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3815 N Brookfield Rd, Brookfield, USA

Man, Manna's delicious

24 Sep 2011

-Extremely nice, very thorough, and well-informed waitress.
-Liked being able to sample the Limonade. Was delicious.
-My partner and I shared the Tu-No Melt and the Veggie Stack (special).
-The Veggie Stack was very good, but I would try other things next time. Was similar to a potato pancake. I liked the vegetables between the main layers more than the layers themselves.
-The Tu-No melt, however, was simply to-die-for. I have missed eating Tuna, and this was a fantastic alternative. The tempeh was not as I anticipated. (I thought it would be a kind of patty, like when you buy tempeh in the store.) It was instead an excellent mixture,. more like separate seeds/beans type texture mixed in with everything else. The celery was not too strong, and neither was the dill. The bread was perfectly crunchy.
-The Tu-No melt was accompanied by a fruit salad, which was arguably the best fruit salad I've ever had. (Tons of fresh crushed raspberry over apples and blueberries.)
-It was a bit more pricy than we expected, but well worth it.
-Admittedly a strange thing to mention in a review, but was maybe one of the nicest bathrooms ever encountered in a restaurant. The women's restroom had all kids of toiletries including scope, feminine products, etc. It just goes to show how this restaurant has made a conscious effort to do many things right and not cut corners.

2233 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, USA

Great little cafe

06 Apr 2011

Excellent vegan donut, blueberry muffin, and coffee.

I like that they offered soy milk in the 'fix your coffee' area.
I only wish they offered more major food dishes as everything else they make is so delicious.

Bulnes 2577, Palermo Chico, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Amazing selection!

06 Apr 2011

One of the most impressive buffets I've ever experienced.

A wide variety of food from many countries.
Every 5 minutes they seemed to appear from the kitchen with a new dish.
Begs the question: is there a such thing as too many options? I say no.

This was a very popular place with the locals, particularly the nurses and doctors that worked nearby, most taking the food to go.

The dessert portion of the buffet included some amazing cakes and a caramel sauce, strawberries with cream, and fresh fruit.

A fantastic find. I'll definitely return on my next trip to Buenos Aires.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 06, 2011

3217 Cahuenga Blvd West, Los Angeles, USA

Fantastic Vegan Thai

06 Apr 2011

When I lived in LA, every time I passed by, I felt sorry for this little shack of a restaurant until my friend insisted I try it one day. I then ate there at least once a month until I left LA, I loved it so much.

The mock meat breaded chicken patties are to-die-for. Especially when you ask for the sweet/hot sauce that has a maple syrup base. Coupling the patties with the pad thai is divine!

This is always on my list when I come to LA.

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

Fantastic vegetarian fare in Orlando!

06 Apr 2011

I was so glad to find this gem in Orlando.

The chickpea 'chicken' salad sandwich is fantastic! The cookies are so delicious as well.
I will always stop here on my way through Orlando from now on.

1769 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Best veggie sandwich anywhere

06 Apr 2011

The vegetable sandwich is so tasty. I also really like topping it with peanut sauce.
I have fashioned every vegetable sandwich I've ever made since to try to match it.

The only negative aspect of eating there is the distracting televisions.

7853 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, USA

Favorite chinese restaurant!!

24 Sep 2011

Welcome to HappyCow, Kung Pao!!

This is, hands down, my favorite chinese restaurant simply based on their vegetarian mock meat dishes.

The Vegetarian Orange Chicken and the Vegan Kung Pao Beef are TO-DIE-FOR. Admittedly, I've not tried many other items, because these are just so delicious I can't imagine another dish tasting any better.

-The Vegetarian Orange Chicken is excellently sweet and crunchy/chewy, but not too sweet.
-The Vegan Kung Pao Beef has a delicious assortment of vegetables, and the crunchy peanuts make it so delicious!! I actually love to take this dish home and eat it with A1 sauce,. the beef is so beef-like that it goes wonderfully with steak sauce.
Together, the beef dish and the chicken dish are a perfect pairing.

I have since moved away from Los Angeles, but this is a definite stop anytime I am in town. Cannot say enough good things about this restaurant.

The only negatives are that they also serve meat and that the dishes are a bit too expensive. However, the portions are generous, so dishes can last for a few meals.

I would rate this restaurant 5 'cows' but I can't, because it serves meat. (According to happycow's rules.)

Calle Alberca 21, Mecina Fondales, Spain

Amazing mountain treat

06 Apr 2011

I'm so impressed that so many happycowers have found this delightful gem.

By far the most difficult vegetarian restaurant I've ever traveled to, it was also so well worth the journey!

We stayed there only one night and that is our only regret after the unforgettable journey up the mountain in the rain at night.

The owner is so delightful and the food is so delicious!! The inn's cuteness factor is off the charts. I really don't think that the 5 cow rating is sufficient.

33 Samsen Road, Soi 1, Banglamphu, Bangkok, Thailand

The best vegetarian chain ever.

06 Apr 2011

I ate at both locations many times in Feb of 2006 and it was a true delight.

Memorable sticky rice with mango and banana. Was never disappointed in the food and would return in a second.

I also stayed in a guest room for a few nights. I really liked the accommodation in that it seemed to be a very authentic thai experience. However, I wouldn't recommend staying there- based on my belief that my particular room had bed bugs. (Corner bedroom) (All of the typical signs- wooden bed frame, many little spots of blood on the sheets and walls.) Perhaps they have taken care of this problem in the last 5 years. This wouldn't deter me from partaking in their wonderful vegetarian fare, though.

Her cooking course was memorable, delightful, and very educational! I loved that we started by going to the grocery store/market and were sent home with all of the recipes. I also took pictures of the ingredients so that I could more easily find them at home. She sang during the lesson and taught us her special May Kaidee song. So much fun! Amazing value at $20USD for 3 hours and a ton of delicious food. I have since cooked her recipes many times since returning home!

Corrergeria 40, Bajo izq, Valencia, Spain

Great food, great ambiance

06 Apr 2011

We were here during Las Fallas 2010.

Fantastic food in this wonderful little local-filled restaurant. Great location. The gallery upstairs was interesting and strange. Had the best olives here that I've ever had.

Would return in a heartbeat.

525 Broad St, Lake Geneva, USA

Simply Pleasant

24 Sep 2011

-Pleased to hear that they serve breakfast all day long.
-Waitress was extremely nice and attentive.
-Had the Sweet Potato, Pea, Baby Spinach & Tofu Hash at the recommendation of the waitress. Excellent combination between savory and sweet (sweet potato). Only felt as if the egg and tofu was a bit redundant in what they brought to the dish. Would have been slightly better if it were more moist. Maybe sour cream option? Other than that the dish was excellent.
-Pleasant restaurant
-My partner had a salad that looked excellently colorful.
-Was surprised by the lack of soy milk. (Unavailable for coffee.)

3411 N Halsted, Chicago, USA

Put simply..

06 Apr 2011

My favorite is the reuben with sweet potato fries, coupled with a vegan chocolate shake.

1605 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, USA

Terrific Thai

24 Sep 2011

The pad thai with soy chicken (lunch special) was one of the best pad thai dishes I've ever had. (And I've had quite a few!) It was served with a lime slice, a sizable (yay!) pile of crushed peanuts 2 spring rolls, maple syrup for dipping (I think) and a nice little salad.

My partner had the yellow curry with soy chicken that was equally as delicious.

We also shared the fried or baked vegetable dumplings and they came with a sweet dark sauce. Delicious!

Excited to return.

Conde de Bernadote 26, loja L, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Wonderful vegetarian oasis!

06 Apr 2011

Vegetariano Social Clube was very welcomed nutritious change to our diet while in Rio.
Unlike some buffets that are hit-and-miss, every item on their lunch buffet was a hit! The banana pie and the chocolate ice cream were really delicious!

I was only disappointed to discover it on my last day in Rio. I will find a hotel near it next time I return to Rio!

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