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Ratchadamnoen Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good healthy fresh food

17 May 2012

I found this cafe by accident as I was looking for the Tien Sieng Taiwanese restaurant. (Unsucessfully and I had looked for it twice. Shame as it sounded good.)
Beetroot is located in a new corner shopping/eating area. The cafe is cute and quite small. There is a huge hand painted beetroot on one of the walls.
The staff were very friendly. I was pushed for time so I ordered a salad and a juice(beetroot, apple and lime... I think). The salad had a lot of variety and was very tasty. The highlight was the cashew, garlic and lime dressing. Seriously yum and really brought the whole dish together.
They have their own organic farm where all the fresh produce is sourced. How fantastic! I think you can visit there too.
If I had more time in Chaing Mai I would have returned to try out more more of their dishes.

222 Moo 4 Wiang Tai, Pai, Thailand

Pure vegan Asian dishes = happiness

16 May 2012

I was glad to learn that this gorgeous little town had a vegan restaurant. From the previous reviews I thought it was going to be a really sterile space with uncomfortable seating. While it doesn't have an interior designers touch, it did remind me of Taiwanese restaurants. Plus it was very clean.
The food was amongst the cheapest I've had in all my travels in Asia. Vegan curries with rice for $1..... Awesome. I had pumpkin with greens and a spicy tofu stir fry. I also added mushrooms and a spring roll. It was a lot of food!
Let me spend a second on the glorious mushrooms. I have given it a bit of thought and I can't figure out what they do to them to get them tasting that great. They are seriously, seriously good. :) very ugly to look at but they do taste like meat as far as my memory goes back 20+ years. Very tasty addition to my meal.
The next day, I wanted to try the soup as it's very hard to find vegan Asian soups. I'm a fan of mock meats and there are quite a few that go into this soup. Unfortunately, I spied the meals on offer and elected curries and noodles with rice again. This time I added a fried something or other to my plate. It was tasty and moist, reminded me of chicken a bit. Mushrooms again too. Happiness.
The staff are very friendly and helpful. There is complementary water to the right of the counter. On the table there are a number of bowls with saucers on them. These are the condiments, soy, chilli, sugar etc. I love condiments, so I added some spice and saltiness. For me the dishes needed them.
For anyone who has gone to Pai from Chaing Mai, they will know that there are 762 turns in the road in and the minivan driver may not care that you think he is driving like a maniac. There is a chance that lunch will not remain where it should for the entirety of the trip, but I still encourage you to grab a bag of those delicious mushrooms to snack on during the trip. Maybe even two :)

Jalan Raya, Main Street, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

100% vegan & good value

21 Jun 2012

This new cafe is a welcome addition to the vegan offerings in Ubud. It's a simple place with an Indonesian menu and very well priced.

There are curries, soups, salads pastas and stir fries. I had the vegan rice combo which arrived with stirfried vegies with tofu, mushrooms with greens, mock prawn crackers and a sate stick. All for around $2! The mock meat on the sate stick was moist and tasty. (There is also a mock fish dish on the menu) The mushrooms were tasty but the rest of the dish was on the bland side. I added their sambal for a bit of a kick. It looks innocent but defiantly packs a punch. The mixed juice was great too.

There are 3 pancakes available for dessert, if you have the room. (Banana, mixed fruit or chocolate). While you are waiting for your meal there is plenty of reading material on veganism and climate change courtesy of literature by the humanitarian & spiritual teacher Ching Hai.

I would have liked to have had more time to explore the rest of the menu but I couldn't find it on my first day in Ubud from the markings on the map. It's located further east than indicated on the Happy Cow map. Continue walking east from the market on Jl Raya Ubud. It's near the corner of Jl Jembawan, around 100m east from the Neka Gallery. (It's next door to Body and Soul, which is highly recommend for a great massage by an expat who has lived in Ubud for 12 years.)

I'd recommend going with a few friends and order a variety of dishes in order to sample as much of the menu as possible. The bill will still be tiny. Enjoy :)

20/1 Ratchamanka Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Almost fully vegetarian, very fresh and tasty

07 Jun 2012

This cafe is incredibly popular and for good reason. The owner is European, friendly and is usually there. All the staff are great too. We ate there often, alternating with Juicy4U, which is literally just across the road.
Large deliveries of fresh fruit and veggies arrive daily.

The menu is varied with many Asian dishes, pasta, breakfast choices, enormous salads and the best smoothies you will find anywhere for $2. It's all really fresh and flavoursome. The vegie burger is wonderful but not quite as good as the offering from across the road. However, if it was a competiion between the two, Dada's coffee would win the caffeine award.

The tofu and veg massaman curry is one of the best I've ever had. Just make sure you check that it's vegan with the staff. (The owner assured me that it could be made vegan but some of the staff weren't so sure when I first asked.)

Salads are defiantly huge for one plate and is more than a meal really. Hopefully, avocados are in season when you are there too. I didn't get around to ordering the pad Thai but it looked good and was again a very generous portion.

The smoothie menu is huge. Go nuts! pop in just for a smoothie. My fav was almond, mango, banana. The berry ones are also great. Large servings make then very good value. Good luck if you choose a large meal and a smoothie...... You will be very full.

Free wifi is an added bonus. As is the soy milk and multigrain bread. There isn't anything to complain about at this cafe apart from them closing earlier than usual during low season.

Just a quick note... The location on the map isn't correct. The street is but it's almost on the far eastern point of the street, near the moat. If you can find the office for Elephant Nature Park, walk in away from the moat and it's a few meters away. easy to find. (If you respect and adore elephants, ENP is the ONLY place to visit whilst in Chinag Mai as it's the only true elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand. I'll post more details in the travel tips)

Dada is highly recommended. After one visit, you will be back. Enjoy :)
Updated from previous review on Thursday June 07, 2012

Jl. Sugriwa 28X, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Organic and mostly vegetarian

24 Jun 2012

Dayu is so passionate about good healthy food, that she decided to open a restaurant. Organic fruit and vegetables are used whereever possible. The dishes are mainly Indonesian but with a twist; there are some uncommon but very welcome ingredients / flavor combinations.

There are 6 teas. Fresh juices are around $1. Mixed juices are around $2. Some of the combinations include: Local tamarind, holy basil, coconut water & honey. Avocado, chocolate, mint & coconut. Sounds great! I had a young coconut. ( For some reason they are fairly tasteless here in Bali, while the yield is really high. Coconuts are so much tastier in Thailand, not sure why.)

Vegans should be fairly happy with the breakfast menu. There are oats with coconut milk, banana and almond. Black rice pancakes with grated coconut and banana. Tofu or tempeh omlettes. Just double check that they are vegan as there was a little ambiguity due to a slight language barrier.

I chose a couple of starters that were both raw. Usually, I avoid raw foods cooked in a non airconditioned asian kitchen, for obvious reasons! Mini pizza - Diakon, beetroot, guacamole, tomato & grated coconut. It was really tasty. While there wasn't an enormous amount of guacamole it certainly provided the flavor lift of the dish - raw garlic and tiny shreds of lime leaves really hit you. The fresh spring rolls arrived with a sweet sauce drizzled all over the plate. I was worried that it was honey but it was a palm sugar sauce. The rolls were fresh and crunchy, tamarind sauce had the right balance.

There are 4 organic salads that all sounded great. $3 = happy days. 3 vegan soups and 2 raw soups are available, all will set you back $2.

Mains are all focused on tofu or tempeh with vegetables. I wish I had the time for a return visit to try the tempeh mango curry or creamy mung bean dahl with tofu & almond or tempeh satay on mashed sweet potato with avocado salsa. Somewhat surprisingly for a restaurant like this, there non veg options. All of which contain chicken.

The staff were great. There is strong free wifi. Seating is available both upstairs and downstairs. Located 20m north of the slightly more popular Warung Sopa. Enjoy.

Jalan Nakula 18D, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Fantastic food in a relaxing setting

28 May 2012

This place is huge, elegantly decorated and in a tranquil garden settling overlooking the rice fields. At first we didn't think it was open as there were many potted plants all around the steps up to the main enterance, so we found a stairwell up to the dining room.

The staff were very pleasant. We were the only customers there but that could be due to the time of being late afternoon.

The menu consisted of mainly Indonesian dishes with pictures. I chose the Nasi Rangdang. For the price it was a cheap meal and sizable meal. There was rice, tempeh, sambal and another soy protein. The absolute shiny and deliciously tasty star of this dish was the mushroom rangdang. (I'm salivating now just thinking about it!) the dark curry sauce was well balanced, rich and slightly sweet. The mushrooms were shredded and clumped together and reminded me of what a beef stew was like as a kid. One of the best curries I've ever had........ Perfect:)

The one issue for this restaurant is it's location. It's on a main road near a shopping centre, so I can't imagine that thre would be many tourists catching a taxi the just for lunch but perhaps they would take the short walk, as we did, after our shopping visit.

I'll be taking another visit out there as I've been thinking about that curry a little too much! I really should explore their menu a little more and add to this review but it might be a little hard.

Find this place and enjoy. Take a big group :)

Jalan Guatama Selatan (Jl Gootama), Bali, Indonesia

Large veg / vegan cafe, great food!

01 Jul 2012

This upstairs cafe is large and has a store on the ground floor selling dry goods, cosmetics, books, dips etc.

It is actually located on Jalan Dewi Sita, just near the corner of Jalan Hanoman. South of one of the key streets in Ubud, Jalan Raya Ubud.

Sister cafe to the very good Zula vegetarian paradise located in Seminyak. DTE has an identical menu to Zula, with a few additions, namely desserts.

I've eaten at Zula many times so I chose the Indian plate at DTE as it's not available down south. It's a large meal: Rice, samosa, chutney, palak and a big bowl of Dahl. The samosa is moist and tasty with the usual suspects for fillings. Certainly not as spicy as those sold in India, but still great. I think the chutney is tamarind based rather than the traditional mango. Delicious and sweet but not overly so. Palak (spinach) was mildly spiced, as it should be.

Unfortunately, the Dahl is one of the most disappointing dishes I've tasted in a very long time. Lentils had sunk to the bottom of a bland and watery soup. Nothing like the cheap and cheerful staple of a billion people. No rich, thick lentils here.

I would have loved to have tried a dessert but most of them had honey listed as an ingredient. There was a gorgeous berry slice of pie laden with fruit but I couldn't eat another thing. As mentioned, there were additional desserts available in comparison to Zula. The little crusted fruit cups looked fantastic.

I'm presuming that the food is of the same high quality as the dishes at Zula. Zula has great food from all over the globe. (Happy cow has a number of reviews available.) DTE is newer and a little more sterile than it's cousin. Service was a little patchy and I had to leave the balcony to get the staff's attention to order. The staff we lovely and happy. Prices have recently increased on around half the menu for both cafes.

Despite these downfalls, (I'm probably being a little overly critical) ,DTE is a wonderful cafe. It's almost vegan apart from the honey in the desserts. It should be a little easier to grab a table here during peak lunch periods than at Zula. Enjoy, it's good.

Updated from previous review on Saturday June 30, 2012

19, Upper Dickson Road, Central Singapore, Singapore

Poor service detracts from meal

07 Jul 2012

After checking in to the hotel, my first mission was food! It was hours since breakfast in Bali and it was now dinner time. Gokul was the first vegetarian restaurant we had seen, so we headed straight there in the light rain.

We sat outside and it was difficult to get the attention of staff. Looking at the menu, I was pleased that there were such a large number of dishes from varying countries some using mock meat and others not. Mutton, shrimp and even sardines were some of the mock substitutes on offer. No garlic, onion or eggs are used either.

My partner ordered the Malai kofta and it arrived at the table well before my meal. The dish was large and each of the koftas were strangely decorated with a glacé cherry. While the koftas themselves were apparently tasty and stumbling block was the amount of cream that the curry was drowning in. We estimated around 200mls+ of cream. Apart from diluting the sauce and the huge amount of fat involved, the main problem was the richness. It simply couldn't be finished. Some of the koftas went back to the kitchen with around 95% of the sauce. When the plate was cleared, my partner mentioned that there was too much cream. "Yes, it's a very rich dish" was the response.

I'd ordered the mock mutton paratha. It arrived well after the koftas. There wasn't a huge amount of filling and the paratha itself was quite oily. It was tasty when dipped into the curry sauce or the small amount of rich mutton curry. Ketchup was also added as a condiment, which I'd never seen before. While it was around half the price of the koftas, the serving was a little small and as I was hungry to begin with, I could have eaten more.

Clearing the table took a while. Getting the attention of the staff to get the bill took a little more effort. I think I took the money in as I knew it was going to take a while. Didn't leave a tip, which is a real rarity. (I prided myself on my level of service when I worked on the floor and received pretty good tips but as an Australian, tips are given for great service and are not mandatory.) The staff were obviously nice people, just not that attentive.

I suppose, if you hungrily rush to the first restaurant you see in an area with a plethora of fantastic vegetarian options, this is what will happen and you will pay a bit more. Not a complete disaster but there are better places around Little India.

5 Ratchamanka Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fresh, healthy veg food made with love

09 May 2012

This colourful cafe is really cute with very friendly staff and the best vegie burger in Changers! The side salad alone makes a refreshing change, let alone the condiments it comes with (pumpkin & sesame, salsa and aoili which I didn't try). I tried to branch out to try more dishes on the menu but this vegie burger got me almost every time, breakfast or lunch both worked for me! Add avocado if it's available for 20B.
My partner ordered a pancake with banana and mango. It was the thickest yet still fluffiest pancake either of us have ever seen. Apparently, it was light and very tasty but too big to actually finish.
There is a huge choice is relation to juices or shakes. Spirilina & wheatgrass are also available.
Coffee is pretty good although possibly better across the road at Dada. Same goes for the smoothies.
The sandwiches or pita both look good and you can select your fillings from around 10+ ingredients.
The Thai menu is fairly small but all around 70B for memory. I had vegan pad Thai and unfortunately it was pretty oily but had good flavour. Massamun curry was tasty with tofu.
The staff are really great and the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. Located right behind the Elephant Nature Park office on the east moat of the old city, its easy to find. Try it out....... you will be back :)
(I have a couple of photos and will try to figure out how to load them as I'm new to this great app)

Thamel centre in the Sagarmatha Bazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Always busy and for good reason

17 May 2012

I just knew I was going to like this place the second I got up the stairs. It's a pretty big space with seating mainly on the floor on cushions. Nice and chilled. Very busy at night and you may have to wait for a table and possibly share one.
The falafel platter is fantastic and huge. Interestingly the Babagounish had mayo in it, so I asked for it without and they threw on a couple of extra falafels. The dips were good, the small accompanying salad was welcome and the pita light and fluffy. The real stars were the falafels themselves. You won't be hungry after this!
On our first visit, we shared a table with a couple who had literally just returned from trekking. They were both around average weight and quite fit..... I've NEVER seen two people consume so much food. They each had a pasta, shared a falafel platter and had a salad and fries. The portions are all really large and they got through it. I was looking at the bowls of pasta lovingly and almost asked for a mouthful. After trekking for 10 days, I can now understand how much they need food and could empathise with their depleted bodies.
The menu is extensive and varied. Breakfast sounded good but we didn't make it there too early. On subsequent visits we stuck to the falafel platter as it was just that good. I tried a salad once, think it was called the Californian. Little disappointed and it sounded better on the menu than it tasted.
This place is always busy and is a thriving business. Sure you will enjoy it :)

119/1 Kampangdin RD,T. Changklan. A.Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

I wanted to love this place

15 May 2012

Everyday I'd say to my partner "Let's go try out the macrobiotic place today" and for some reason we never got down there. Finally late one afternoon I made it. (It's easy to find and the map is accurate)
The restaurant setting is great. Thai style seating, chilled, lots of plants and water features. Unfortunately, the water is a breeding ground for the mozzies and there are plenty of them. spray is available inside, so I'd recommend using it. The staff are lovely.
I ordered Suji tofu and brown rice. The serve was enormous and I took the rest back to the hotel. In addition to tofu, there was a soy protein, vegetables. The sauce was ok but not punching with flavor. There was thinly sliced coriander all through it and I smelt it before the dish was put down on the table. Rather than a garnish, it was used more like another vegetable to stir fry. Even though I've been traveling through Asia for almost a year and have eaten it quite a few times, I still really dislike the flavour. It wasn't mentioned in the menu description of the dish. Took ages to pick it all out. (160B = approx $5)
On my second visit, I ordered steamed tofu with 'cream' as it didn't come with vegetables, I also ordered some mixed steamed vegies. Again the portion was huge. The cream was very rich and flavoursome. If I didn't have the veggies to cut through the richness, I would have struggled to finish this dish. The veggies came with a side of miso based brown sauce, that I actually preferred over the cream. Together it was a large meal.
I almost didn't return for a second time, but as I said, I really wanted to love it. It's got a large menu of mostly healthy dishes but I think there are better vegan options available in Chiang Mai.

111 Moor St, Fitzroy


31 Jul 2015

On Goldfrapp's first record there is a track called 'Utopia' and it could certainly be the theme song for Smith & Deli (well for me anyway.)

The first weekend there was a long line and certainly lots going on. I was bouncing off the walls with choice and excitement that a place like this now existed. The staff are enthusiastic and seem really pleased to be engaging with such happy customers. All are up for a chat and knowledgeable about the products on offer.

Dry goods, freshly made bread, all sorts of stuff including S&D ready to go meals, their own dips and salads etc. But the main attraction is the sandwich bar and dessert cabinet. On the standard menu there are 33 sandwiches...yep seriously. Most with pretty good names too. 'Piggy Bundy', 'Club sandwiches not seals', 'Hail seitan' anyone?

The fillings range from a simple ham, cheese & tomato to the more unusual. 'Home alone' has turkey, stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce w mash and gravy :) I did make a promise to myself that first day to try all of them, eventually. 'The Wiggum' might be next with BBQ grilled tofu, maple BBQ sauce, slaw, pickles and chipotle mayo.

Did I mention that there are also daily soup and pie specials? The chicken and leek pie was faultless. Everything that you want in a pie; rich generous filling with crisp layers of decadent pastry.

I'm not much of a sweet tooth but that has changed recently due to all of this goodness now being available. There are other places with good vegan cakes and pastries but they don't always hit the mark, usually on taste or texture and sadly some miss on both fronts. Certainly not so here.

Vanilla slice is a must for me as it reminds me of being a kid (as does the egg salad). Glazed doughnuts are moist and flavoursome, cinnamon buns & coconut choc jam slice all get the thumbs up. They rotate the desserts often and the team are very much aware that people have already become addicted to their favourites but may not be available on each visit. I think I dreamt that I saw a homemade apricot bread and butter pudding in the freezer as I foolishly didn't buy it and have never seen it again.

Shannon and Mo have really hit the nail on the head with the Deli. There has never been a better time to follow a vegan diet in old Melbourne town. Nor a better time to discover how tasty, accessible and flavoursome food can be without any animal having to suffer for hedonistic tastebuds. Winning all round. Very happy days.

Jalan Sugriwa, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Great vegan options esp dessert

11 Jul 2012

This chilled little place is easy to find, friendly and has great food. When I arrived on my first visit, I think it was a Sunday, they were just finishing up from the little market they have selling fresh local produce.

I love lots of small tastes and plates, so for me the Nasi campur is an easy choice. Asian tapas really! I chose veg curry, tofu balls, tempeh in sweet soy, ratatouille, tofu & tomato salad. All served in little banana leaf plates. The tempeh was really crunchy and overly sweet. The homemade sambal is fantastic but tread with caution if your chilli tolerance is low. There is also fresh shallot and chilli relish.

Basically, I had this meal each time I visited. The variety changed slightly each day but not vastly. The tofu balls were great but for me the standout was the slice of tomato, onion and cashew pie that appeared on the second visit. Fresh, tasty and rich. Delicious vegan pie.

The homemade tofu was thick and rich too. Huge portion and the soy was not too overpowering as it can be. I may have overdone it with the soy products that morning for breakfast, if you see the picture I posted. All good though.

I don't usually crave sweetness but it's wonderful to see so many vegan options available for those who do. Vegan pies included: choc/coconut, snake fruit, lime/coconut and choc/toffee. I had the toffee one. Not overly sweet and the base was a little crumbly. When a staff member took my plate, he explained that it's really hard to get the base not to crumble and make it vegan. Not that i had mentioned it. I think it's a work in progress. Non vegan options included carrot cake and soy pudding.

Lots of soups available too: sweet corn, carrot, cauliflower, green pea and Japanese miso and veg. Staff were all lovely and helpful. Other nice touches included wooden straws, kids area, good wifi and a travel agent.

Try to visit early in your trip to Ubud as I think you will revisit to work your way around the menu. Enjoy :)

Jalan Kunti 6, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Authentic tasty Mexican

08 Jun 2012

This tiny cafe does great Mexican food. It certainly isn't a vegetarian cafe but there are enough vegie choices to keep you going for quite a few visits. I haven't had an issue with getting the vegie dishes converted to vegan, which is a pleasant change. I adore condiments and they have plenty, all of which they do incredibly well.

All of the 5 appetizers are vegie. They make their own corn chips and they are thin and light. Really good. In addition to the usual suspects of nachos and tortilla chips with either salsa or guacamole they have mozzarella stuffed fried chiles and beer battered onions.

For mains, there are bean and vegie tacos and burritos. Potato burrito, tofu 'chorizo', 7 layer breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs. Sometimes they offer a tempeh burrito special which they grill rather than fry. All are great :)Desserts include cheesecake, chocolate mousse, apple pie and cookies.

Back to the condiments....... At dinner they offer complimentary pickled onion and jalapeños. Obviously spicy and I usually cut them up and add them to the meal. There are 3 homemade hot sauces (good n hot, hot and dang hot) all are very good. The real superstars are the salsas. When you order nachos all of the following are delivered on a separate plate: corn and bean, pico de gallo, pineapple and payapa, coriander / cilantro and a cheesy dip I haven't tried. When you order a burrito or a taco you will receive 3 of the above. Coupled with all of the hot sauces and the jalapeños, I'm in condiment heaven!

The owner is American, so I suppose he knows quite a bit about making authentic mexican food here in Bali. There is also a breakfast menu offering huevos rancheros, tacos, cornmeal pancakes, breakfast burritos etc. They also offer gluten free dining.

Located near the ever popular Bali deli, Taco Beach is easy to find. It only seats about 12 people, so it gets very busy during peak times. I'd book a table as we have seen many people having to wait. While is not a vegie cafe, the food is seriously good and makes for a great place to dine with any carnivores in your life.

There are a couple of things that do let it down. There are fans but it gets very hot in there. You could be sweating before adding any hot sauce. My partner can't go past the nachos. I can't go past the burritos. Unfortunately, the nachos only take a moment to prepare and they ALWAYS bring them out well before my meal. (20 minutes yesterday) Service during the day doesn't seem as good as at night

97 Moo 3 T. Wiang Tai, Pai, Thailand

Very overrated

28 May 2012

We found this cafe on Happy Cow and it was rated highly on trip advisor, so we expected it to be above average.. The descriptions in the menu sounded pretty good, however as a vegan my choices were fairly limited.
I chose the tofu salad with peanut sauce. When it first came out, I was immediately disappointed and thought that my 6year old nephew would actually do a far better job in putting this salad on a plate. To call it a peanut sauce was a stretch. There was a faint peanut taste but I think the rest of the peanuts had gone on holiday or something. Luckily I really like iceberg lettuce, don't really remember there being much else apart from tomatoes and the fried tofu.
My partner had the veggie pasta option. I tried a mouthful without any cheese and it was pretty tasty. Portion size was very small for the price though.
The atmosphere wasn't anything to write home about, so all up, I'm surprised by the high rating on trip advisor.
There was also a very skinny dog sitting out the front that the staff kept moving away. She was a really lovely dog despite being homeless and looking like she had recently had pups. She wasn't annoying customers in any way so I wasn't too impressed with the staff.... It is Pai after all!! I got her a meal up the road and fed it to her away from the restaurants. If you see her, please do the same as her waist is tiny.
Won't be going back to this cafe but would love to return to Pai someday :) The desserts sounded great but I'm not sure if they were vegan friendly.
Updated from previous review on Thursday May 17, 2012

Jl Dhyana Pura 5, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Seriously good vegan cafe :)

01 Jun 2012

One day I would like to own a cafe like this. It's fairly exemplary really!! Where to start? The menu I suppose......
The physical size of the menu is huge and runs over five pages with dishes from all over the world. I'm slowly making my way through them with my daily visits but it is going to take a while. The macrobiotic platters change daily shifting from curries, rice paper rolls, proteins etc in addition to rice, greens, seaweed, vegies and tea. The Mediterranean platters are rich, flavorful, filling and with fresh tabouli and salad. The falafels themselves are great and the matboucha has a smokey flavor to the tomatoes. A small plate with pita is more than enough for lunch.
The chickpea burger comes with a welcome tofu herbed spread which could remind you of mayo. The patty is tasty but the burger as a whole is a little tricky to eat due to all the fillings. Good luck not making a bit of a mess.
There are ample seitan meatballs with spaghetti but lacking a little on the pasta sauce for me. It's a tasty meal and very filling. Yesterday I got it takeaway and added chilli and basil leaves at home.
The rice paper rolls are served with a delicious peanut sauce. The samosas are moist, punching with flavor accompanied with good chutney.
The salads are super fresh and varied. I'd recommend them all. Baked tempeh is a great addition to most and the vinaigrette full bodied.
Their most popular salad is the dragon bowl. Thankfully it comes in 2 sizes as the large is simply massive in a very large bowl. Cold soba noodles, beetroot, daikon, carrot, sprouts, nori, lettuce.... And so it goes. The dressing is Asian inspired with a generous addition of sesame oil. Without doubt, their best value dish is the wee dragon bowl: a small dragon bowl, any soup of your choice, 2 slices of bread with hummus. I really struggle to finish it but it will set you up for the rest of the day.
There are desserts with all of their ingredients listed on the card, which is great. The cheesecake with strawberry sauce is a winner, as is the apple muesli pudding. I'm yet to try the raw choc mousse. There are also a number of small treats to have with coffee or takeaway.
The are only a couple of cons: The seitan pouch, is as dry as a desert and needs to be drowned in sauce. The 'almost perfect burrito' is far from it unfortunately. Bland and lacking any Mexican inspiration. Easily fixed and perhaps the breadth of the menu means that they don't reevaluate dishes often.
A wonderful cafe :)

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