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103 - 12788 76A Ave, Surrey, Canada

No Vegan Options

29 Sep 2013

No vegan options. They told me there was one thing on the menu that only had a little milk in it and that I could have plain boiled rice. We left.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

So good!

30 Jun 2009

So, I avoided the new renovated, fancy, chic'er Aux Vivre for a long while. I had visited it both in the pre st-laurent days and the pre-renovation days and I had fond memories of the great, extremely cheap, vegan food and I had some sort of weird chip on my shoulder about the new place.

I am glad that I have let go that now, this place has simply amazing vegan food. If the prices are higher and the look yuppier, I can appreciate the fact the servers get paid more and that business is booming at a vegan restaurant in Montreal. That can only be a good thing and this place is always bustling at meal times.

The BLT sandwich on chapati is insanely good (smoked coconut bacon), I order it almost every time and I am not a sandwich person. The ginger cookies and carrot cake: y-u-m. They have wonderful specials everyday and sometimes even great things like vegan poutine! Tomato Gazpatcho is a regular for the soupe de jour and I can't help but order it even if I am not too hungry. Go there for an amazing brunch special on the weekends. Some of the salads are intense - huge and delicious.

What can I say? Yes, it used to be cheaper, yes it used to look less yuppy, yes it used to be a collective, yes it used to be more "punkrock". Times change, get over it. It is a vegan restaurant (a good thing), it has amazing food (a very good thing), and it is affordable, if not cheap (also good).

Check this place out, order a BLT on chapati and I gaurantee you will be happy.

1748 Notre Dame St W, Montreal, Canada


30 Jun 2009

This place is ok. It's a bit out of the way and the prices are high. They do have some wonderful choices like vegan lasagna though.

In general, I find the dishes a bit bland and two or three bites too small, but healthy and nice.

They also close now and then to take holidays so call ahead. There is nothing else anywhere near there if they are closed.

5568 Monkland, Montreal, Canada

Cool, worth checking out, not amazing

30 Jun 2009

We just went here for lunch. My companion had "the best veggie burger in montreal" and received an ok, dry, lentil based burger. I had a lentil-loaf which seemed to be the same stuff as the burger but mine was coated in a delicious spicy tomato sauce. Of the two of us, I definitely lucked out.

Now check it out, they have five or six great looking salads and when you get a meal, you get a salad on the side. *But you don't get to choose it!* That's right, we asked for a specific one and they just chose another for us. When we asked why, they said "oh, normally you just get a random salad". I guess that is fine but I really felt like veggies and not like boiled kamut. My friend got beet salad which is great, but some people don't like it. I don't know, do they give you the cheapest ones? It just seems weird.

I don't know where the "outdoor seating" was, I didn't see any but we had a nice little table inside. I would have tried out some of the drinks they have in the big cooler or one of the delicious looking desserts but they had no prices on them and there was no indication if they were vegan or not. I wasn't hungry enough to hassle with asking prices and ingredients for everything.

Overall, I think it's a cool little place, the lentil loaf was great and some of the salads look good - too bad I couldn't try any of those, guess you have to be lucky. I would skip on the veggie burger unless you like yours dry and virtually toppingless.

They should really price and label their things, and allow their customers to choose their food.

4088 rue St Denis, Montreal, Canada

Fancy, Pricey

30 Jun 2009

This is the place I often suggest when we are going for a fancy dinner, especially if I am not the one paying! They have some very good dishes and I love the salad rolls and the tapioca/coconut cream pudding.

For the rest, it is mostly faux-meat dishes. There are about 8 basic choices (like red curry, basil and peanut sauce, roasted cashew, etc.) and you select which type of faux meat you want (shrimp, beef, chicken... don't think too hard about the frozen faux-meats you have seen for sale at the place down duluth). The price is about $14 a dish and you will want to have a soup or an appetizer to go with it as they are a bit small. I find the dishes good but not spectacular. I honestly go for the fancy decor and ambiance - if I am taking someone out for dinner.

The Table d'H'te is overpriced but fun. You get 5 fancy little appetisers and a few dishes to share and try. It is a great thing to do on a date.

Check out the tapioca pudding for dessert!

516 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Oh my god!

30 Jun 2009

This place is the most wonderful place on earth!!! They have soy-based and nut-based ice-creams and they even have soft-serve! Vegan soft serve!

I don't know how to describe it... this is what I had: A banana split with pina-colada ice cream, ginger molasses ice cream, and cake batter soft-serve. Pineapples on top, generous dollops of coconut whip cream with a cherry on top. Then, vegan gummy bears sprinkled over it followed by crumbled up ginger-cream cookies!!

It makes me shudder just thinking about it. If I lived in NYC I would gain 50lbs in the first month because I would eat here every day.

The soft-serve swirl (cake-batter/strawberry) is almost like orgasming.

You should go to this place.

2055 Rue. Bishop, Montreal, Canada

Fun, Cheap, Friendly

30 Jun 2009

I used to go here quite often in NDG and apparently they are closing the NDG location and focusing only on the new downtown restaurant. I suppose that makes sense but I have to say I always was happier when I ate in NDG... smaller, friendlier, and seemed to taste better.

That being said, this place is fun, they have good chips and ok salsa. They also have delicious cookies. It is wonderful that they are local and organic and the burritos are a nice, big, filling size. The staff is friendly and the prices are good.

Honestly, if they worked on the salsa a bit it could make me a regular of this place. As is, when I need my salsa/chip fix I go to Los Classicos on st-laurent. However, it is located right by Concordia, is cheap and pretty great. Check it out.

1204 Av McGill College, Montreal, Canada

Yummy and Varied

30 Jun 2009

Oh so many wonderful yummy choices! It so great to have a place where you can choose a little bit from all these great, unique, and delicious choices whom are all labelled so clearly as to whether they have soy, dairy, or wheat. There are so many different "types" of food from borscht to pizza to soup to pasta to fried tofu and more that everyone will find something. The vegan desserts are super delicious.

My only problem with this place is price. If you go all out or choose heavy things, you can pay $30+. A conservative plate will probably still hit $15. I don't know that it is unreasonable, but it is restrictive enough that you become worried about the cost as you are choosing things which detracts from the experience.

2 North Parade Passage, Bath, England

Expensive, Dull

30 May 2009

If you are vegetarian and stuck in Bath, then you will find yourself here at least once. Given the limited options in this tourist-trap, it's not bad, it is nothing to rave about however.

It is super expensive in relation to the small portion sizes. I decided we were holidaying and that I might as well go all out but I wished I had saved my pounds. The food was ok, and they had a very good apple chutney that came on the side, but the dishes themselves were plain. If the prices were half what they are, I would have said this place was great.

The service was incredibly slow, especially as the restaurant wasn't that busy and the dishes we ordered were simple. Even the soup took at least 20 minutes to come out.

We were so unimpressed we didn't even try the desserts.

I'm not sure what else to say, a nice place for a chat with a friend over a small, expensive lunch. If you're hungry, you'd do better at one of the pubs or another non-veg restaurant in Bath.

295 Grand St, Brooklyn, USA

Junkfood Heaven

30 Jun 2009

I am glad I don't live in Brooklyn. Open late in bedford and crammed full of delicious vegan junkfood. They have a huge menu and the staff was super friendly and fun.

I had my first Philly Cheese Steak sandwich in my life and it was amazing! (Well, in the "that tasted so good but I can't believe I just ate that" sort of way). I also had a veggie buffalo wing which was excellent (and pretty large) and a root-beer float to really do the evening right. The guacamole there is great too.

Not sure what to say, you wouldn't want to eat here everyday but it seems like heaven for those who need your junkfood fix from time to time.

I am looking forward to coming back and trying some other menu items!

Rusovska cesta 5, Bratislava, Slovakia

Amazing! So good, not expensive,close to train stn

11 Aug 2012

Short version: It's great! If you are vegan and in Bratislava, go here! It's not pricey, it's 10 min from the train station (though it's a bit winding to get there so give yourself 20).

Long version: Bratislava is beautiful but if your vegan and don't speak the local language, your food prospects are dismal. Overpriced, understocked grocery stores only make it worse. I had given up on finding food there, which was no biggy because I was heading back to Vienna that evening, but I decided since Good Five was so close to the train station, I would peek in before getting on the train as walking around all day had made me a bit hungry. The listing here said it was expensive so I didn't have high hopes for it working out considering my limited budget. I am SO glad I went!! It was a little vegan gem in the middle of a veggie wasteland!

I was there about 4pm on saturday, I don't know if this is usual but when I arrived there was a woman out front who took your money for an all-you-can eat buffet. It was 12.9€ for one person, with a slight discount the more of you there were.

The food was amazing! I loved the mushroom risotto. Other highlights were roast pepper stuffed with tvp, these steak cutlets (some sort of seitan/wheat I think), onion rings (was actually a garnish for the roast eggplant dish but they were awesome), and the sweet potato dish. That's saying something because I don't like sweet potato. Oh, and the desserts! The only problem was I wanted to try one of everything! Luckily they were in small enough pieces, though I still at too much. They had a short cake, an amazing plum muffin-y thing, strawberry blueberry(?) muffins that were mostly fruit, this couscous cake (yes, I know, but it was delish), fresh fruit salad. They also had guava and agar fruit salad with the guava cut into hippos and elephants. There was a sweet mint sauce, a carob sauce, and a carob-cinnamon sauce to go on all of these.

The atmosphere was super classy and it felt calm and spacious inside. The staff were super friendly, although not many spoke english (but they got me someone that did, who was super nice).

I can't recommend this place enough, and maybe a la carte is normally more expensive but I thought the price was great. In fact, the food was better than anything I have found in Vienna despite being here a week. If you're in Bratislava, especially if you are taking the train, don't miss out!

20, Rue Nationale, Paris, France


15 Jul 2007

This won't be much of a review seeing how I didn't actually eat here. The hours on the door said they opened at 6pm and as I had a dance show to see at 8pm, I arrived promptly at 6. They were closed. I waited until about 6:20 when someone finally showed up. I spoke with him in french and he told me that they open at 6:30 and that the chef wasn't here yet. He was quite impolite until I got him to understand that the sign on the door said 6pm. Then he said "oh, I didn't know" and left me standing there alone. I am a little confused about the language thing because he didn't seem to understand/speak french very well, I noticed he was speaking quite fluently to the other people with him (servers maybe?) in english so I asked him in english if he knew when the cook would be in. I think it angered him that I was speaking in english and he acted like he didn't understand me, when I asked again in french, he threw up his hands and said "there is no cook yet!". I left at that point.

I can understand from his point of view that this girl was showing up before the restaurant opened asking questions and him being annoyed. On the other hand, I was a potential customer (who tips well and eats a lot) and he was very rude, especially when they had posted the wrong hours on the door. I am confused about the language issue as well, my advice is to speak french even if he doesn't understand it as well.

The menu seemed ok and the prices not too bad, but I would go to Tien Hiang instead.

1448 Rue Mackay, Montreal, Canada

Best Cantonese in Town

30 Jun 2009

Despite not being 100% vegetarian, this is one of my favourite restaurants in town and often the place I take people. It is really great cantonese food for vegans and meat-eaters (so I am told) alike.

Make sure you mention no-egg when you order as some dishes come with it by default. Also some, like the absolutely delicious hot-and-sour soup have a meat (pork) and vegetarian (tofu) option that you need to specify.

Highlights: hot and sour soup, veggie spring roll, salt and pepper tofu, general tau tofu, the eggplant dish (and I don't normally like eggplant - it is really amazing). The japanese-style tofu is apparently out of this world but has egg in it.

There are a number of veggie dishes on there that, unfortunately, have almost identical english translations. Like "Chinese vegetables", "fried green vegetables", etc. My favourite one is "Braised Assorted Vegetables" which comes with bok choy, tofu, bean curd sheet, and more! Also, if you ask nicely, you can get a vegetarian hot-pot where they bring out the big burner for your table full of water with noodles, pea leaves, and tofu on the side which you cook yourself at the table. Be sure to say you are vegetarian as the normal broth is meat-based (but they have a veggie one or you can just get water).

The portions at this place are big. One veggie dish is definitely enough for two. The soup as well (though you can get a small version if you ask for it).

The waiters are all very friendly. One quirky note, there is one female server who is very friendly but also tries to "help" us western vegetarians but switching the order for what she thinks we will like. The food that comes is always fine, but if she is your server, be very clear and make sure she doesn't bring you plain veggies and tofu (which is also good).

This place is always busy. If you are coming at supper-time on friday or something, call ahead and make reservations. You can still get a table if you are willing to wait 20-30 minutes even during the busiest times.

Also, this is on the second floor, not wheelchair accessible.

610 Columbia Street, New Westminster, Canada

Delicious! Slow Service.

29 Sep 2013

So many yummy desserts, wraps and burgers are good and we tried the mushroomy cheesey poutine. The magic wizard milkshake was incredible.

One complaint : incredibly slow service. It was impressive how slow they managed to be, especially as we were the only orders the kitchen had.

4110 rue St-Denis, Montreal, Canada

Some great choices, staff hit-and-miss, fair.

30 Jun 2009

This place is good. It has some really wonderful dishes (yum, like the veggie chilli), some unique ones (like a beet-burger if I am not mistaken), and lots of rather plain ones. In general I find the prices a wee bit inflated, but that doesn't stop me from having lunch here once a month or so.

The staff can be hit and miss. Sometimes they are great. Other times, not so much. The last time I went she was so rude to me I couldn't believe it (this was before I was even seated - apparently I was reading the specials menu too slowly before taking my seat... in the empty restaurant). In fact, despite being the only customer, I waited 15 minutes to order and when the waitress never came back I actually left and went somewhere else. On the other hand, I would say 80% of my experiences here have been positive. The food usually comes very quickly, the soups can be great, and the garlic toast is stellar.

The desserts are over-priced and not worth it. Go to aux-vivres for dessert.

This used to be somehow connected with Pushaps, an indian restaurant in town, but I don't know if they are still connected. I never found Pushaps to be very good so I never order the indian food.

14 George Street, Bath, England

Cheap, Bland, but Fun

30 May 2009

Wow a veggie pub. In Bath. The staff here were very fun and friendly, I got the vibe that it is sort of a punkrock type pub. The menu was small but looked good, especially with the fabulous five-pound special that included a drink.

Unfortunately, all of the things I wanted that were vegan were unavailable (they said the cook was in the process of changing the menu). They also didn't have much for me to drink (I don't drink alcohol), in fact, I ended with nothing.

My friend got the chili platter which was good for five pounds including a drink, with a few tortilla chips on the side. It was very bland and it was the least chili-like chili we had ever seen. Read: tomato sauce for spaghetti with a can of kidney beans added to the pot.

Overall, fun, cheap, and friendly. Don't come here expecting a huge delicious meal if you are vegan though.

71 First Ave, New York City, USA

Great, inexpensive

23 Jun 2009

I stopped here for lunch today. The lunch special was great at $6 for soup, appetizer of your choice, and a main dish. The salad roll was delicious as was the main course (I forget what it was).

A great little place, a perfect sized portion and wonderfully priced, especially in Manhattan.

420 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, Canada

Good, fresh, a little pricey. Nice buffet.

21 Jul 2011

This is on rachel near the corner of st-denis. The staff is super-friendly and the food is healthy, varied, and lots of dishes I have never had before. There are lots of mock-meat dishes but it is not as heavy or fried as, say, Yuan. Lots of veggie dishes, lots of fun desserts, and the hot and sour soup is great.

The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the price range is just a little above my usually eating out budget. Dishes are usually $12-16. The portions are ok, but, with an appetizer, the meal with tax is already at $25, forget soup or dessert. For a new asian-food restaurant, I think things are a bit pricey.

On the other hand, they have a lunch buffet during the week which is $10 for all you can eat. Includes soup, sushi, and some fruit. It's a great, delicious lunch.

Final verdict: I'm always glad to see a new veggie restaurant, especially one with new, interesting dishes. It's great and I recommend checking it out. It is a little bit pricey though so if you're on a tight budget, aim for the lunch buffet during the week.

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