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Vico S. Pietro a Majella 6, Napoli, Naples, Italy


I have been there once with my friend because they are the only vegetarian rest. open on Sunday in Naples. The food was tasty but the service was the worst I ever saw. Dishes that we ordered later during our meal were coming too late so it happened that the green salad came just before dessert. Portions are not very large and the food is not macrobiotic or vegan, just vegetarian. They are frying a lot, and there are no vegan or macrobiotic desserts. The bill that we got was higher than we actually spend, because the famous green salad was 5.5 EUR instead of 3 EUR. After trying to catch the running waitress, that of course speaks barely english, we somehow succeeded to correct her count. Just worst experience ever!

Place Jourdan 26, Brussels, Belgium


it is a nice shop with a very limited but tasty buffet. however, if you are late for lunch there is a great chance that you'll find nothing to eat from the buffet. there is also not many different dishes, usually greens and salads, so the protein component is unbalanced. it is mostly crowded during the lunch time and staff are overwhelmed by orders that makes them very slow. although they are very friendly and helpful. this is the only healthy option near eu meeting buildings, so you don't have other possibilities if strict in your diet preferences.

Via Martucci, 8, Napoli, Naples, Italy

the real macrobiotic in naples!

It is small, cozy and extremely friendly restaurant that I started to frequent for lunch during my 1-month stay in Naples. It is very hard to find whole organic food in Naples, so this place was a revelation for me. Food is feeling, tasty, not very creative, but home-made and organic. Although I rarely saw tofu/ tempeh/ seitan on the menu, there were other very tasteful protein dishes. Second day of my lunch, I felt like one of them. They have a very small shop included.

Calle Amnistia 6, Madrid, Spain

noting amazing

i had a plate of veggie paella, which was delicious and in abundance, however, the rice was not brown, which i find annoying in vegan restaurants. my second plate was seitan with black pepper sauce, but instead accompanied by some lettuce, i'we got french fries. if i wanted to eat something fried, moreover a potato i would not come in vegan rest. i did not stay for dessert, was to disappointing.

Calle del Divino Pastor 30, Madrid, Spain

i would bring it home!

i had a 3-meals feast, plus the dessert: I started with spinach/ avocado soup, passed nori roles, devoured zucchini/ portobello hamburger, and ended up with tiramisu. looking back, i cannot single out the best of what i had. it was all very delicious, tasty, filling and healthy. i really felt like feeding my cells by antioxidants and vitamins. the place is precious and i am sorry i have not something similar back home in split... of course that dishes are a bit pricey, but i would pay even more for such raw food delicacies :)

Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels, Belgium

peaceful place

just recently they started to have buffets and you pay per weight of your food, which is better than when they have been a regular restaurant. there were 7 different dishes, a salad and a soup. food was excellent, fresh and tasty and it did taste the same.

Franz Josef Strasse 3, Salzburg, Austria

nothing exceptional

reading reviews the day before i visited the place, i was quite excited. the next day, i ordered an indian lentil soup that came with a carrot-beetroot salad. nothing that knocked me over. my partner ordered veggie lasagna and said that they were really tasty (and he is omnivorous!). what disappointed me the most, was the vegan chocolate cake - the icing was dry and kind of old, and the choc spongy layers were tasteless and really spongy - no chocolate aroma or flavor in general.
Updated from previous review on Monday July 30, 2012

Dobrič, Split, Croatia

fruity world

just inside 1700 yrs-old Diocletian walls, you will find this eclectic bar. unpretentious, but lively and vibrating, it offers a limited number of meals (mostly for breakfast and quick snacks) and a nice, though not very long list of juices and cocktails. if you are up to a refreshing break from sightseeing in a nice shade, this is an excellent place. since situated in one of the very best split's plaza, you will be entertained by a number of passing characters! as i am not for alcohol cocktails, i have tasted and got addicted to their juices. a more vegan-orineted assortment of meals would be desirable, but as i got the explanation from the owner, they have been limited by city council on the number and size of the fridge allowed to put in this protected area.

Calle Mendizabal 39, Gran Canaria, Spain

real treasure

I am just back from dinner there, with a meat-eating friend - had falafel with salad and moussaka, and chock cake. Everything was very delicious, nutritious and fresh, even for an omnivorous, as my companion is. Meals are large enough, but you don't feel heavy after having 2-cousre meals + desert. All my compliments go especially to a girl that helped us with the menu - cheerful, helpful and smiling - people like that do make difference.

Calle de los Reyes, 11, Madrid, Spain

no organic whole-foods!!!!!

i was disappointed when the lady told me that they are using white rice instead of brown, so i ordered mushroom and tofu pancake and coconut soup - it was really tasty, although i had my doubts about grain and oil used for the pancake (my stomach felt it couple of hours later). this place should not sell for something it is not. at 15:00 it went totally crowded and staff totally panicky. also, it irritated me how noisy the place become.

Lestina 4, Split, Croatia

trust the local

Once, this was the best vege/macro restaurant in Split, but the quality and quantity of food has been decreasing while the prices have increased. I am not sure if the frying oil and some other ingredients are whole and organic. They are chaotic and slow on Saturdays when they have many people to attend. That well-being feeling that should be present in a healthy food rest. has gone. Although, sandwiches, desserts and other fast bites are still the best item. The menu is very blend and uniform after you become a frequent visitor as I am.

Domovinskog Rata 29a, Split, Croatia

take care

if you are not careful and ask precisely what they have put in deserts, you might end up having milk, brown sugar or soya artificial cream. i like their food very much but it was painful when i noticed that my apple strudel has been taken with bare hands and than the girl handled the money as well. if you are not strict vegan/ macrobiotic, than all this means nothing to you, but if you are, than you get annoyed.

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