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6490 Bird Rd, Miami, USA


I have been a vegetarian for quite a while. This year I became a vegan and I am loving it!.However here in Miami is hard to find vegan restaurants that are very good.I consider that I am an excellent cook, and when I go out I am looking for the same type of food quality. I went to Beehive because of the reviews, and someone had recommended it. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT, I didn't mind that the place was small but it was extremely unclean.Every inch on the little place was a mess and down dirty. The guy at the counter had dirty fingernails. When I asked for a green tea with soy milk, the milk was rancid, the lazy Susan where they keep their agave was sticky and messy. I ordered an empanada and when I took a bite was frozen in the middle. If this place has some clientele, this people are desperate or they don't know anything about good food. I know they have been in that location for a very long time. They are in desperately need of a makeover and a serious review of their menu,staff and cleanliness. Horrible and painful experience...
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 05, 2011
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 10, 2011

711 NW 27th Ave, Miami, USA

Miami we finally have a real Vegan restaurant !

I've been looking for a nice real good vegan restaurant and had many disappointing moments...to say the least. As an ethical vegan and a cook, my standards are always high. On Sundays I don't usually cook and I always look for a nice vegan meal as I daily prepare at home...I am so glad I finally found it in "Choices Cafe"and yes it looks that it is indeed REAL VEGAN food (many restaurants claim to be vegan or vegan friendly and they are not). We had an excellent lunch, the food was well seasoned and they even split the salad I was sharing with my husband, the atmosphere is unpretentious,clean and it looks they make the effort to renew everything (they bought what it was previously "Om" restaurant and it was a mess)the food was very, very good, and it had all the ingredients that I am as a vegan familiar with. The salad I ordered had a vegan sausage, but I don't really eat sausages in my salad, so the waitress suggested to replace it for the lentil/beet patty..it was excellent! the dessert, a vegan chocolate brownie with coconut milk ice cream was superb! ...good and friendly service too!The owner came to our table and was very friendly. Definitely going back!!!

Updated from previous review on Sunday March 04, 2012

Rue la Vieuville, 24, Paris, France

I was dissapointed!!!

Well, this was my third time in Paris but my first as a vegan. It was hard to find good vegan food along with a good value. The food was good but nothing extraordinary, I consider myself a good cook and this was not a really well thought out cook meal. One of the problem for us was that we had to share the tiny place with two American Californian yuppy girls talking nonsense with an American kid coming from Amsterdam. The place was very small and it didn't allow us to enjoy our meal without knowing all the details about their trips.The cook/owner/waitress was friendly..maybe too much...You can call the owner friendly, or maybe a little odd, she talked too much and took too long to serve everyone. We asked for a little more bread to eat it with a bit of olive oil she served us with our meal and we were asked "why, you already finished your meal...and tomorrow there's no bakeries open"...the place?...well you can call it cute, or whatever some people call it on other reviews..I call it messy!!...you can improve that little place and make it look so much better and take the advantage of the wonderful produce and products that France has to offer along with an excellent location and you have an excellent restaurant!!!. I went after this not so good experience to the Le Potager du Marais and Le Grenier de Notre Dame and what a difference!, same price, more food and so much better (sit in the first floor of the Le Grenier not the second... better atmosphere). It was a very disappointing experience.

243 Central Ave, St Petersburg, USA


I am not from the area either, as another reviewer said, but I was in my quest to find vegan restaurants. The food was good I had the special of the day, blackened tofu sandwich with avocado and a side of salad, it was rustic and good, could be a little better if they toasted the bread a bit more and the avocado was a little more fresh, had a little black, and the side salad had lettuce that was a tiny wilted but their smoothies were amazing!. I had a concern though, they also serve regular food and I was wondering if they keep the kitchen utensils separated, I did not want to be a pain and ask. The place looks really busy and the person who takes the orders was a little bit in the weeds. overall was good enough for a vegan that had not other option, it has a tremendous potential, but they need to get a bit informed, I asked if the chips in the chocolate chip cookies were vegan or carob chips and they look at me like they did not know what I was asking...overall was good.

1248 SW 22 St, Miami, USA

Agree...could be better

Again, trying to search for a good vegan restaurant and another disappointing experience. Even though it was better than my Beehive experience, it did not deliver. The place was clean, and the location was OK, easy to find. I ordered a collard roll, the Lifefood stir-fry and the Curry soup. To start the roll collard was not really tasty, you couldn't even tell what the filling was, except by reading the ingredients and the leaf of the collard was hard not easy to eat. The soup had an ok taste but the texture was more as if it was a drink and not a soup, extremely watery. There are many ingredients to make this soup better in texture and flavor, and it was kind of cold. The stir-fry again mushy and not very appetizing. My husband ordered a Burrito with Pumpkin nut meat...not good. The major problem is that after we left..we both star feeling a major headache and I felt nauseous. We drank a hot tea and star feeling a little bit better but our stomachs not. It seems to me that the person who owns the place,has the best of intention but not enough or formal training as a chef or good cook. He also was kind of shy and not approachable. They need a major consulting with a someone with good knowledge of vegan or any type of cooking for that matter. Keep looking for...next "The last Carrot"

8020 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, USA

Like it!!

I was coming from a road trip and we had the info about this restaurant from this website. I had the vegetable tempura, it was very good but maybe they should be a little less generous with the sweet chili sauce, it could be amazing that way. Then we had the Tempeh Reuben, it was very good and tasty, the lemonade with agave was excellent!. The concept is very good, a vegan heaven in my opinion. The customer service was outstanding!...the dessert? well, that what was a little disappointing. The mango tart was not tasty, did not taste the mango at all! and the texture of the crust was not right, it taste too raw and chalky. The waitress recommend another tart with chocolate that it was better but is not something I will order again. I will definitely go back if I am in the area but they might need to be a little more careful with the desserts preparation or just keep it simple!!..do not imitate desserts that if vegan ingredients are used might not have a good outcome.
Updated from previous review on Friday February 25, 2011
Updated from previous review on Friday February 25, 2011

5221A W Broward Blvd, Plantation, USA

Could Improve

I live in Miami and occasionally I go to Broward county to find at least something that is vegan so hard to find in Miami and truthfully something that resembles my cooking skills (no false modesty) reason why my reviews the way they are. Well, Green Wave Cafe was on my list. I went last night and I was somewhat dissapointed. Does veganism has always to be paired with the word expensive?...I ordered a mung bean soup, it was good nothing extraordinary, a burrito and a side salad, with vanilla ice cream and blueberry pie. I know everything is done in the restaurant, everything is organic, and no sugar added, raw food, yari, yari, yara, but the portions were not really fulfilling , although the taste was good. I paid 51 dollars and believe me!! is not that I am going to travel almost 30 miles to go back. This is what it needs: better sitting, cleanliness, better plating, better prices and better service. The guy was super nice, but boy they took long for the burrito!!.. i know the tortilla is freeze dry but that has to be done in advance, anyway it took a long time. I am still looking for "the" vegan restaurant that I can review "Excellent" like Miss Saigon in Miami, vegan friendly and super good or the one close to Notre Dame in France....I won't give up!!.. or maybe I will open my own.

Karmeliterplatz 1, Vienna, Austria


Where do I start?...I am a vegan and an foodie and I absolutely love this shabby chic restaurant. We ate there three times out of the four days we stayed in Vienna. The food is amazing!. According to the waitress, the owner allows chefs from different ethnic backgrounds to cook there. The last day we were in Vienna we decided to have lunch and went back. That particular day the chef was from Bosnia. She or he veganized the recipes and they were.delicious! Every dish was a party of incredible tasty flavors. We had a lunch buffet which could or not include soup which they were also super delicious. The food is fresh, well made and the staff was friendly-the waitress spoke good English. The atmosphere is cute and cozy.I also got lucky one of the opportunities we were there and met “Lola”, the waitress ‘French bulldog (if you are a vegan you won't mind to take your pet to work).
If I ever go to Vienna again, I will definitely go back. If you are looking for an excellent, extremely tasty and affordable meal in a cozy atmosphere..This is the place!.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 01, 2013

Updated from previous review on Thursday October 03, 2013

Updated from previous review on Thursday October 03, 2013

148 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, USA

My favorite

As a vegan is hard for me to find restaurants where I can really eat good, well prepared vegan meals.Miss Saigon is one of my favorite restaurants, their dishes are exquisite and well prepared, fresh and delicious. The "Seitan Cress" a watercress salad is excellent, the tofu soups are a meal in it self and any dish that they prepared there can be made with vegan "homemade seitan" yes!..the mother of the owner makes their seitan. The atmosphere is unpretentious, even though they are located in a ritzy area of Coral Gables. The servers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the dishes they will "veganaze" any dish. They have this lady, maybe related to the owner that is always checking if everything is ok and suggesting options if you are a vegan. Their portions are big which gives you the option to share. They've been there for many, many years and lasted for the fresh and deliciousness of their food.. I will always go there when I don't cook to find a tranquil atmosphere where I can eat excellent food.

2462 Central Ave, St Petersburg, USA


I was in the area on a road trip for my birthday. We were very hungry and I had the info about the restaurant from this website. I was not disappointed!..the food was amazing. We had the gold tofu, which was deep fried tofu with an amazing peanut sauce!. then we had the tofu with vegetables and curry, coconut sauce, with jasmine rice...it was outstanding!..the veggies were crunchy ,the tofu texture perfect and the sauce was extremely tasty and good. The owner approach our table and he was very friendly and very informative ,I gladly found out that they keep the utensils they use for regular food with meat, separated from the ones they use for vegan dishes. The customer service was also the best..friendly and informative and fast!..they recommend us very good Thai drink options and reassure me that everything we were eating was vegan. The owner is from Mexico and his wife from Thailand..the results? an unusual excellent fusion or blend of Thai-Mex that works and it is delicious. I need to say that the decor was also nice, whimsical and charming!
Updated from previous review on Friday February 25, 2011
Updated from previous review on Friday February 25, 2011

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