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"Most excellent, Right by the Pier, Healthy. "
Koh Samui, Thailand on 21 Feb 2010

"Great food -- make sure you are hungry as it's 17k"
Seoul, South Korea on 03 Sep 2013

"good, reliable restarant, lately much better!"
San Francisco, USA on 26 Nov 2011

"Take the time to visit Herwin's! "
Bangkok, Thailand on 27 Aug 2011

"tasty food, recommended"
Bangkok, Thailand on 22 Apr 2010

"tasty, inexpensive, quick. "
Barcelona, Spain on 21 Dec 2011

"Go here it's tasty! and affordable."
Barcelona, Spain on 04 Jan 2012

"Very tasty and inexpensive. "
Berlin, Germany on 28 Sep 2011

"rich, heavy milk-based food, but late night"
Prague, Czech Republic on 08 Jul 2008

"great place, that's global-competitive"
Bangkok, Thailand on 22 Apr 2010

"good, reasonably priced place in a difficult area"
Berlin, Germany on 28 Sep 2011

"just another thai restaurant with tofu options"
Patong, Thailand on 29 May 2013