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5907 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, USA

Great food!

I went here for lunch with my meat-eating boyfriend and I can say we both truly enjoyed the meal.

The menu is very extensive and it took me a while to choose what I wanted to order.

I ordered the Birdie Burger (withut veganiase) which was similar to a chicken sandwich. It was very juicy and delicious. The only bad thing was that the sandwich came with no sides and I ordered fries as a side and it was a rather small portion for an additional 2 dollars.

My boyfriend ordered the chicken nuggets and he was pleasantly surprised because they tasted similar to McDonald's chicken nuggets (which are something he loves) rather than fake meat.

Overall, very yummy food!

8020 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, USA

Yay for Vegan Food in South Florida!

My mother, her friend (both carnivores) and I (vegan) went to Darbster for lunch the other day before a play we were going to see in Lakeworth.

Unfortunately, it is summertime in South Florida (meaning: extremely hot, muggy, and rains every hour or so). THis is an outdoor/open restaraunt so it was quite hot. Although that itself has no reflection on the restaraunt itself.

I must say I was so happy to eat here. The only true vegan restaraunts I have been to were when I was visiting California. It was disheartening to not find any vegan places near where I lived (Coral Springs). However, I've disovered many great vegan places hiding about a half an hour away (no problem, great food is worth it).

Speaking about Darbster's food...AMAZING! It is such a wonderful feeling to realize I can order anything off the menu and I am "safe" (no substitutions, no worries about animal products, etc). For lunch, I ordered the house salad with apple cider vinagrette (perfectly sweet and light) and the mac n cheese. THe macaroni and cheese, I must say, was unbelievably delicious. I have tried making vegan mac n cheese so many times, with lots of different soy and rice cheeses, but it is always off. The mac n cheese here was exactly like the mac n cheese I used to enjoy as a kid. Creamy and soft with a crunchy baked top. Amazing.

My mother's friend ordered the Southwestern Burrito,which she seemed to enjoy a great deal. My mother got the BLT made with tempeh and onion rings. Unfortunately, she only ate half (but she loved the onion rings!). I think the texture of the tempeh that they use in place of bacon was the issue. I know there are meat substitutes that visually look like bacon, but Darbster uses thick slices of tempeh instead (which I think was the issue for my mom, as tempeh is kind of like nut-shaped crumbles shaped together, not very bacon like).

After that, we shared a carrot cake and brownie dessert. THe carrot cake was delicious and had this awesome 'spicy' kind of icing (which I usually hate icing on anything). The brownie was also amazing, and I loved that they topped it with fruit as I only usually eat fruit desserts (not a big chocolate fan).

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and I really wished I lived closer!!

5677 Coral Ridge Dr, Coral Springs, USA

The Best!

This is quite possibly my favorite restaurant, I feel very lucky that I live so close!

Although there is meat on the menu, this place is very vegan/vegetarian friendly. I especially enjoy going here because I can go with my family and friends (most of whom are non-vegetarian) and we all have something to eat.

My favorite dish is by far the quinoa salad. It is so fresh and delicious (even with lemon in it, which I generally dislike). I've also had the falafel pita and several of the soups. The waiters always bring a sampling of the soups at the beginning of the meal, and when asked if it is vegan, they go and ask to make sure instead of just saying yes (which I really appreciate!)

On the indulgent side, the baked apple dessert and sangria are great as well. And they have the best french fries I have ever had (the oil they use is perfect for people with sensitive stomachs for fried foods, like me)

P.S. I would have given this place a 5 cow rating, but the site won't let me because it is not fully vegetarian :(

18425 E Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, USA


I ate here for dinner with three carnivorous boys and another fellow vegan/vegetarian. This was by far one of my best vegan dining experiences. Not only was everything we ordered vegan, but I could safely try food from each dish without worrying about what was in it.

Each of us ordered a dish and shared family style. Even with 5 of us, there was still a crazy amount of food leftover.

We ordered the wonton soup (I did not try), sausage in black bean sauce (sausage was more like long strips of chicken but still quite good, the sauce was delicious!), buddha's delight (simple veggies, but yummy all the same), mongolian beef (good, yet spicy), orange peel chicken (more like classic orange chicken, very crispy but if I knew I would get a stomach ache from it being fried if I had more than one piece), and dumplings (the filling was very fresh tasting and the sauce on the side had a nice citrus flavor).

Overall, for the amount and quality of the food we received, it was well worth it. I highly recommend this place for anybody (regardless of diet).

211 N Pomona Ave, Fullerton, USA


I went here with my (carnivorous) boyfriend on a recent visit to California. While I am a fully practicing vegan, the one exception I allow myself on occasion is grilled cheese sandwiches (they are my kryptonite).
I ordered one here, which said on the menu only that it was melted cheese on squaw bread and had a vegetarian icon next to it. When I got it, it was pretty gross. It was lightly heated (not toasted) sweet bread with really thick and rubbery pieces of american and swiss (gross) cheese on it.
Now, I know I was taking a chance ordering a grilled cheese, but the menu or the waitress should have at least mentioned the types of cheese on the sandwich. Especially since swiss cheese makes me extremely nauseous.

That, however, is not my biggest complaint. I asked the waitress if anything came on the side of the sandwich and she said a pickle, some fruit, and a pasta salad. Now, being that this was tagged on the menu as a vegetarian dish, I assumed everything on the side was vegetarian. However, a few bites into the pasta salad, I noticed there was chicken in it. Don't you think that would be something important to mention (either on the menu or by the waitress), especially if a large percentage of your customers don't eat meat?

Also, be very careful when you order the apple pie there because (and again, neither the waitress nor the menu mentions this) there is cheddar cheese baked into the crust. I found this extremely unsettling because we do not have a habit of doing that in Florida, and especially after my experience with the "grilled cheese" this just made me feel even more sick.

On the upside, they had a nice 42 cent special dip served with carrot and celery sticks, although I suspect it was something I could have bought at the grocery store myself :(

720 Allied Way, El Segundo, USA


My boyfriend (carnivore) and I (vegan) went here for lunch before going to LAX. We were both pleasantly surprised at how AWESOME the food was. I ordered mac and cheese (first time I have been able to eat this dish since becoming vegan) and a cup of the gumbo, which was the soup of the day. My boyfriend, who is very suspicious of fake meat, ordered the buffalo wings and he loved them!

I even got a vegan chocolate chip cookie (something I had never tried before) to eat later at the airport and it was wonderful! Overall, a great pick for vegans and carnivores alike!

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