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332 Tate St, Greensboro, USA

High Expectations, Low Quality Food, Bad Service

29 Sep 2008

Most of the food in this restaurant is supposed to be Asian influenced. However the execution falls very short. The dishes that we got relied much too heavily on the sauce and did not let the individual ingredients shine. Also the mock chicken that was part of the dish was sliced more like fish (wide and thin fillets). This was very odd and did not have the right texture.

To top it off they were using basmati rice which is not sticky and used for Indian food (you cannot pick up basmati with the chopsticks they provided) when they should have been using Thai jasmine rice or Chinese sticky rice. On the way out I asked one of the cooks what type of rice they were using and he didn't even know!!!

Also, they just gave us a tiny little serving of rice on our plate. Every other place I have ever been that serves Asian food brings you rice separately, and will give you free refills. For Boba House to just give a little small spoon of rice on each plate screams STINGY!

To top it off, the service was inattentive and the floors were dirty. Oh yes, did I mention that we went at LUNCH TIME yet were forced to pay DINNER PRICES just because it was a Friday??? What the hell? This is not printed on the menu anywhere, we didn't find out until we tried to order a lunch serving (this was at 12:30) and the waitress said "We only serve dinner portions on the weekend".

For the prices they charge ($$$$$) we expected much better food and service. It is obvious they have amateurs cooking in their kitchen. I have had meals at true vegan Chinese restaurants where the meal tasted twice as good for half the price. Boba House is simply not up to par. Very disappointing!

2140 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, USA

Yum. Even My Non-Veg Friends Love This Place!

22 Jul 2008

Went to the Sandy Springs location a few times. Despite being located in a shopping center, this restaurant shines with comfortable decor, exceptional service, and delicious food. Their menu is very varied, with something sure to please everyone in your dinner party. The food is always fresh, flavorful, and original. The desserts are decadent, too.

I took my brother there, and even though he's NOT vegetarian at all he loves this place. Every time I come visit (he lives in Alpharetta), he always asks if we can go back -- I can't give a better recommendation than that!

259 W Washington St, Athens, USA

Terrible Service, Overpriced Food

22 Jul 2008

I went here twice, about 3 years ago. Both times were horrible. I thought maybe I just had bad luck the first time, but the second time was the same:

I ordered a sandwich and fries, my friend ordered a hamburger and fries. There were a total of six other customers in the restaurant. The waitress seemed like she could give a rats ass about us. Very inattentive, looked pissed off the whole time. The food took like 30 minutes to arrive (no I'm not kidding) -- for a freaking sandwich and fries.

I talked to other friends about it later, and there seemed to be a trend. Most everyone I know has had a bad experience here. You have been warned.

The only good time to go is when they have the burger and beer night. You could get a veggie burger and PBR for like $2.50 on Sunday nights -- which might be worth a bad experience at that price -- but I'm not sure if they even do this anymore.

Any other time, expect really bad slow service, a server who doesn't give a damn, very mediocre food. Better to spend about the same amount of money and go to The Grit. Hell, even The Grill is better than Clocked (and that says A LOT).

11550 Webb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, USA

Slow, mediocre food, expensive -- AVOID

19 Jul 2008

We went to Anna's Kitchen today (Sunday) around noon. There was only one other table of customers (a husband, wife, and small baby) who received their food shortly after we sat down. It took the waiter about 10 minutes to come over and take our drink order, and then another 5-10 minutes to bring us our drinks.

Keep in mind that there were only 2 other customers in the entire place, and they already had their food! We were informed that it was brunch only, so we were limited to the 5 selections on their brunch menu which was (if I recall) 2 types of fish plates, a garden veggie omelet, a cheese omelet, and pancakes. The waiter indicated that they also had a jerk chicken dish available.

We ordered 2 garden omelets and pancakes. The menu said that the omelets came with hashbrowns, and the pancakes came with eggs. The waiter confirmed this when he repeated our order back to us.

Flash forward to 40 minutes later (at which point we had been in the restaurant for an hour since sitting down) the waiter brings us our food. How in the world it took them this long to make 2 omelets and pancakes, we have no idea. The food was good (but not great), and it appeared that the omelets had frozen "veg-all" corn, carrots, and green beans in them (not very "homemade", which is what their menu says).

To add insult to injury, they never brought us the sides of hashbrowns nor eggs!!! We waited for another 5 minutes after receiving the omelets and pancakes, just in case they were still cooking the sides, before we brought it to the attention of the server. She was a little confused, saying that they weren't on our order (this is a different person than our original waiter) -- EVEN THOUGH IT IS ON THE MENU that what we ordered comes with these sides!!!

She ended up taking about 15% off our total bill to compensate for not receiving our sides. We got no compensation for the poor service. Our bill was $22!!! For a bad brunch. AVOID THIS PLACE.

611 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, USA

Ditto! Horizons is THE BEST.

22 Jul 2008

I can't really add much more than all of the other glowing reviews. I have been to Horizons twice and each time it was an amazing experience. Yes, it is very expensive but oh my god it is totally worth every penny. The quality of ingredients, the presentation, the unique dishes that you cannot get anywhere else. Horizons is truly an original!

Don't come to Philly without going to Horizons!!!

1006 Race St, Philadelphia, USA

Yummy Vegetarian Version of American Chinese

22 Jul 2008

This place is great. It's exactly like just about any "Americanized" Chinese restaurant found all over the USA, except everything at Singapore is vegetarian! For this reason, I love it. You can find all of your favorite chinese food here, cheap chinese decor, chinese music, etc. Lovely. The prices are great too!

211 Pharr Rd, Atlanta, USA

Simple and Delicious

22 Jul 2008

I only went here once a few years ago, and I always intend to go here again whenever I'm in Atlanta. Still haven't gone back, unfortunately, but my first experience was great. I got a tofu sandwich and sweet potato fries. The atmosphere was pleasant, the service good, and the food arrived in a timely manner. I couldn't believe the quality of the ingredients and the amount of food for such a cheap price. Veggieland is a great value and the owners and servers are very friendly! I can't wait to go back.

1505 South St, Philadelphia, USA

Great Vegan Food, but Not Worth the Price...

22 Jul 2008

Went to Govinda's last night with high expectations. It was definitely not a total bust, but if you're thinking about going there, you might want to check out Horizons instead. Everyone in our party agreed that Govinda's was nowhere near the quality of Horizons, even though the prices were about the same.

[For what it's worth, I have been vegetarian for 14 years and have experience as a cook in an Asian restaurant, so I have worked with tofu, seitan, and other mock meats in a professional environment.]

At Govinda's...

1) It was $17-19 per entree and $6-9 per appetizer. Almost all of these had some sort of mock meat (chicken, shrimp, beef, duck). These all obviously come from Asian mock meat manufacturers because I've seen the exact same thing in other restaurants and in the frozen section at Asian food stores. Not exactly original.

2) The sauces and side dishes were fairly bland. My mock duck was supposed to have some sort of peanut ginger sauce, but I could taste neither of those two ingredients. A friend also ordered the same dish and she thought it had a weird aftertaste and too much of a smoky flavor (I agree). The sweet potato and chard that came with the duck was also bland and had a very bizarre flavor.

3) If you're going here for upscale vegetarian food, and you don't like mock meat, find somewhere else. One vegan in our group got a shrimp dish and thought that it tasted too much like real shrimp (it did), and he couldn't finish it. Of course, if you're trying to impress some meat eaters, this might be the place.

The verdict?

I can't highly recommend Govinda's because A) For the same price, I can find much better food elsewhere (see Horizons) and B) I can find similar quality food for a cheaper price elsewhere (see Kingdom of Vegetarians).

116 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, USA

Delicous but not mind blowing or anything.

29 Sep 2008

The food at Rosetta's Kitchen is very good and wholesome. We had a couple sandwiches and the queso dip. Most of the ingredients such as the tofu and tempeh on the sandwiches seemed store bought. It wasn't mind blowing or very inventive, and frankly a bit greasy, but hey if you're looking for cheap veg food this place is it.

652 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, USA

An Atlanta Staple -- Must Try!!!

22 Jul 2008

Soul Veg is for vegetarians who like home-cooked southern food, vegan style, with a healthy side order of religion. If you can get past the African religious overtones, this is the place to go for vegan mac-n-cheese, collard greens, sweet potatoes, country fried seitan steak, homemade veggie burgers, etc. Their recipes are one-of-a-kind.

The food is amazing, the service is friendly. The decor could use an overhaul. It's definitely not the place for a romantic night out (try Cafe Sunflower) and Soul Veg could use a remodel, but you can't argue with the food nor the price. Great value here.

Don't forget to buy their cookbook and try the homemade vegan ice cream!!!

131-B E Broad St, Athens, USA

They put Bombay Cafe out of business!

22 Jul 2008

This isn't a review, because I haven't been there.

[I realize HappyCow may remove this due to the guidelines, so maybe there should be a "Note" category in addition to reviews -- I think this type of information should be available to potential customers before they decide to support a restaurant.]

Potential customers should know that Taste of India put a long-standing vegetarian Indian restaurant in Athens out of business -- bye bye Bombay Cafe.

See there was only one Indian restaurant in all of Athens. It was downtown, and it was 100% vegetarian. Another Indian family decided to open up a restaurant too. So where did they put it? Another block of downtown? On another street? NOPE -- RIGHT NEXT DOOR, literally.

They then proceeded to undercut Bombay's prices, being that the ingredients at Taste of India were lower quality (according to friends) and they served meat -- and Bombay went out of business a few months later, after being in downtown Athens for at least several years.

So sad. So if you want to support / avoid restaurants for political reasons, keep this in mind.

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