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2140 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, USA

good enough.

There is nothing special about this restaurant besides the fact that it caters to veg-heads like myself.
The food was good enough. The service was good enough, I do remember the desserts being fantastic.
The location was a bit odd....

1311 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, USA

ah-ma-zing raw food menu

i went to this restaurant two nights in a row while in Miami.

the chef, Giancarla put together some fantastic raw dishes for me each night i was there. the restaurant is branded as an organic italian restaurant, but their raw food is some of the best i've found.

if you are raw foodist/vegan, ask to speak to the chef. she will come out and personally introduce herself and the selections on the raw menu. after meeting the chef, i didn't even have to order my food, she knew exactly what to prepare for me.

i felt like a princess at this restaurant, as the service was outstanding.

i would recommend this restaurant to everyone.

if this restaurant was at or above pricey, i didn't even notice. it didn't matter. it was worth every dollar that i may have spent.

i would be giving this restaurant 5 stars but happycow will only allow me to give 4 stars due to it being a non-veg restaurant.

2001 W Swann Ave, Tampa, USA


Although this restaurant is situated in a sketch neighborhood, it is well maintained, clean, and comfortable. The food is excellent. EVERYTHING I ate here was delish and the service was fantastic as well. There are a few raw items on the menu. The only thing I did not enjoy was the tea --it was way too sweet. IF you are a vegan living in or visitng Tampa - go here!!

130 S Green St, Chicago, USA

my new hot spot

Karyns Cooked & Karyns Raw are AH-MAZING, but Karyns On The Green is her best yet.

Swanky atmosphere, cool music, delicious food, amazing service, and a hott crowd.

Anyone -vegan or not- should check this place out.

No doubt, this is my new hangout spot -- whether it be girls night out, family time, or a hot date.

I'll see you there, friends.

54 Irving Place, New York City, USA

sexy, romantic, healthy, and cruel-free

I visit veg/raw food restaurants all over the US and this is by far my favorite.

The atmosphere is perfect for a date night or a girls-night-out. The music has always been just right. I could hang out at this place all night, every night.

If the food was expensive, we did not notice because we were indulgently enjoying in the goodness of everything else.

I do not want to recommend any one item off of their menu because I believe it is all worth trying.

170 Allen St, New York City, USA


Cozy. Vegan. Damn Good Food. Damn Good Service. Damn Good Smoothies. Me loves it.

248 Broome St, New York City, USA

cuuuute place -- very pink

this place is really cute, but i've had better cupcakes. although, i'm not complaining. they totally rock because they are VEGAN.

3330 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, USA


The food is decent, the location is terrible.
Although, there are not many choices around the lake. I'd re-visit for the sole purpose that their menu is organic/vegan friendly and they use separate fryers for meat.

2910 Lake East Dr, Las Vegas, USA


Dear Go Raw,

Did we ever thank you for delivering our food to the Red Rock Hotel and saving us from God-awful hotel food? ((our co-workers were envious))

Did we ever thank you for picking us up from our hotel and taking us to your restaurant so that we could enjoy your raw food goodness?

Did we tell you that you have the most amazing food in all of Las Vegas?

See you next time, ok?

1346 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, USA

plenty of options

This restaurant / juice Bar is cute & centrally located. They will deliver to your hotel if you don't want to leave the pool for lunch :)

There are plenty of vegan/veg lunch options on the extensive menu with a variety of options. I had a hard time just choosing one item for lunch. They also have a variety of protein/raw bars, veg snacks, kombuchas, and bottled water.

In my opinion, you must visit J&J as soon as you get to the beach to stock up on healthy snacks and pick-up your menu for reference when ordering food for delivery.

Love this place.

((worthy of 5 stars although happycow will not allow me to give 5 stars due to J&J not being 100% veg.))

1225 Cleveland St, Clearwater, USA

my favorite place to shop

I do not live in Florida, but I visit Nature's Food Patch every time I am in town. This is by far my favorite grocery to shop ((i wish they had a NFP in Chicago!!!)) Excellent selection of foods for vegan/vegetarian.

1812 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, USA

if you only try one veg place in ATL, try this one

This place is not 100% vegan/vegetarian BUT has plenty of options for us veggie people. Cool thing is, you can take your non-veg friends and everyone is happy. In fact, a non-veg friend of mine recommended this place to me.

On a Sunday afternoon, this place was BUSY and the service was fairly slow, BUT the food was worth the wait. We had a tofu scramble ((which I highly recommend)) although tofu was not on the menu they were more than happy to substitute it for eggs. I definitely did not regret getting the 8 Dollar Shake --perfect cure to a perfect hangover. ((i did not so much enjoy the Raw Walnut Sunflower Pate & Raw Guacamole --you could tell they make the plates up and put them in away in a cooler until ordered --the problem is the veggies were soggy & hardly fresh))

I definitely look forward to visitng this restaurant again when I am back in ATL.

153 Park Ave, Rutherford, USA

cuuuuute ((pink)) vegan cupcake bakery

i'm not gonna lie, i wish this bakery was in chicago ((closer to home)) instead of middle-of-nowhere new jersey.

((dear owners, please open bakeries just like this one in every major city... pleeeease, pretty pleeeease))

thhe shop is so cute and sooooo pink.

the cupcakes are fantastic. 1 is not enough, so get 12.

if you are hangin in manhattan, it IS worth the trip up to Rutherford to visit this place.

185 E Army Trail Rd, Glendale Heights, USA


For 21$, I just walked out of this place with a bag full of homemade, vegetarian, Indian food goodness for 2. ((including the cashew/saffron dessert bites))


I tried at least 6-7 different items on the menu- the owner kept giving samples-- not one thing sucked! It is all amazing!

This place is surely a diamond-in-the-ruff and I'm sure is often over looked.

I'll visit this place at least 4-5 times a month.

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