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300 E 12th St, New York City, USA

Worth the trip.

Judging by my only trip to this establishment, I would say that Angelica's has a warm atmosphere and lives up to its gourmet reputation. My girlfriend and I were both more than satisfied with our meal and the service, even in comparison to the dozen other gourmet vegan restaurants we have been to. However, we are both willing to embrace foods which are more 'earthy' (this is a 'macrobiotic' restaurant, after all) and we have only been here once. All in all, worth checking out at least once.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Good vegan gourmet food...

I went here recently with a party of four, everyone enjoyed their food and thought that the service was very attentive. We had a very good wine there which was reasonably priced (it was the cheapest on the menu), and they give reasonable portions for their prices.

680 N High St, Columbus, USA

Great bar and restaurant

Betty's is a favorite of mine in Columbus. It is near impossible to beat the atmosphere and it has great beer and about 5 different fantastic vegan entrees. Come early for happy hour and also to beat the crowds as seating is limited.

200 Crestview Rd, Columbus, USA

Vegan staple in Columbus

I have been a vegan in Columbus for seven years, and the Clintonville Co-op has been a very big reason I have been able to do so fairly comfortably. Much of the Columbus vegan population shops here, and as such this relatively small store greatly caters to vegans. The co-op has great prices on bulk goods, has a good selection of vegan beauty products and has a consistent vegan deli selection. Expect to pay slightly more on prepared items. All in all though, it is a great store with character and one of the only cooperatives in Columbus.

247 King Ave, Columbus, USA

One of the best in N. America

As a fairly frequent customer here I can tell you that this restaurant is easily in the top three vegan restaurants I've ever been to (and I've been to a lot). They have only continued to evolve their cuisine over the years, and with every new trip I take here I leave wondering how they are able to dream up and execute their dishes. As said, it will give you a new understanding of vegan cuisine.

295 Grand St, Brooklyn, USA

not what its made out to be.

After reading reviews we were super excited to go here, but when we got there the staff was kinda rude and the sandwiches were so-so. They didn't even offer us water and when asked for it they gave us very small cups. That said, the milkshakes were absolutely fantastic. I would go here again for the shakes, but not to sit down to eat.

58 Ave B, New York City, USA

great joint

I would highly disagree with the bad reviews of this restaurant. I have been here several times and it has always surprised me with its food and prices. I am from out of town and was amazed to find better vegan diner food at far cheaper prices than at home. Especially nice about Kate's Joint is that they have an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The service has never been top notch, but it was at least consistently above par.

41 Delancey St, New York City, USA

Best deal in NYC...

...whether you are a vegan or not! This place is truly a gem lying in the center of downtown. The slightly kitschy all-vegan cafeteria is full with Wall Street business types who are attracted to the good food and awesome deals. I was barely able to eat all of the food that I got for $3.99, and will have to satisfy my taste buds by returning here whenever I am in NYC.

329 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, USA

Seriously, check this place out!

I have been to Dao Palate several times and have always left very impressed with the food and the ambiance. The food is very reasonably priced (roughly $10-$14 per entree) for the quality of the dishes and the quantity given. The menu is quite large and features a range of Asian cuisines. I would recommend trying the Jade Mushrooms and Orange Seitan.

12 Park Ave, New York City, USA

awesome restaurant

The service was quick and friendly, the food was incredible and the portions were large. Overall it was a great deal for the quality and quantity of food. I would highly recommend the sushi combo platter, also the pumpkin noodles and kimchee tofu dish.

156 5th Ave, Brooklyn, USA

pretty good

The food was good, the atmosphere was pretty good, but the serving sizes were a little small for the price. They have very good desserts and milkshakes. All and all it is worth checking out.

24 Pell St, New York City, USA

A favorite

I make a point of going here every time I go to New York. The food is fantastic and super cheap.

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