a bunch and not feel like a slob. The neighborhood is cleaning up a bit since some buildings have been closed and a new, more upscale saloon has been put on the block. Don't let the Tenderloin scare you off! This gem of a restaurant is fantastic and everything tastes great as leftovers!!!!

Okada Bldg 2F, 1-54, Jimbocho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

An oasis in a fish-filled Tokyo!

04 Jul 2009

Loving Hut wasn't my first choice for vegan food in Tokyo, but we ended up there since others were very hard to find and closed. San Francisco's Loving Hut still has the best menu, I've been to 3 now, but this was quite nice. I had their Hamberger meal. It included a veggie burger on some really nice bread, what I think was a lemongrass soup, a salad of veggies I could not identify, some little tofu goodies, and a coffee jelly. It was all good even if I didn't know exactly what I was eating. The coffee jelly was my daughter's favorite. The menu here is the most limited one I have seen in a Loving Hut yet, and the tiny upstairs location makes for a warm time, but overall, I was very happy I found a place I could eat. It's nearly impossible to find fish-free food in Japan!

10 E Ellsworth Ave, Denver, USA

Amazing Things Come In Small Packages!

01 Mar 2013

This store has a terrific selection I've never seen, even at older, larger stores. There are dry goods, donuts, coffee, tons of goodies, fresh bread, books, and refrigerated goods. Friendly, helpful staff person made the BEST recommendation. Mash up bread!
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 28, 2013

333 S Alameda St Unit 310, Los Angeles, USA

So yummy!

31 Dec 2010

I took my daughter there yesterday for her birthday. It took us 2.5 hours to get there, but it was really well worth it. We had the 15.95 lunch go-zen, and it included a "chef's choice" entree. Well, to our happy surprise, that entree was the "wellington" from the Christmas meal! It was fantastic. The miso soup and salad were great, the okra cakes were delicious, and the tempura was amazing. The price is completely worth it, and I would definitely go back. The ice kreme trio is really good: two words...maple pecan. They even made a special plate for my daughter for her birthday, and the service is very good. I highly recommend this place!

945 N High St, Columbus, USA

Great vegan pizza, but they serve meat

19 Mar 2010

This place is really nice and reasonably priced. They use Dayia vegan "cheese," so their vegan pizza is really very good. You can also get their calzones made vegan, so that's a rare treat. The only issue is they serve meat, so you'll be sitting next to some buffoon who is eating that next to you.

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