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Palaststrasse 3, Trier, Germany

Great health food shop

12 Feb 2012

This place has a wonderful selection of non dairy milk, in a variety of flavors. They also offer a selection of various mock meats, including Viana (made in tofu town!) brand mock meats. They also offer many whole grains and a selection of bio beer and wine.

The location is also very good. It just a few meters from the main square in Trier.

1440 S Country Club Dr, Mesa, USA

Can't Touch This

29 Aug 2012

Since neither my friend nor I, was very familiar with the area, I used the happy cow app to find a place located near the hotel my friend was staying at. The closest place was Mango Thai. We found the shopping center really easily and parked close. We walked to the door to find an older couple waiting by the door. They asked if we were planning on eating there, and we said yes, while bracing for the worst. They replied with oh, good, the owner took a delivery and should be back any minute. They said the food was delicious, but they felt weird just leaving the restaurant empty.

We found a table (there was no one else inside, NO ONE). I picked up some menus and we started catching up, while waiting for the sole employee to come back. She eventually returned and was very happy to see us. She turned on the music, and brought water. The music selection went from MC Hammer to Celine Dion to Norah Jones and even the Macerana.

The vegan and vegetarian options were clearly marked, with even the introduction in the menu saying that most things on the menu could be vegetarian and vegan. I ordered tofu tempura to start and vegan pad thai as a main. She politely confirmed no egg and no fish sauce. My friend ordered some type of red curry. The same lady went to the back where we began to hear cooking noises. After a short wait, the tofu tempura came out with homemade peanut sauce. The sauce was AMAZING. It was so good I dunked the tofu from my pad thai in it later.

The entrees arrived shortly after. The presentation was nice, with cabbage and carrots as garnishes. The pad thai was the sweet variety, with thick noodles and plenty of tufu. My friend's curry smelled delightful and had a nice selection of veggies and also ample tofu. She had asked for a 4 out of 5 on the spice scale and seemed to believe it matched her expectation.

The inside was decorated simply with multiple large fish tanks. There were koi and turtles in separate tanks and after sitting next to the turtle tank, we watched them, and they watched us. They were quite interested, and seemed friendly.

The owner/server/cook/delivery person asked where we were from, and when my friend said Seattle, the sole employee told us she had move from Seattle six years ago. She was very friendly and happy to engage the customers.

Because of happy cow's flawed rating system, I can only give this place 4 cows. In reality it should have 5!

6 Kentish Town Rd, Camden Town, North West London, England

Random tasty find

12 Feb 2012

While visiting London, this little place was discovered quite by accident. I had originally set out to find another place listed on Happy Cow, but was delighted to find this gem.

The prices were good. It was under £15 for two people, which seems very reasonable from my visit to London. The selection was good and all the dishes were being filled as patrons went back for more portions. There were many soya meat options, but also plenty of options without mock meat. I especially like the steamed broccoli and dumplings.

The staff was very friendly and even offered a banana dessert to my friend's daughter, on the house.

Pettenkoferstrasse 8, Munich, Germany

Expensive and bland food and terrible service

13 Aug 2012

I would actually rate them with less than two stars if I could. I spent seven years in Germany and grew to enjoy the slow dining experience. I didn't quite enjoy this one. After seeing people who had come in after my party, get food, eat, pay and leave, we began to wonder what was going on. After nearly two hours, we flagged down the only server and asked what the deal was. She apologized and said she had forgotten to put our order in. She said she would put the order in and have it rushed. The food came out after 30 minutes. I ordered the tofu palak and it was immediately clear the food was rushed. The veggies were barely cooked and tasted raw. While raw foods are great, it was not what I was expecting. The flavor was bland, and the only thing with real flavor was the sauce, there was not enough.

After confronting the server about the wait time, she offered us free dessert and after only waiting 40 additional minutes, she brought one dessert for a table of three. Considering the wait time and cost, I think it should have been more.

Beyond just the wait and bland food, the bathroom was a mess. The trashcan was overfilled to the point where paper towels were in a pile on the floor. There was yellow liquid all over the toilet seat and floor as well.

Also, I would not consider the price moderate. My tofo palak was the least expensive entrée among the group and it was 15 €. I would consider 10-12 € per entrée moderate.

2 Glengarriff Road, Bantry, Ireland

Surprise Awesomeness

14 Aug 2012

This place was amazing. It was beyond the expectations my friend and I had. We were basically going on a gastronomic tour of Ireland, while not our intention when we planned the trip to Ireland, we ended up traveling to different veg, and veg friendly food places. This was the best one.

It seemed like it was in a small town, not very close to much. Unless you are just driving around Ireland looking for vegan things. Oh, and Irish cliffs. The staff was super helpful and gladly pointed out all the vegan options on the menu of the day.

I had the veggie sausage plate with a variety of sides from the vegan options of the day, and it was all quite good. The best part though, was the chocolate cake (with vegan cream) and latte afterwards. Wow, what a combo. The price seemed quite reasonable for the amount of food we both got.

614 N Grande Ave, Tucson, USA

The best vegan Mexican food ever?

01 Aug 2013

I had to make that a question because I truly don't know if Tanias is the best Mexican food ever. What I do know is that it is amazingly good, and that is saying something so close to the Mexican border. Rudy is amazing. He is a character and that adds to the charm of the place. The food never disappoints. They are so many vegan options it can be a fun to try something new every time I go back. My current favorite is the soya verde burrito, with rice and cilantro y onions added.

I truly cannot believe how flexible they are when ordering. You can BYOB (build your own burrito) and it has always worked well for me. The soy chorizo is just spiced enough without being overwhelming. The salsa, let me just say that I love their salsa. They now give me extra salsa without even asking.

There are two negatives. One, is an unsubstantiated rumor that their guacamole comes frozen and is not made in house. I have not asked Rudy about it because everything else is just that good. The second and most important negative is that they close at 6 pm. I can barely make there after work!

Happy cow's new rating system and only letting me give them 4 cows is disappointing. This place has so many vegan options it will make your head spin. I have been to vegan restaurants with less vegan options, worse service, and worse atmosphere but happy cow wants me to give them a similar rating simply because they are vegan. That isn't fair to Tanias.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 31, 2013

720 Allied Way, El Segundo, USA

vegan carne asada!

14 Aug 2012

I flew into LA, and asked a friend to meet for dinner. They asked where, and I basically said somewhere not far from the airport and not to far for him, and somewhere veg friendly. He found this place just a few minutes from both.

Knowing nothing about the place, I had to ask the person taking the orders about vegan options, and he politely said, "Everything is plant based." Carna asada sandwiches with vegan mayo were ordered all around. The food came out quickly, and wow, surpassed all expectations. We joked about how this is what I would expect from LA. Find a place 10 minutes away that was both vegan and amazing, just like that. The sweet potato fries were also very good. The food was definitely fast food like, but the quality was so much better. Of course the price did reflect this a bit. Something to consider though, I didn't eat anywhere else in LA, so the prices might be perfectly reasonable.

The staff didn't even rush us out as we caught up, even though it was clear that they were closing and getting ready to leave.

Calle Bruniquer 26, Barcelona, Spain

Veg World India 90 % Vegan Indeed

04 Jan 2011

This was just a short walk from the metro stop along a mostly residential street. The hanging sign greeted us as we approached and we excited to see the "90% vegan" there. It is a small narrow place, but quite cozy and well appointed. There were a lot of interesting decorations to look at as we waited for our food to arrive. There was a nice soundtrack playing low in the background as well. When we placed our order, the server asked if we wanted vegan and we happily said yes. As for the reviews that disagree with the 90% vegan claim, we were told we could have almost any non cheese item prepared vegan. We chose a aloo ghobi and aloo bombay, with garlic naan and rice. The food was amazing. Seriously amazing. And compared to other Indian places I have eaten throughout Europe, the price versus portion was better than anywhere else I can think of. The bill for two people, with appetizers, entrees and drinks came in under 30 euro.

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