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1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Not Just A Restaurant, An Experience

26 Jan 2008

My wife and I went here twice during a very short visit to Berkeley. Both times it was very busy, but our wait for a table was short. Keep in mind, Cafe Gratitude believes in sharing tables--something I had trouble getting used to. While you are waiting for your food, each table has a card game to play that our server said was invented by the restaurant's owners--a game where you reflect on what you are grateful for. Many of the designs on the cards are repeated on posters on the wall, with inspirational quotes or sayings. The menu is mostly raw, organic, and vegan. All of the dishes have inspirational names like "I am Energized," "I am Thankful," and "I am Refreshed." The front of the menu is juice combinations, which are pricey. The inside consists of dishes that are either raw, dehydrated, or lightly cooked, and while the prices are $8 - $12, the portions range from meager (pizzas) to generous (grain bowls). There is also a dessert menu, and a wine menu. The wait staff is very helpful and friendly. The restaurant is a little too noisy for my taste--there were no drapes or carpet to muffle sound, so all the conversations competed with each other. I don't subscribe to an all-raw diet myself, but I still found everything very tasty. The only thing I found less than optimum were the desserts--we had a "coconut cream pie" one night, and a "german chocolate cake" another night, and I couldn't tell the difference. My wife and I will frequent Cafe Gratitude whenever we are in Berkeley, and I recommend it to others.

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

My Berkeley Favorite!

27 Jan 2008

I have been fortunate to dine at vegan and vegetarian restaurants up and down the California coast, and in my opinion the Herbivore sets a high standard for the rest to achieve. The restaurant itself is bright, immaculate, modern, and comfortable. The wait staff is very helpful and friendly. The menu has a wide variety of dishes and includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner (so many of the vegetarian restaurants I know are not open for breakfast). The food is incredible. The portions and prices are comparable to a non-vegetarian restaurant, which makes them less expensive than many other vegetarian and vegan restaurants. I have to confess that as good as the rest of their food is, my favorite is their desserts--I would recommend coming here for dessert even if you don't have time for a meal.

1901 University Ave, Berkeley, USA

Good Food Cheap

27 Jan 2008

Coming from a city that has, for the most part, only two kinds of restaurants--steakhouses and burger joints--I was not prepared for the variety of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Berkeley. There are incredibly upscale (and expensive) vegan restaurants, and there are modest, inexpensive (and yet still vegan!) places like the Udupi Palace. Possibly the name seems slightly ironic, because the restaurant is not large or fancy. The plates are plastic, the walls and tables are worn, and the decorations are not as fancy or colorful as I've seen in other Indian restaurants. But the prices are low, the portions are large, and the food is delicious. My wife and I ordered dosas, and they were huge! This is the ideal place for students or anyone on a budget, for a quick lunch or dinner, or for fans of Indian food (like my wife and me). The only people I wouldn't recommend it to are business people looking for a place to impress clients, or for couples wanting someplace romantic to dine (not fancy enough).

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