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Blk 14 Haig Road, Haig Road Market and Cooked Food Centre #01-43, East Singapore, Singapore

Nice place.

02 Apr 2014

Very cheap bean curds (sweeten and eventually flavoured silken tofu).

sw. Antoniego 23, Wroclaw, Poland


13 Oct 2015

I've been several times to that restaurant and always found the employees incredibly kind and friendly, the food tasty.
I mostly ate the various burgers and a wrap, all excellent.
One of the "batons" (bar) made of chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, etc. was amazing.

They have various choices of sweets with and without gluten (specified) and some without sugar.

Chilli sauce is optional - it can be very hot (but I like it so) according to who serves you.

The service is sometimes a little bit slow simply due to the fact that the place can be very busy but it wasn't bothering me at all.

Johan V Hahn, Pristina, Kosovo

Nice place.

06 Jan 2015

The place is clean, they were playing some jazz music when I ate there.
I could order in English, few meals were vegan but they were good, especially the falafel plate and bean salad with lemon juice and parsley ; the hummus was fine but I must tell that in ex-Yugoslavia, I never got a hummus as good as in the mid-east.
The people working in this place were very kind and friendly, they even phoned the baker to ask if the bread was vegan.
Eating there, regarding Prishtina's standards, is more expensive than other places but not horribly expensive (10,50€ for two fresh ginger teas, hummus and lots of bread, bean salad, falafel - I was more than stuffed).
This is one of the only if not the only place in Prishtina dedicated to vegetarian and vegan food, recommended !
Also, I don't know when they are opened, in the evening until 22h or 23h for sure but I don't know when and if open during the day.

Yehuda HaLevy Str. 21, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nice place

26 Mar 2009

Good food, nice atmosphere and decorating.

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Excellent raw food

26 Mar 2009

All what I tried there was excellent and the raw humus was simply magic.

Ludwig-Wucherer-Strasse 29, Halle, Germany

Nice, cheap and nice music.

24 Jun 2010

Nice food and nice music (often punk/hardcore).
They also sell some vegan chocolate, vegan sausages, vegan buiscuits, etc.

Ilica 72/1, Zagreb, Croatia

Good healthy food

26 Mar 2009

I nice and quiet place (for those who like it so), excellent food and deserts.

Kurabiye Sokak No 9/A Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

Great place

26 Mar 2009

The food is really good, people working there were always extremely kind and happy to see that I am a vegan.
Getting free internet was nice too.

Puecklerstrasse 32, Berlin, Germany

Great place

26 Mar 2009

Small space but great place.
A bit of everything as said in other comments : vegetarian shoes, books, info, home made pies and sweet stuff, fresh fruits and vegetables, drinks, bread, t-shirts, cosmetics, a few cd's (punk compilation as far as I saw), etc. Friendly people.

Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels, Belgium

Nice place

26 Mar 2009

Good food, friendly atmosphere.

Damascus Avenue, Beirut, Lebanon

Good food.

18 Oct 2015

I've been several times there to take a falafel sandwich, the people working there are friendly and the portions not small.

116 Ngo 166 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam


02 Apr 2014

We tried different dishes with rice : fried banana flowers (like mock fish - too real for me), sautéed gourd shooting, fried aubergines, tofu with tomato sauce, maize "pancakes" etc.

That was simply great and a reasonable price, not cheap but not expensive neither.

Highly recommended.

Jalan Padjajaran 63, Bandung, Java, Indonesia

Great place.

19 Apr 2014

I've been there a few times and tried more than half of what they serve.
Meals are extremely cheap (6000INR for one small portion of rice and for small portions of vegetables, a supplement of 5000INR is asked for some of the mock meat stuff - so in stead of paying almost double price I took two plates for myself, that was a lot but one plate is a bit small).
The food is very good, you can ask for some sauces (chilli...).
Usual drinks : tea, juices, etc. You can also buy some nice vegan krupuks (starch & seaweeds).
Friendly staff, some don't speak a good English.
You can take away in a box (recycled matter) for a small extra money or in the usual Indonesian paper pack (free).
The propaganda in the restaurant is the same than in Loving Hut, they are definitely affiliated to the same Buddhist sect.
There's a barbecue to make some vegan sate inside, unfortunately the smoke is sometimes invading the place...

229 Joo Chiat Rd Unit 01-01, East Singapore, Singapore

Not moderate.

02 Apr 2014

I didn't eat there, I checked the whole menu (food and drink), it is very expensive according to Singaporean standard !!!
I know it's mostly organic but still, some meals cost 16SD, knowing that in some places one can it for 3 or 4SD...
It would be nice to keep what I encoded while adding this place : expensive !

The place looks clean and nice, the menu is big, mostly Asian but also burgers, fries, etc.

As I have to write an overall rating, I do but I never ate in that one ! I ate years ago in another smaller one that was pretty good.

Jl. Kemetiran Kidul 1, Terusan Jl. Dagen, Malioboro, Java, Indonesia

Very good.

19 Apr 2014

Very good food and when it contains chillies (like some of the soups), it's real hot food !
I tried a few meals (soups, salads, mock meat, tofu...), have never been disappointed.
Unfortunately they microwave the mock meat to unfroze it...
The staff is very friendly, some speak English, other not at all.
Better come before 20h30, after that, they might be closing.
They also sell some ice creams and sweet breads filed with fruits and or chocolate.

Ruska 19, Wroclaw, Poland


13 Oct 2015

I went only once to this restaurant and order some pasta with a partly raw sauce (dried tomatoes sauce, pieces of raw tomatoes, herbs, etc.).
It was very tasty and original.
The people working there were very friendly.

444 Phayathai Rd, Bangkok, Thailand


11 Feb 2014

Nice Chinese fast food, pretty cheap (even if you can find a bit cheaper in Bangkok). There's a variety of choice.
The rice is not 100% white - that is a good thing to me.
I noticed people complaining about the noise (the space is large, there are a lot of people talking, other shopping and other cooking) but I never felt disturbed, it is as noisy as any usual mall in far east Asia.

155-17, Jangjeon 1-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

Great !

26 Oct 2014

I've been twice to this place and was twice very pleased. The food was very good and the owner prepared some of it in front of us (the veganaise, the cake).
She's very friendly and could advice me on some other traditional vegan meals to be found in South Korea.
The Vietnamese coffee is very good.

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