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Feldstr. 64, Rostock, Germany

German oldschool health food store with a small Café

25 Oct 2013

This reminds me of the beginning of the German bio health food initiative back in the eighties. There is a slight air of dusty self righteousness in the store although that is a good thing because here you can find a small but well assorted supply of healthy foods, fruits, veggies as well as bio cosmetics and even biodegradable cleaning items. Prices are normal, service can be slow. There are a lot of vegan options. I didn't try the Café because I was still full from the Heumond lunch but I didn't really see any vegan cake specialities that would have tempted me into jeopardising my hard earned figure. For any kind of supplies from the biological sector this is the place to go!

Sommerstr. 41, Muenchen, Bavaria, Munich, Germany

Bright but quiet Star in a meat and dumpling town

20 Oct 2012

I was very glad to find this in my pre-Happy Cow time. Luckily my iPhone guided me there when I typed in the word vegan and so I changes my mind to visit the Prinz Myshkin Restaurant and to favour the Kaede! Since I have money to spare especially for food - now that I finally discovered that my body is a temple - I was very glad to find that japanese tidiness and inner peace is a big advantage of the Kaede. I arrived around 3 p.m. and was the only guest and enjoyed the silence and the quiet reservedness of the owner who served me himself. I first had a vegetable soup a broth with accurately cut veggies which was simply delicious and then opted for the fried tofu with mixed vegetables which was a pleasure to look at and to eat. I would have liked to have taken away the organic whole rice sushi for later that evening but the austere man said that he only prepares it fresh in the evenings. I guess I will have to come back for it next time. I left the Kaede a better person, I think, at east for that day.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Small selection but great cakes

19 Oct 2012

This cafe is a 100% vegan so no question asking about the ingredients is necessary. The selection is not all that huge there is a soup of the day and many different sandwiches, smoothies and fruit dishes. The cakes a phenomenal and there are even raw selections. I had a angel food chocolate cake with cherries and topping there today and it was absolutely fab. I am glad I live so far away because otherwise I would get fat and round there.

Otherwise there are loaves of bread, filled bagels and raw cakes - anything the vegan heart desires!

Hermannstrasse 36, Rostock, Germany

Relaxed Lunch

25 Oct 2013

I went to Heumond today and loved it! It is a small cozy restaurant or cafe and it serves some very fine vegan dishes! I had the goulash of seitan (which was fabulous) and traded the quinoarice mix for new potatoes which were equally delicious. I had a big jug full of delicious Green tea with mint called Egyptian mix and although the tea was 5€ it was an ample portion that can be easily shared by two. The food was piping hot!!! That is good! Yes, I have had other experiences ! The portions of the food are huge so bring a healthy appetite. I liked the quiet lunchtime atmosphere and the music which was not too loud. There are newspapers and lots of German books so go there if you have some time on your hands, you won't regret it!
Updated from previous review on Friday October 25, 2013

Updated from previous review on Friday October 25, 2013

Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich, Switzerland

Pricey but fabulous

19 Oct 2012

This is the kind of review a working girl writes when she is traveling around the globe and grabs business lunches in exclusive places. The Hiltl was founded in 1898 and has not missed it's transition into modern times - somewhat intimidating sometimes if you'd like a quiet meal and a mobile phone/ wifi free atmosphere! The Hiltl has a stunning selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, you can order there à la carte or you can serve yourself at the generous buffet. Let's face it, Zurich isn't cheap nor is the Hiltl. We chose to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and the city life on the trottoir! I found it fascinating though that if you sit outside you become a witness of an endless testosterone defilé of expensive vintage and modern cars - that squeeze themselves through the tight alleys of Zurich's old town. There is so much gas in the air you might ask yourself: "why bother to eat healthy at all?" But that is just outside and it was a holiday. Inside the Hiltl is all style and fashion, except for a beamer that sports the newest facebook entries of the patrons. I personally enjoy a media free atmosphere more.

Anyway the Hiltl got me because they serve a vegan version of my old favourite when I was an omnivore: Steak tartar! and what shall I say, I went back the next day and ordered some to go. It was delicious! The other food my companion had looked delicious as well but I was so busy with my food I couldn't really be bothered with his couscous and chick peas. I had a water and he had a ginger panaché that tasted really good. We skipped desert because we were out of swiss francs and he had an espresso cooker in his hotel room - and i had saved some vegan chocolate from a supermarket forage in a cheaper region.

Always worth a visit if you don't have keep your pennies together...

Linienstr 94, Berlin, Germany

Solid Berlin style food!

19 Oct 2012

There is a german term called "Hausmannskost" and when I turned vegan that was the the thing that irked me the most. I simply loved to eat hearty food laden with bacon and brown sauces. Excuse me! Then I discoverd Kopps and I knew this is the place to go when I deed to emulate my moms German cooking! I had a typical Berlin dish: Bouletten and Schmorgurken - a type of hamburger patty with cooked cucumber in cream sauce with mashed potatoes and my world was okay. I have no wont for meat, it is all possible. The egg salad is especially delicious and last time I was there they had a cordon bleu (the German would say "zum niederknien") worth worshipping. The portions are huge, if you order a starter you might want to opt on sharing a main course. There is an ample alkohol selection as well a cocktails - what more could one want. A great place to take even meat eaters, they'll love it!

I'd like to sum it up by mentioning the well trained staff - something you don't always get in Berlin.

Na Porici 25, Prague, Czech Republic

Delicious and affordable

19 Oct 2012

I was in Prague on tour and had just chosen to go vegan. Our tour manager was absolutely stricken because all the catering riders had been sent out previously when I was still an omnivore. So I decided to make it may daily adventure to discover vegan places where I could have a decent lunch. In Prague I was richly rewarded. Not far from the Roxy Club where we had our concert was the Loving Hut Restaurant and I was surprised that a "meat and dumpling" city like Prague offered so many vegan options. I off course had the mock duck to sink my ex-carnivore teeth in and a mushroom soup as a starter. It was delicious. I decided to take back some fresh summer rolls back for breakfast the next day on the nightliner. Cool. Since my command of the czech language is virtually nonexistant I was happy that everyone there spoke English.

Mehringdamm 20-30, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

The place I always shop...

19 Oct 2012

...because it is virtually across the street from where I live. It could be cleaner, the staff could be faster, and the people who select the products they sell a little more dedicated- but hey, it is the biggest organic supermarket here in Kreuzberg and if you are a member the prices are reasonable. They have everything I need - even a small japanese section. They sell meat and vegan protein options and basically try to get regional products although sometimes the apples come from New Zealand and mangoes and pineapples just don't grow in nearby Brandenburg. I go there once a day and I don't even bother with the conventional supermarket anymore. My boyfriend eats meat so i buy that organic and from my cooking experience w/wo animal produce the food quality is really good.

It kind of pisses me off though how much plastic they still use to wrap shit in - that makes it just as bad as any conventional supermarket - although they have introduced biodegradable bags at least for the fruits and veggies!

Ruska 19, Wroclaw, Poland

absolutely fabulous!

01 Feb 2015

Wow! What a wonderful time I had here - I absolutely adore the food, and the presentation of it and the lovely service! Thank you so much for making my stay in Wroclaw a memorable one. I can't wait to come back! I loved the chick pea salad, the spinach soup and the millet quiche with a variety of veggies and a killer béchamel sauce! And the nut based raw raspberry tart was to die for - not too sweet, just right and with a crunchy crust (was there hemp in it?). The ingredients are fresh and the sauces wonderfully tasteful even non vegans will love it here! I can only warmly recommend this place to anyone who loves to eat and values his/her health. My non-vegan boyfriend liked it too because there is a great selection of beers (and wines) as well!! And no problem with the polish menu - English is spoken! Thanks to you lovely ladies. The Machina Organika is now officially my favourite restaurant in Wroclaw.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Huge Selection, but a bit pricey

19 Oct 2012

I love this place: you can just go in and know that you don't have to scan the labels because everything is a 100% vegan. The food choices are organic as well as normal but everything is GMO free which is a plus. You can get almost anything there except maybe spelt seitan powder but hey - that's just spoiled little me talking. This is the place to splurge when you want to reward yourself and your refrigerator. Since there is a cafe attached you might as well indulge on some wonderful vegan cake selections or a multitude of sandwich choices. This is not the place to save money, but I think it's well worth it.

It's a shame that it is in hoity-toity Prenzlauer Berg, a place filled with negligent, self-righteous parents who allow their untrained offspring to mill through the aisles dropping and groping things. But that's not the fault of the store - it's society! There will be a branch opening in Warschauer Strasse soon which means I won't have to spend a 40 minute bike ride getting there and it won't be so posh!

Lychener Strasse 63, Berlin, Germany

A bit dingy, but good food

19 Oct 2012

This is a hundred percent vegan joint that caters to the fast food needs of the animal health lovers. It has a huge menu of pizzas, burgers and hot dogs and serves good drinks including the infamous organic "Biozisch" in all Variations. I tried the seitan burger with delicious fries (thin but with skins) and salad at a reasonable price of € 6,50 and had a Biozisch guarana cola for €1,70 a 0,33 l bottle. The burgers cater to every need from a tofu, seitan or veggie patty as well as some with the closer meat texture that one sometimes needs. Takes a while when the place is buzzing but it's worth the wait.

You might want to wait outside if you don't want your clothes to reek of the oil fumes. The place could be a bit cleaner but hey - it's a fast food joint!

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