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364 Roy St, Seattle, USA


Note to self: this place goes big on batter and oils. I've dined at many a Taiwan style Chinese vegetarian establishment and this one is the oiliest by far. I ordered the salmon (a common standby item which I've had at several other places) but never seen it battered as it was done here and again, extra oily. I also ordered the almond chicken which came as several sausages of thick deep fried batter not unlike a (soy) hot dog on a stick. Inedible. I will come back and try something else.

617 Ninth Ave, New York City, USA

Vegan Taco Tuesday!

Service was fast.

I ordered the tacos, received 3 tacos, beautifully presented in a cardboard box with purple crispy tortillas. Tasty and crunchy the way tacos were meant to be! I can't recommend these enough. Fantastic. Heaps of vegan soy "beef" / "chorizo" on them.

Buffalo wings were cold and extremely slimy, but far from the worst I've had in NYC.

The staff asked me how everything was, I said the wings were cold, they said that's not how they are supposed to come out and they would get me some more, then less than 30 seconds later came out with some wings for me, just as cold as the first lot. oh well. I will upload a photo !

I highly recommend it. Diverse Menu.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 14, 2013

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

Love The Picatta

Truly wonderful upscale NYC find. Hast review will post more later.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Great But Expensive

You get what you pay for. Oddly enough couldn't agree more with previous reviewer who stated Cajun seitan wasn't spicy enough .. Still I love this place its so warm and social and has a buzz.

391 8th Ave, New York City, USA

Nice separate Veggie Menu, Nice Ambiance

Chinese veggie fare with special focus on noodle soups.
They literally have two menus - not a single menu divided into a veggie side and a non-veg side. I liked that. I tried their standby General Tao's chicken, and it was acceptable, bear in mind I'm very picky. I have tried their noodle soup before, that might be a better choice. Lovely people, great ambiance, busy, lots of well-to-do New Yorkers eating in there. I paid $17 for one dish.

144 W 4th St, New York City, USA


Rolls sampler an exercise in deep fried batter. Avoid.
But, on the plus side, the Soy sizzling steak was excellent!
Well, it was almost excellent.

Beer glass had lipstick on it, I consider that a minus.

Is next door to, and seems to be very closely related to, Red Bamboo. Shares the same flavors and cooking styles.
Basically the same place, with a different look.

Updated from previous review on Monday February 04, 2013

516 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

Try The Zenmaki!

Wonderful.. finally on my third trip to NYC I have found something awesome all thanks to HC. Healthy and sinful but lovingly prepared. Great service too!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday February 05, 2013

663 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Service With A Scowl!

Efficient service in a military manner by a gentleman who obviously is making a mistake by being in the device trade. Food selection is outstanding and much healthier (read: less deep frying madness) than the average chinese-vegan joints but would only come here again out of convenience given so many great choices in NYC. Pricey!

1611 Pearl St, Boulder, USA

heartiest vegan breakfast ever!

tofu scramble, ask for no cheese, more potatoes instead. a massive helping of delicious sauteed vegetetables, plenty of tofu ( not the miserable little square which is so sadly the hallmark of many tofu dishes ) and choice of 5 kinds of bread. Huge, impossible to finish, enough for two, zesty and tasty. edit: this place also has the friendliest staff, cozy hipster attitude and atmosphere.

After having eated vegan breakfasts coast to coast this is th e king!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 17, 2015

6117 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana, USA

fastest vegan food in the west

you won't get piping hot chinese food delivered to your table any faster than at Garden Wok.
Service with a smile.

5015 Kanan Rd, Agoura Hills, USA

Please support Kim and Dan

Amazing food!! Belgian Chocolate glazed vegi beef over rice for example. Please support them.

428 11th St, San Francisco, USA

maybe next time?

went all the way down to soma eats only to find them closed with no notice on their facebook. I hope they are open next time or post their status so people don't have to waste their lunch hour... but looking forward to trying it but probably won't make a special trip after today.

1429 12th Ave E, Seattle, USA

Twice Dipped Seiten

$18. Small portion. Undercooked Asparagus but nice big Spears. Potato very good. Main dish the Seiten itself was a steak twice fried hard as rock, and with only one flavor: pepper. Upside is wonderful atmosphere and presentation but again left wondering if they are taking advantage of Vegan commitment by getting sloppy on the preparation. Overall very disappointed especially for the price. Next time will try the Seiten Wellington for $21 (!) and hopefully they wont mess that one up.

1812 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, USA

Not Bad Worth A Try

Decor is Loud and over the top to the point of it not being amusing, service seemed a bit snippy, but tasty food. Uncomfortable cheap chairs and tables.

140 West 4th St, New York City, USA

don't order the buffalo wings

This is an update to my review, because I must have been in a bit of at testy mood the first time I wrote it.

It's a nice place, you should check it out.

But please don't try the wings. They are made with zero imagination. They wings are not wings, they are hunks of vegan protein slathered in BBQ sauce straight out of the bottle. This is a dish that's not easy to get wrong, but unfortunately Red Bamboo could use some improvement in this area.

To top it off, short poured me on my Duval.
Despite having previously written that I would not visit again, I believe in second chances so I will, but not until I've reviewed all the other vegan/veg choices in NYC.

Good vibe, packed with twenty-somethings. Obviously not hurting for business.

Updated from previous review on Monday January 07, 2013

380 Broome St, New York City, USA

Highly recommended

If you've read my reviews, I'm both picky and not shy to share my feelings about less than stellar vegetarian fare, especially in a place with so many choices as the five Burroughs (sp?).

I can then unreservedly recommend this location of Wild Ginger. I had the best Udon noodle soup, and fantastic Agedashi Tofu starter.
Great little place.

What a find!

160 S Brea Blvd, Brea, USA

Buffalo Wings

Extensive Gardein menu, including Jamaica wings. But this one is for the Buffalo Wings. The Gardein seems to be in a larger size. Buffalo sauce is obviously made with butter. But I'm Vegetarian Lacto Ovo so I'm fine with that. The wings themselves are amazing, crisp, crunchy, tasty, a work of art. 5 stars. There are many menu items. I love it when a totally random chain of restaurant supports vegetarianism.

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