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2901 E Madison St, Seattle, USA

Upscale & Trendy Feel

20 Mar 2008

This is a nice place to go with your carnivore friends. The food is tasty, portions are good, and the atmosphere is hopping. It doesn't have that typical vegan-feel. The food is decent, but nothing to brag about. Just good food, decent selection and can be a bit pricey.

5975 Roswell Rd NE Ste E 353, Sandy Springs, USA

Wonderful Food, Original Dishes, and Filling!

24 Mar 2008

Very nice food and atmosphere. This Vege Café has great food and enough room to seat big parties. The 5 of us tried the following dishes:

We shared the Sunflower box - an assortment of starters. With five of us - we really could have used one more starter. Next time! The dishes were really tasty.

For entrees we went our separate ways:

I got the Jamaican Black Bean cakes (basically because we agreed that everyone gets something different, and I ended up with these). They weren't that amazing to me. Kind of just felt like bean patties with some sauces. Not completely satisfying.

Other dishes on the table were:

Sweet and Sour Soy Chicken - REALLY good.
World's Best veggie Burger - REALLY good.
Spicy Pad Thai noodles - REALLY good.
Garden Lasagna - Pretty good.

We ended the meal with carrot and chocolate cake. We all left full and happy. Oh - and we had this lime drink that was also refreshing and new!

I would have taken more cake home for the road. Excellent cakes that were moist, stayed together and good sized portions.

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA


13 Feb 2008

After reading such wonderful reviews on Candle 79 - and being such a fan of Candle Cafe - I was really excited to try out Candle 79.

I was thoroughly disappointed. The service is slow, the restaurant is cramped, and there is no privacy.

Now on to the food. Uneventful options that were so mildly flavored, my husband and I couldn't figure out what type of cuisine we were eating. Also, the portions are terribly small. To add insult to hunger, we were still hungry after a significantly expensive meal ($100) and we didn't even drink!

I would highly recommend trying another place out - even if it might not be close by to you. Spend that extra dough on the cab fare to someplace better.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

The Best a Vegan Can Get

20 Mar 2008

Herbivore is a San Francisco Treat. During my short visit to the Bay Area, I packed in two visits to Herbivore. The first for dinner - amazing! Great variety, flavor, and original dishes. Dessert was also a big win - who doesn't love an oversized piece of chocolate cake!

Breakfast was just has marvelous. My vegan treats - pancakes, faken'bacon, potatoes - all sorts of treats. Lovely atmosphere, great people and fantastic food. love this place.

220 Hammond Dr NE 302, Sandy Springs, USA

World Peace in every city!

04 Jan 2008

I wish World Peace cafe can make it to every metro city, and quickly! The peace burger is unique and extraordinary. The portions of the side potatoes was on the light side.... maybe 8-10 wedges per plate. The egg scramble was tasty, though not as marvelous as the peace burger. The eggplant polenta was bland, but in general I'm not a fan of polenta. They have multigrain rolls / bread, which is a huge plus.

The chocolate almond cake is one of the best chocolate cakes ever. And it is vegan. We fought a little over that too - and ended up buying 2 more slices. At $5.50 a slice, the portion is large and worth it!

The banana rice pudding seemed like any old pudding (so I heard, I couldn't try because it wasn't vegan).

The iced-tea isn't a typically Georgian sweet tea. It had a nice jasmine blend to it.

TIP: You order your food at the register and place a number on your table. the staff brings the food to you, though if they are busy expect a little bit of a longer wait.

Also, the staff volunteer their time at the World Peace Cafe. They bring a serenity to the whole atmosphere - which is already very nicely decorated.

I highly recommend the Peace Burger. Order enough for everyone on the table!

144 Boon St, Narragansett, USA

Nice options, unique feel

13 Feb 2008

The beachy, breezy establishment has great food, comfortable seating, and so many options. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is like something you'd see in an eclictic movie scene.

Food is great - can't go wrong. I loved my pancakes. Everyone else loved their dishes too.

2110 N 55th St, Seattle, USA

Fabulous Donuts

24 Mar 2008

These donuts are fabulous. There is great variety (like classics of cinnamon glazed, or chocolate frosted chocolate... as well as some newbies). The donuts are moist and the atmosphere is welcoming. These donuts are really great vegan treats!

I wish Mighty-O had a donut shop closer to Downtown Seattle.

3 Beach St, Boston, USA

Ridiculous Service - and it does make a difference

25 Nov 2008

I read many reviews complaining about the service at My Thai Vegan (Chinatown) and thought, "how bad could it be?" It was horrible. No one at the restaurant can communicate with you, so if you want anything, just hope you can get the message across by pointing.

The entrance is like you are walking into a torture scene in some super violent movie. While no one was smoking there, you can tell someone was definitely smoking close by - maybe near a back entrance or vent.

The food was tasty, and the lunch special was reasonable. (We paid $7.95 for a soup, dish, rice, and the tea). Then I got the chocolate cake - which is tasty but overly priced at $6.

The worst part of the meal was actually trying to pay for it! I saw a customer before me paying by credit card and assumed I'd be allowed the same honor. However, I was told they don't take "credit cards today".

Without the option of credit cards, I pulled out $30 in cash and the waitress didn't have the proper change... so she continued to stare at me as if it was MY job to come up with a solution. She went back to the kitchen - maybe to pick up a clue - and still came out with the same clueless expression.

Then she starting counting up her pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to give me 7.30 in change. I DID not want 7.30 in spare change. And on top of that, they didn't have enough change even in coins. COME ON?! What are you running? A business or some type of pitiful hell whole? Eventually between our lunch party we were able to provide exactly change for our bill.

Bottom line - the food is good, get take out and avoid the challenged staff.

4600 W Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, USA

Yummy Donuts!

18 Mar 2008

These donuts are amazing. Great variety, they stay fresh (I've brough them across country)and wow - what a treat!! I miss them.

199 Prince Ave, Athens, USA

Tasty Food, Friendly Staff, Cool T-Shirts

04 Jan 2008

I went to The Grit with 5 of my family members on a Friday afternoon. We waited for about 10 minutes for a table - which gave us just the right amount of time to read the menu. The menu has just about every cuisine, so it's a great place when 6 people can't decide on one type of cuisine.

My Italian chik'n sub was delicious. The BBQ chic'n was spicy, the Mexican burrito was huge and flavorful, and the falafel was tasty also.

My decaf cappuccino went down smooth with a slice of their vegan chocolate cake. What a treat! oh, and did I mention the sweet potatoe fries? Very nicely done.

The only dish we found bland was the Indian daal dish.

The portions are large, tasty, and went quickly!

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