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1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Cajun Seitan Sandwich and juice.

Really good, big, delicious sandwich!
The quality of the seitan was unpredictable, but it seems they worked it out. Phone folks uneven, too - could be super nice or just nasty.
$16 sandwich and they charge you $2 extra for a tiny container of extra sauce - is there any way to explain that as more than greedy?
Juices are good.
Lots of the main courses are mediocre and way overpriced.

299 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, USA

Good bakery sunk by poor counter staff.

Good cakes, cupcakes, cheesecake, cookies, cinnamon rolls, danish, sandwiches. Yum!
Problem is, the counter staff is so consistently poor, and turn over so quickly, I hesitate these days in coming here. These people act like they have much more important places to be, don't listen, consistently make mistakes, are careless (squashed cakes, anyone?), painfully slow, and sometimes rude.
Is it so hard to find, train and retain decent bakery counter staff? Be serious. The day is coming soon that I'll just stop coming, recommending the place, etc. It's sad to see a good business go down because of careless staffing.
BTW, the Chai isn't vegan (honey), and they serve cow milk.

76 Henry St, Brooklyn, USA


This is an organic place. So the menu is just brimming with meat. The smoothies to go are pretty good but watch they don't put honey in yours.

170 Allen St, New York City, USA

Cool place to grab crispy seitan and mild soups.

Have eaten at Tiengarden many times over the years and remember very few dishes - they're mostly very bland. The crispy seitan appetizer is really extraordinarily good - I go there just for that. Some of their desserts are good, too. Hot and Sour is okay but lacking the hot section. Always really friendly service and the location can't be beat...Mooshoes moved but is still nearby, Babycakes around the corner from that, and Bluestockings is next door.

348 Douglass St, Brooklyn, USA

Five star Ethiopian

Best Ethiopian in NYC. A good portion of the menu is specifically vegan, and the servers can answer any questions about some items they can make without kibbeh (butter). Consistent, delicious food. The owners are super friendly, the staff is nice and helpful. Decor is good, and they have a nice back room for when they're busy.
What more to say? I can't recommend this place highly enough! I've eaten Ethiopian for years, all over the East coast - Philly, D.C., and Baltimore have the absolute best, but Ghenet definitely holds its own. Dreamy and delicious!

4123 New York 28, Boiceville, USA

Great place!

Delicious Chinese food right on 28. Excellent scallion pancakes, sauteed mustard greens, tofu dishes (szechuan tofu is great), fried apples.
Really honestly friendly people. It is a joy to get takeout from this joint. Highly recommend!

525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, USA

Unusual, reasonable, and good!

We had the mushroom and pea nuggets, corn soup, and yuca fries, all of which were pretty delicious. Then we had two MOBs (boat-shaped kind of pizza crusts topped with various stuff) , the Iron Man (greens, mushroom and alot of aioli) and the Belly Charmer (tagine of eggplant, carrot, and pistachios). Both were good, but the Iron Man was the standout - rich and flavorful, if almost impossible to bite for all the greens.
The space is large and bright, with four communal tables. Very nice. The servers wear smocks that make them look like cult initiates. A comic book which describes very little of anything comes with the menu. The MOBs come on a big metal Brooklyn bridge shaped platter, each sitting in its arched slot. You push your MOB off onto another empty plate, and eat it. Can't figure out what's up with the metal platter. Your utensils are in little drawers under the table, zealously bound in rubber bands. The check comes closed in a little can. The to go containers are just perfectly engineered to fit a MOB, and fit into the paper bag that comes with them perfectly. Its a little precious.
Will try for the take out in the future.
Oh, and there's honey in some items.

263 E 10th St, New York City, USA

really super

small place, delicious food.

227 Sullivan St, New York City, USA

Can't be beat....unfortunately.

How I love the food here - the soups are divine. Really. Most of the tapas (if they can get them to the table warm, even) are good or better. Sandwiches are really nice. Their brunch is my favorite in the city, next to V-Spot in Bklyn. Waffles, yum! Cafe con leche! I eat at Sacred Chow frequently... But my lord is the service bad! Really bad...almost all the time. Part of the problem is the space; the kitchen is downstairs, its too small for two waiters but too big for one. But the people who work there really do a bad job making up for these problems. Slow, flaky, or distracted. It makes me want to get a job as a waiter there just so I can get decent service. Oh wait.... Great place, unfortunately.

156 5th Ave, Brooklyn, USA

Great place failing from neglect.

Two words: Bandeja Paisa! Yum!
And then most everything else is good too, if you enjoy cold food.
The brunch is delicious. Tofu scramble is better than mine! Pancakes are good.
The owner is a sweetheart, but is around less and less - maybe that explains how this place has gone so far downhill since they opened.
Problems: often the food will arrive barely warm or cold so you know it was sitting in the window of the kitchen for awhile...waiting for some other part of the order or the waiter. It's just lazy. In my many visits to this place, the servers were always able to heat up the food, but never well (burnt edges, one thing still cold, etc.), and never with any apology.
Good organic vegan beer and wine selection.
I used to like this place and recommend it. Now I specifically advise against it. The service is bad, without shame. The "main" server, who's been there I think since they opened, will take your order, not write anything down, forget half of it, spend most of his time talking on his cellphone. Once, when I asked for the check, I waited ten minutes, then followed him outside the restaurant onto the sidewalk to ask again. Shameless.
I hope somebody starts caring about the way this place is run, and they get their act together.

128 Montague St, 2F, Brooklyn, USA

Not so good...

This is a really almost cynically uninspired Vegetarian Chinese place - sad cause it's in the space previously occupied by The Greens, who will likely go down in NY history as the best Vegetarian Asian place ever.
Unlike the Greens, the service is unusually bad, and the food is only alright.
An anecdote: when I asked if the desserts were vegan none of the three servers on duty at the time even knew what vegan meant - when I showed them that the menu says "vegan" under the name of the place, they realized how unusual that was, but still didn't really know what I was asking. That makes me less confident the place really is "vegan," obviously.
But I ordered the cheesecake when the boss told me they ordered their desserts from Vegan Treats - which arrived FROZEN like a block of ice fifteen minutes later. I pointed this out, stabbing the cheesecake with my spoon to no effect, and they really grudgingly took it off the table, and then the check. The waitress even told us that they in the kitchen had known it was frozen, but had served it anyway...?
Skip it.

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