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152 Dinso Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Oily, not fresh

04 May 2007

Most of the food here is pre-made and sits in vats all day. There is a limited variety and, after trying two different dishes, I left unsatisfied. The food is oily, not fresh, and luke-warm in temperature. I would not recommend this place, given the literally hundreds of Thai joints and street stalls selling fresh, light and varied classic vegan dishes.

73 Second Ave, New York City, USA

Big vegan selection of desserts

08 Sep 2007

Atlas has a huge selection of vegan desserts, pastries and donuts (though the donuts sell out almost immediately when they arrive on Tuesdays, so go early, as I learned the hard way). Their chocolate cake was decent, but a bit bland. Service is friendly and the location is nice, though, with outside seating.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Best in New York

29 May 2007

Blossom is my favorite vegan restaurant in New York. The food was amazing (try their BLT sandwich or their chocolate ganache), the service was friendly and prompt, and the location and ambiance were both superb. The prices are high, but the quality of the food made up for it. Definitely recommended.

116 Brent Rd, Belton, USA

Awesome vegan baked goods

04 Mar 2010

Brody's Bakery makes superb, rich, decadent vegan baked goods. Best of all, Brody's manages to replicate the flavors of your childhood, albeit in an animal-friendly way!

Full disclosure: the owner of the shop sent me some free samples. That said, I shared these treats with about a dozen other people and everyone loved them.

To start, the spiced sweet potato cookies were wonderful. I'd never had a sweet potato cookie before, but now I'll look for them everywhere; Brody's manages to make the cookie reminiscent of a pecan sandie, but then dazzles you with a soft, chewy texture, and bits of bright color from the sweet potato.

The chocolate almond truffles were rich, dense and delicious. At least three people who tried these could only say, "Wow." I especially like the almond shavings that coat each truffle.

The peanut butter chocolate cheesecake (with chocolate-covered espresso beans) was filling, rich and remarkably subdued in terms of peanut butter flavor. Most everyone agreed that this was a good thing---all the flavors, from the peanut butter to the chocolate to the espresso, had a chance to interact. While this dessert was delicious, I don't really consider it a "cheesecake" as its texture and flavor reminded me more of a pie; it didn't have the look or feel of a cheesecake, vegan or otherwise.

Lastly, the oatmeal pies were phenomenal. These marvels will remind you of Little Debbie snack cakes. I loved the chewy oatmeal cookies and the toffuti cream filling was sweet and drool-worthy.

Brody's is a gem. I hope they open a retail location to show the world how good vegan baked goods can be.

5 Mott St, New York City, USA

Tasty, simple, filling

08 Sep 2007

Buddha Bodai has a huge menu with many innovative vegan dishes and some traditional Chinese dishes using mockmeats. I found their garlic-pepper chicken to be filling and tasty, without being oily or heavy. Their walnut shrimp was good, but a bit too sweet for me. Their cheesecake was simple, but great tasting, but their ice cream was too icy, dry and flavorless. On a whole, this is a great restaurant, though.

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Awesome food, great location

27 Mar 2008

Cafe Blossom, like its sister restaurant in Chelsea, is a gem. The ambience is chic and modern, but the service is friendly, prompt, and exceedingly helpful. My pecan-crusted seitan had a complex array of tastes and textures, and my friend's chipotle aioli sandwich was spicy and fresh. Portion sizes are generous. I also greatly enjoyed my mimosa, which is an unusual drink option at a vegan joint. To make things even better, Cafe Blossom fills the great need for a quality vegan restaurant on the Upper West Side. Highly recommended.

708 W 22nd St, Minneapolis, USA

Cool and cozy

10 Jan 2008

Caffetto is one of the best independent, neighborhood cafes in Minneapolis. It's cozy, but also has a hip, punker edge to it. You can always chat up the staff or just chill out and read/work on your laptop. They have a good selection of teas and other drinks, but what really makes this place stand out is its vegan baked goods, which are supplied by Hard Times Cafe. This is one of few coffee shops in the Twin-Cities that has vegan baked stuff for sale, in addition to a vegan soup and sandwiches. Hip atmosphere, friendly staff and good food make Caffetto a winner.

1325 4th St SE, Minneapolis, USA

Decent, but room to improve

13 Apr 2008

I really like that Camdi has an all-vegan menu with numerous (and unusual) soups, appetizers and pan-Asian entrees. They also cook all the vegan dishes in separate woks and fryers, which is much appreciated. The service was friendly and prompt. That said, I wasn't amazed by the food. It's much better than your average strip-mall Chinese joint, but not as light, fresh or tasty as Evergreen on Nicollet or Jasmine Deli, also on Nicollet (two of the best Asian restaurants in the Twin Cities). Their tofu vegetable curry was solid, but nothing special and reminded me heavily of Lotus To-Go restaurants and also E Noodle Cafe in Roseville. Their mushroom stir-fry with mock pork was a bit too salty, oily and sticky for my likes; the mock pork, too, had a horrible texture, like fried tofu that has gone soggy and chewy after soaking in water. The vegan cream cheese wontons were definitely good, though, with just the right balance of savory flavor and crispiness. If the quality of the food here improves, I would definitely give it another star. At present, it's a distant third when it comes to Asian food in the Twin Cities.

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

Slight let-down

29 May 2007

I went to Candle 79 with high expectations. Ultimately, I found most of my meal to be bland and uninspired, especially considering the price of the place. The avocado-black bean salsa appetizer was heavy and dull; the main dish, a fava bean puree with tempeh and morel mushrooms, was bland and unsubtle. Finally, the ice cream sampler, while tasty, came in a tiny portion (and cost $8). The service, while friendly, was slow and inattentive. Decor and ambiance don't make up for bland food, high prices and poor service. Go to their sister joint, The Candle Cafe, instead.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Solid, simple, honest food

29 May 2007

Candle Cafe has great ambiance, though it's a small place. The service was attentive and friendly. Their chocolate peanut butter smoothie was too liquidy for my tastes, but their Tuscan lasagna was layered, tasty and filling. Prices are high, sadly.

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Mixed experience

27 Mar 2008

Caravan has nice atmosphere (with live music) and seems to have an innovative menu. That said, the service was a bit confused (they forgot at least one item we ordered, but still charged us for it), and many of the dishes seemed indistinguishable from one another. This was particularly true of their "live" dishes, which just seemed like glorified salads, more than anything else. I think their cooked dishes would be superior, based upon my experience with their paella (which was light and tasty). Their desserts were lacking, however; none of them, raw or cooked, grabbed my attention or seemed extraordinary. It might be better to go for lunch, at an odd hour, when the service will be less hurried and the food better prepared, perhaps.

1686 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Good prices, passable food

06 Jul 2008

I appreciate the large, all-vegan menu at Cha-ya, but was not thoroughly impressed with the food. My kitsune noodle soup was a bit too salty and didn't stand out in any way. The tempura didn't taste right and the miso soup seemed more like a veggie soup than anything else. My chocolate mousse cake was dry.

Prices at Cha-ya are good, and the space is quaint and inviting. But the food was only decent and nothing special. The service was wonky and curt and all of our dishes came out at random times. I appreciate any all-veg restaurant, but this one has some room to improve.

970 Warren Ave, Downers Grove, USA

Superb raw cuisine

23 Dec 2007

Borrowed Earth does a wonderful job with the presentation of their delicious food, as well as with the large selection, from comfort foods to more unusual fare. This is gourmet food with an edge; best of all, it's in the suburbs, rather than in downtown Chicago. Conveniently located in front of the Downers Grove train station, it makes it easy for city-dwellers to visit, as well as outgoing suburbanites. The service is super-friendly and the atmosphere of the restaurant is more like an upscale cafe. Prices are on the higher side ($11-14 for main dishes), but given the quality and novelty of the food, they could be charging even more. Try the delicious cheesecake or the elegant, zesty tacos. Highly recommended.

105 First Ave, New York City, USA

Decent, at best

27 Mar 2008

Counter is decent at best, but this rating rests heavily on its location, atmosphere and generous portions. The service was friendly. But for the most part, I found the food to be bland and uninspiring, especially considering the hefty price tag. My paella was large, but had no zing to it; it seemed more like a mishmash of fresh vegetables, with little thought to seasoning or taste. Similarly the "tornadoes of seitan" was something more akin to a cloudy day; there was no "pop" to the dish. In the end, I found Counter to be an imitation of other upscale NYC joints like Blossom or Candle 79; though it charges in the same price range as those two, Counter fails to bring the accompanying expectation of taste and novelty.

1711 Rice St, Roseville, USA

Unusual dishes, good prices, strange location

26 Jun 2008

E Noodle has a large selection of vegetarian (all vegan) items, from the standard mock duck stiry frys to more unusual dishes such as curry tofu and also Korean and Japanese dishes. This is not your average strip-mall Chinese take-out joint.

I was particularly impressed with their pearl tofu tender, which is a high grade tofu baked and served with colorful vegetables. I chose black pepper garlic sauce to go with it and what a dish it was. The service is prompt and friendly and the owner went out of her way to emphasize that all the vegetarian dishes are vegan at E Noodle. Prices are low ($6 for a lunch plate, $10 for a take-out quart) and portion sizes are large. I would definitely go back. My only gripe is that they're far away in an isolated area of the Twin Cities and that they still serve meat. Otherwise, E Noodle stands out for its taste, quality and unusual dishes.

2409 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

Interesting food, poor service

02 Dec 2007

Ecopolitan is the only pure vegan (and raw) restaurant in Minneapolis, but it's a bit of a let-down. The food is interesting and fairly tasty from what I can tell (I'm not too experienced with raw cuisine), but I found many of the dishes to be indistinguishable from each other. They have a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner items with healthy desserts which creates a varied experience. Prices are slightly high ($10-14 range), but reasonable for the novelty value of the food. The service, while mostly friendly, is inattentive, slow and limited. You have to seat yourself and usually there is only one waiter for the whole room. Seating is limited. On a whole, I'm glad Ecopolitan is here, but it has room to improve.

31 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, England

Decent place

17 Jul 2007

This place had solid English desserts and a decent stir-fry type of dish. The prices were reasonable, though the place is crowded and hard to move around in. Also, they accept only cash, which was a bit of a problem. I'd recommend it for a light snack, but definitely not during peak hours.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

Not as good as Valencia branch

16 Jul 2008

I had already tried the other Herbivore on Valencia, so I came to this one to see if there were any differences. The Divisadero location is nicer and trendier, and the interior space is slightly more upscale as well. However, the service wasn't nearly as good as at Valencia. At first our waitress was attentive, but gradually seemed to lose interest, prolonging our presence for longer than we thought.

Also, the food didn't seem as good as at the Valencia location. My zataar appetizer was overly-seasoned and the bread was too chewy and hard. My gnocchi was sparse (there were maybe a dozen pieces of gnocchi, floating in a sea of tomato sauce) and not filling and definitely overpriced at $13. However, my partner's "chicken" sandwich was good, just as good as at the Valencia location. Judging from these two visits, I would have to recommend the Valencia location over this one.

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