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405 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, USA

Great downtown location

19 Jun 2010

I really want to like 4square because it is the only vegan food in downtown Little Rock and right by my usual hotel. The place is immaculate, the people are nice, but the vegan/vegetarian choices are limited to a few uninspired wraps. Beats starving if you're stuck downtown, but I would recommend The House when visiting LR.

3500 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, USA

Yummy, despite bad neighborhood

19 Jun 2010

Au Lac really surprised me! The neighborhood is pretty questionable- lots of vagrants and roach hotels, and the decor in the restaurant is reminiscent of a sub-par strip mall chinese buffet, but you'll instantly forget all that when you get your food! I had the Veggie Mongolian Chicken and vegetable egg rolls. The portion was huge, and the flavor was fantastic. I got entirely full twice on this $9 dinner! The menu had at least a dozen things that interested me, so I will certainly be back. It is fairly close to downtown and worth the drive if you want a decent vegan meal in Sacramento. Pay attention to the hours, they close between lunch and dinner.

1900 S First St, Austin, USA

Best Breakfast EVER

07 Jul 2010

Luckily I read all the other reviews before going to Bouldins and had the tofu scrambler tacos. I had the vegan version of "The Neal" which is scrambled tofu, sauteed mushrooms, and some kind of heavenly pixie dust that made it not only the best breakfast I've ever had, but the best taco I've ever had. I'm serious- it was amazing. I won't be happy now until I figure out how to reproduce those tacos at home.

407 San Francisco Street, Old San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Great location- good food

16 Jul 2010

Cafe Berlin could not be in a better location. Right next to a busy park in Old San Juan and the people watching is terrific. Indoor and patio seating and a full bar inside. They are not strictly vegetarian but do have a full section in the menu for vegetarians and it has a great variety of Puerto Rican inspired dishes and the usual comfort foods. Almost all the vegetarian items are vegan or can be slightly modified to be vegan. The dessert menu is not very vegan friendly- offering only Carrot Cake. The staff was very friendly and informative.

As I often do, I asked the waiter what the best vegetarian dinner was. He recommended the meatloaf so I tried it. It was a little too realistic for my tastes- it looked and tasted exactly like real meatloaf but upon close inspection you could tell it wasn't. It was covered with a great mango sauce and lots of sauteed vegetables and came with mashed potatoes. I did enjoy the food but would elect something less meat-like next time, and I will most certainly be returning to Cafe Berlin- it is the only vegetarian food in Old San Juan.

Prices are high, but all food in Puerto Rico is very expensive because they import almost everything except plantains.

1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, USA

More than a meal, an experience

06 Jul 2010

I eat at Casa de Luz every time I visit Austin and it is always wonderful. It is like stepping out of the city and into a meditation retreat. It is difficult for me to try other restaurants when I'm in Austin. The community seating is really cool- I have met some great people at Casa de Luz.

Is is very unusual and kind of intimidating if you don't know what you are doing the first time. It is run like a community cafeteria, so read Matthews post above so you won't be surprised by the proceedings.

There is no printed menu- you eat what they have prepared for the day. Today I had (pasted from their website):

July 6, 2010 11:30-2:00 pm
Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free

Posole soup w/fresh condiments
Garden SALAD with Casa Dressing
Brown rice w/ mushroom, tamari gravy
Red Beans
Summer Squash, beets & garlic
Blanched GREENS with a pecan Sauce
Green sauerkraut

Made with Love by
Nora, Blanca, Melvin, Uciel, Mr. Lee, Zack & Ben

It was fantastic, as it was every other time I have been there. I highly recommend this place. You will leave feeling full and refreshed. I love visiting Austin, and eating here is a big part of the reason.

206 E 13th Ave, Denver, USA

Vegetarian Bar- what a concept!

30 Jun 2010

I visited City O' City by accident. I eat at Watercoarse every time I go to Denver because I love it, so when I had some free time in Denver the other day I plugged Watercoarse into my GPS and it took me to City O' City instead. I guess they are owned by the same people and GPS thinks that COC is Watercoarse. I recognized the name from Happycow though and went in for lunch.

City O' City is a bar first & foremost that just happens to offer only vegetarian food. I think it is a brilliant concept personally, and the menu has a great variety of vegan & vegetarian items. They have recently started offering lots of entrees with items from their own gardens which is also very cool. Bakery items are all vegan. At first I was disappointed that they didn't offer the portabello reuben I love at Watercoarse, but I ordered the daily special and was very satisfied. It was a strawberry spinach salad with beat and nuts and local goat cheese. They grew the spinach and beats in their own garden. It was delicious and huge. I also had one of their pistachio cupcakes- a bit too sweet for me but good. I noticed that they were careful to mention any non-vegan content to everybody that ordered anything with dairy in it. I like places where I can sit at a bar since I travel alone and the staff was very friendly and I really enjoyed my lunch experience. There is no parking, so you have to find street parking- challenging for lunch but probably easy in the evening.

116 S 20th Ave, Hollywood, USA


15 Jan 2015

I've been to LiveHara several times now and the food has been great every time. My favorites so far have been the portabella melt and the lentil burger. Reasonable priced juices.

1914 Guadalupe St, Austin, USA

This place is...

08 Jul 2010

I always ignore reviews where people say the staff was rude and the place was dirty. Usually that means it's a little hippy coffee shop where I will feel at home. I don't mind a little dirt and slow service in those places. In the case of Veggie Heaven, all the reviewers that said this place was dirty and the staff was rude were right on the money. It isn't dusty, it's unsanitary and disgusting! The menu had chunks of old food and slime on every page and something that looked like snot all over the cover. There were chunks of old food stuck to the window by my table and the table and chairs were gross. The owners had piles of personal crap piled all over the floor in the corner- it was really the most poorly kept place I've ever eaten in the US. I had to wash my hands after using the menu and the bathroom nearly made me wretch. But I stuck it out and ate the food- which arrived about 2 minutes after the hostile waitress took my order. And the food..... not bad. I wish I could say it was gross because I think the place is awful, but it wasn't that bad. I had the spicy soybean tofu and an eggroll. In a town without any good vegan places, I would probably go back because they have something I will eat. In a town like Austin where there are dozens of places with vegan food, there isn't a chance in hell I would go back to Veggie Heaven and endure their ridiculously rude staff and their "holy shit- does texas not inspect restaurants" cleanliness.

2315 K St, Sacramento, USA

Cool place despite bad experiences

19 Jun 2010

I am hesitant to write a review of Sugar Plum because I like the place despite my first visits there not going very well. I had lunch there and tried the Tempeh Reuben even though I don't generally care for tempeh. I've had some awesome vegan reubens though so I tried it. The sandwich was good but I need to stop ordering things with tempeh because the flavor bothers me. I sat with some locals and everything they were eating looked delicious so I'm writing off my reuben experience as bad food choice on my part. I got a vegan cinnamon roll to go that was fantastic.

A couple days later I was back in Sacramento and invited a business associate from a nearby town to meet me there at 9:30 for breakfast. Happycow says they open at 8am on Fridays, the sign on their door says 9 AM, but when I arrived for breakfast at 9:30 they said they didn't open until 10. When I mentioned the sign on the door the girl said that it was wrong and they had only been open for a few months and changed their hours often. So beware of their hours and maybe call first if you have a long drive. I got stuck scrambling to find a place to meet on the fly, but luckily discovered a crepe place down the street with fantastic vegetarian crepes.

Despite my first experiences not going well, I am still going to rate the place high because the people are nice, the location is cool, and I saw lots of people eating delicious vegan food. I will try again on my next visit.

434 S Jefferson Ave, Springfield, USA

Hole in the wall- worth exploring

07 Jul 2010

Grad School is a great little place, carrying on a few menu items from the old days when Rasta Grill occupied the tiny little diner. The atmosphere still has that laid back vibe it always had, but now has a the best vegetarian selection in town. It is a pretty good feeling having several menu choices to pick from in Springfield MO! I've had the Rasta Pasta, Baja Burrito, and the tacos. You can "pick your protein" in many items- with tofu & spicy falafel for vegetarians. Some items not available vegan.

1 N Beacon St, Allston, USA

Excellent Chinese Vegan

03 Jul 2010

I tried Grasshopper for the first time this week with my daughter and we loved it. The menu was pretty overwhelming with dozens of choices and not very descriptive. After looking at the menu for awhile we surrendered and asked the waitress what was best, and she recommended the no-name and the spicy steak fillet. We ordered both of those and the spring rolls. The spring rolls were average, but everything else was terrific. Portions were huge and neither of us were able to finish it all. The no-name is a great choice for carnivores- it looks and tastes like sweet & sour chicken. The Spicy Steak Fillets are thinly sliced tofu fillets with a black bean sauce over steamed spinach, red bell peppers and onions. It was very good- nice texture and spicy flavor.

200 E Grayson St Ste 120, San Antonio, USA

My first review- Fave vegetarian in US

16 Jun 2010

I travel full time and have used Happycow to find food for several years and have finally decided to join and contribute reviews and cash to support what I find to be the most useful site on the web.

For my first review I have to tell fellow veggie travelers about Green in San Antonio. I used to dread traveling to Texas- not a vegetarian friendly place. I found Green by accident shortly after they opened and it quickly became my favorite vegetarian restaurant. I have recommended it to dozens of vegetarian friends and every single one has raved about it. I recently took a group of carnivorous co-workers and they all moaned and groaned when I told them I was taking them to a vegetarian place and they all loved it!! Green has truly come up with a menu that will please anybody. I've had everything on the menu now and love almost everything. Portions are big, flavor is abundant. I usually eat there once or twice a day when I visit SA. I wish they were on the river walk- I really wouldn't even need a rental car in SA if it wasn't for my daily treks to Green!

481 S School Ave, Fayetteville, USA

Best Veggie place in Fayetteville

19 Jun 2010

There is not a vegetarian restauraunt in Fayetteville. The choices are slim there in the chicken capitol of the world, but the Little Bread Company and A Taste of Thai downtown are both good and not listed on Happycow yet. The best I've found in Fayetteville by far though is the Greenhouse Grill. Multiple menu items can be prepared vegetarian or vegan and are delicious. My favorites are the Quinoa & Vegetable Saute and the Grilled Portabello Pesto Pasta. They also have several good burgers (black bean or mushroom), sandwiches and salads.

3704 Kerbey Ln, Austin, USA

Beats going hungry

08 Jul 2010

There are a number of vegetarian items on the menu, but many of them wouldn't amount to much in a vegan version. I had a veggie burger for lunch and it was ok- nothing spectacular.

I've heard that the locals all go there for pancakes and they offer vegan pancakes.

2796 E Point St, East Point, USA

As close to perfect as it gets

26 Aug 2010

I picked Lov'n It Live for lunch today mostly due to it's proximity to the airport. I've had mixed experiences with raw foods, so I wasn't really sure about even going there. The atmosphere is very pleasant- nice art & music, and the staff was extremely nice. And the food was an experience that has me wanting to take cooking classes there so I can eat like that every day. I was simply blown away by the food. I had a sample platter with the sage burger, Tostado, kale salad, and spagetti. It was a ridiculous amount of food for one person, but I wanted to try a variety of foods. Next time I will have the Tostado or sage burger. Everything was very flavorful and beautifully presented.

The food is not very quick, but it was 10 minutes quicker than they told me it would be. Everything is prepared as you order it.

After 1 lunch I rank this among my favorite few restaurants ever.

1901 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, USA

Texas Style Vegan!

07 Jul 2010

I had my doubts when I saw the location and saw the little lunch counter back in the corner. It didn't look all that promising. They have a menu, but primarily sell from a lunch counter with prepared items. I went for the meal deal where you pick from their prepared foods. You get an entree, 2 sides and a salad. I had Tofu a la Mexicala, brown rice, tamales and cucumber salad. Everything was vegan.

I was really blown away. It was the best vegetarian Mexican food I have ever had. By far. The tofu was spicy but not too hot, the tamales were delicious and authentic, the salad had a really tangy flavor... wow!

This is not some mexican themed vegetarian place, this is truly authentic tex-mex food prepared for vegans. The prices are very reasonable and they have a small health food store and a lot of baked goods as well. I had a vegan brownie that was pretty good and a cookie that was pretty dry & bland. But who cares about baked goods when this place has so many amazing things to try. They also have prepared tamales to go- I'm planning to have a dozen in my backpack on my flight home!

131 Eleanor Roosevelt, San Juan, Puerto Rico


14 Jul 2010

Puerto Rico is a vegetarians nightmare- very few vegetarian places and no veggie options at other places. I survived a couple days on rice & beans & steamed vegetables until I finally had enough time to find Veggie Garden. And finding Veggie Garden is challenging, even with GPS. Luckily it only takes one good place to keep from starving, and Veggie Garden is the place in PR. The owner, Nancy, is an absolutely lovely woman who seems like an old friend in minutes. I had the days special and I really don't know what it was other than it tasted Indian and had perfectly prepared curry tofu in it. It was not on the menu. It was very flavorful and available vegan or vegetarian. I also had a blended drink that was a mixture of multiple fruits and vegetables. Sorry I can't be more descriptive- the line was long and I don't speak much Spanish so I just got the special she was describing to other patrons.

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