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C/ Zorrilla, 11, Madrid, Spain

Nothing special

I ordered the fine herb salad and was expecting a salad with fresh herbs in it. But on my plate was mostly shredded lettuce covered in olive oil. No herbs to see, only under microscope a few green dried particles swimming in the oil. I can do a salad like this without using a kitchen but for far less than 11 Euros. When the bill came I noticed they also charged me extra for some bread which I didn't order and didn't touch. I feel as if I get nicer salads in non vegetarian places where I don't expect it while in Vegetarian restaurants the salads often turn out to be expensive and nothing special. Ambiente also old fashioned and a bit run down. The cooked food maybe okay though. But the portions looked small in general.

57 Penestanan Klod, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Good Raw food place but overpriced

They only have a salad bar, deserts and fresh juices. All in good quality but the service is very bad. I had to keep running behind people to get something and nothing was explain to me. The staff seems pretty lazy and don't bother to serve you. The juice is good but they use centrifugal juicer I think. Additional food for take away is totally over priced since only tourist will be able to afford it. Outside terrace next to noisy street. The place seem to attract a strange sort of customers. I didn't like the crowd there, very pretentious and arrogant. Will not go there again because you can get nice juice in a better place. Raw black forest cake was tasty though.

Jalan Danau Tandakan 7, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Nice little organic restaurant

I tried their veggie super mix salad which took a while until it arrived at my table, but it was all fresh and the portion was decent. I also liked their fresh juices and they even have wheat grass shots, which I ordered as well. Most of their other food on their menu was cooked which I didn't try. Free Wifi.

250 Camden High St, Camden, North West London, England

Very nice raw food place

Very beautiful location, just a shame there are no outdoor seatings. All the food I tried was good and you'll get free samples of their own raw kale crisps. I liked their Green Queen Smoothie (very creamy) and I think the other smoothies they offer also sounds good. Fantastic raw cakes. My favourite was the passion fruit cake, because it was not so sweet as well as the vanilla berry cake. The blueberry cake was too sweet for me but okay - avoid the carrot cake which I didn't like at all.

Only negative thing is the organisation of the self service. I went there twice and each time I was waiting for about 5 - 10 minutes in the wrong location :-( It is really confusing they have three counters (one outdoors and two inside). Don't wait outdoors, beause they will ignore you. I think they could also do with more staff, because they were always busy, even on a Monday during lunch time.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

Raw food looks beautiful but it's just okay

This restaurant has a cold, soulless atmosphere. It's okay for a business lunch or dinner, but I wouldn't go there for a romantic meal with my partner. I only ordered their raw food dishes and I was surprised they served me normal white bread with olive oil instead of raw crackers. The prices are quite high, their raw lasagne cost 20 Euros which I think is too much (for not even using organic produce) and that's why I ordered something else: their so called "Cremiges Limetten-Mandel-Gazpacho" was not creamy at all but tasted like a mix of fresh fruit and vegtable juice. Nothing special, I can make a better gazpacho myself. Their Quiche looked very beautiful and it was filling, but the taste of the red and green sauce was not matching with the rest on the plate. I don't understand why the chef would combine those flavours, so it was also not very impressive. As dessert I ordered the plum-walnut cheese cake which was nice and had some cinnamon flavoured fruit sauce. Some more smoothies or fresh juices on the menu would be good. It's nice to try their raw food once, but I wouldn't go there again.

Jl Danau Tamblingan 85, Sanur, Bali, Bali, Indonesia

Nice place, mostly organic, some raw options

The location is nice but directly at noisy road. The menu offers something for everybody (carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, raw foodies, glutenfree stuff) but the portions are rather small for the price and you have to add 15% to the price on the menu. I only tried their raw food dishes and I'm not sure if they really understand the raw food idea because the raw desserts came all with some brown sugar sprinkled over. Once after eating there I also got a blurted stomach as previous reviewers mentioned. I would go there again but it won't be my favourite place in Bali since the price-value doesn't feel too good to me.

Zeil 112-114, Zeilgalerie UG, Frankfurt, Germany

Raw Foodies Heaven

I went the first time to this restaurant when visiting Frankfurt and I was so excited to see they have a lot of raw options. I tried their raw burger as main meal, two raw cake slices and a fresh juice. The quality was all good and it was delicious. The cakes were small but not too sweet as often the case, just right. They told me they often just use dates to make it sweet and agave which I don't think is healthy. The prices were a bit high but I was very pleased with everything I tried.

The Barkers Building, 63/97 High Street, Kensington, West London, England

Very good raw food

I liked their raw food. Their guacamole and flax seed crackers were delicious. I also tried their raw lasagne, which was nice. Freshly prepare juices and smoothies are also available. Service was very friendly. Nothing to complain.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

Excellent raw food

I was very happy to find a restaurant in Dublin that is actually serving raw food. I tried their raw deal which included a raw soup, main dish and a piece of raw chocolate. It was all very delicious, fresh and filling. I only didn't like the self service area which was very small, not in a good arrangement and you to queue for a while to get served. Their fresh juices were good as well. There is a health food store called "Nourish" just next to it that also sold some nice raw treats.

Jalan Guatama Selatan (Jl Gootama), Bali, Indonesia

Stomach problems

I went to this place in the evening. Even though not many customers it took more than 30 min until my order arrived at the table. I had a raw bluberry pie and a raw cashew mushroom soup. Later at night I woke up because my belly was hurting. I think one of the dishes was bad. I felt weak and sick next day and couldn't eat anything. That never happened to me in Zula. The raw cashew soup I can't recommend because it was quite expensive but I made better raw mushroom soup myself already The pie wad nice but I could have skipped that without missing much. Seems raw desserts are better in other places. Maybe better just go there for juice.

85 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction

Fantastic Food

I loved this place. From all raw food restaurants I tried in Sydney and Melbourne this was my favourite. The quality of the food was always high and fresh. And the cakes were divine. I wish I could learn how to make cakes like that. No other restaurant I tried before was able to make raw vegan cakes like them. My favourite was the Mojito and Pear & Ginger cake, but I didn't have enough time to try all. I would certainly come back here and I took 3 of my friends here.

Tuerkenstrasse 55, Munich, Germany

First Raw food place in Munich!

Love this restaurant. They have many raw food options on the menu.Very delicious and in good location. Will go there again soon.

190 Middle Rd, Fortune Centre, Central Singapore, Singapore

Impressive Food!

This was one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore. I've never been to a vegetarian Japanese restaurant and their food was so delicious! I had a Japanese mock meat curry set which was so good I ordered the same the second time we went there. I only missed some matcha drinks/deserts on their menu. And the prices are not exactly cheap, but it's really good quality.

230 Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCMC , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nice Place

This restaurant is in a little side street so it's quiet but you need to look for the street number and sign on the main road. Food seems to be nice but no good raw food options. Nearly all salads are served with tofu and menu only half in English. They have a "raw" cabbage spring roll which was tasty but I saw some noodles inside. Only bad thing I noticed was some staff was smoking in the back...

Lower Broad Street, St. Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados

Tasty vegetarian take away

Inside the health food shop they offer some tasty bajan lunch choices for a reasonable price. I really liked their soy burger chunks stew and the entails. They always have whole grain rice. The lentil pies, samosas and soy burger roll I didn't like too much. They also have big shakes from 6 B$ but they put too much ice inside in my opinion. Also let them know if you don't like sweetener inside your shake. Nice cakes they have as well. One cake is sugar free and the banana bread cake I liked as well. You pay first at the cashier and then hand over your receipt. Don't expect to get a seat because there are only a few tables to sit. Portions were generous I think.
Updated from previous review on Monday August 20, 2012

Hastings Main Rd, ChristChurch, Bridgetown, Barbados

Tasty juices, smoothies and cakes

The woman in the juice bar was always so nice and she made all drinks fresh and without any sugar. I went their every morning to get a different juice or smoothie. The combination of the different fruits and vegetables was always yummy. They also have very filling breakfast smoothies with cereals and for 1-2 B$ extra you can get spirulina, flaxseed and other healthy additives. The drinks are 7 - 12 B$ depending on the size. Free WiFi. Nice place.

24 Pelican Village, Princess Alice Hwy, St. Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados

Nice raw food lunch cafe

This place was difficult to find because it's marked wrong on the map here. It's actually close to the yellow bus station. They offer interesting healthy shakes for 10 B$ which are quite thick and filling. I liked their version of Bajan sweet cake (without sugar) and some of their raw snacks and cakes. I only tried the lunch once which was okay. If you're not into raw food you will probably not like their food though... Saturday you have to come early because they close at 12 o'clock already.

G35 & G37 Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir, Malacca, Malaysia

Incredibly good!

I think we came back 3 times and didn't bother to try other vegetarian restaurants in Malakka, since this one was so good. They also had a good selection of teas. Only problem - we had to wait quite long every time, because they make every dish fresh. So don't go there if you are starving :-)

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