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Mittelbuschweg 6, Berlin, Germany

Bio Health food, but not so big, not so discount

05 Sep 2012

I nearly fell off my bike when I saw the "BIG BIO Discount" sign on the back road from OBI. It seemed like an odd location for a bio/organic store, but, hey, it's Neukölln! Inside there were a ton of wines, a decent selection of beer and juice. The food items seemed pretty standard, more for vegetarians than for vegans, but a decent selection. The prices seemed a little bit cheaper than other bio stores, and a little bit more than some items in a regular store, but if you are looking for nutritional yeast, this is the place. Cheapest in town!
The store is a bit bigger than a BioCompany or LPG, but nowhere near as big as it looks in the picture supplied here. At any rate, worth stopping by and checking out. Try the Pinkus beer. The unfiltered 'Special' is amazing!
3.5 cows

Wipperstr. 14, Berlin, Germany

I love vux! Vegan Oasis in Neukölln!

15 Jan 2011

Vux is excellent. The sparse and simple interior is oddly elegant and punk at the same time. The case is full of so many cakes and pies and goodies to choose from, each and every time. and, they are all VEGAN! This is still so exciting to me! Three cow heads for that. BUT, it gets better, the cakes are actually really good! Their cheesecake waws amazing. The kind of slice you finish and know it was exactly the right size, because anymore and you would have to eat it, because it was so good, but they you would feel sick. Seriously, it was that good. Two other varieties were very good, and only one, a mango yellow cake was disappointingly ordinary. Still, that is good odds. The cafe also offers vegan bagel sandwiches with Scheese. The cafe stopped the Sunday brunches, unfortunately. Let's hope they are revived sometime soon. Even at a much higher price. We will pay, guys!

The cafe seems to attract a lot of parents with young children (who sometimes are loud and run around, undisciplined). So, beware of that, if it bothers you.

1 Werbellinstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Basic Quick Vegan Stop

05 Sep 2012

I was delighted to see this little vegan restaurant located right in the heart of the NK shopping district. It was a bubble tea shop, and now they have expanded their offerings. It is a small place with about six small tables inside and a couple outside. Small snacks start at €2, mains €4.50-5. I ordered the Bun Thit Nuong, and my partner had the Thai curry. Mine was a bowl of rice noodles with a vinaigrette, fresh carrot and cucumber, and pieces of soy/wheat protein. The faux meat was tasty, but that is about all I can say. It was thin on veggies and just not as bright and herbacious as I was hoping for. The curry was way below par in my opinion, but my partner enjoyed it. It was quite mild, but, again, lacking that snap. The portions were slightly on the smallish side of reasonable, and, while not expensive, they seemed a bit overpriced for the quality. I also didn't know how to fell about the brand of the plant protein used in all their dishes being advertised on the back of the menu and on the window. I felt a bit like I was at a Mary Kay party or something. The counter service was okay, but I expect a bit friendlier service from a new place. Another criticism is that the shop sells 'milk tea', which is not labelled as vegan. Personally, I would rather support a vegan restaurant that does not sell cow milk, or at least one that labels animal products clearly.

This is a new place and I am sure it is still finding its feet. I will definitely visit Co Chi again, and perhaps revise my review. If you are looking for a snack that's not falafel, this is a nice change of pace.
It's great to see the vegan movement radiating north from Vux!

Warschauer Str.47, Berlin, Germany

Clean, Simple, Charming

24 Sep 2011

Mamo is a cute little place with good falafel and hardly any seating. The fixings bar (you can take as much as fits on the sandwich) are fresh, varied and tasty. The falafel is fresh and good, better than most places, but not better than Mo's. The service is friendly, helpful (and spoke English on my visit). The sauces are great. Everything is vegan, I think. The shop is tiny, but it is bright and happy and very clean. There's something very pleasing about this place. The only complaint I could possibly make is that I want more toppings than fit on my sandwich, because I'm greedy. I really wish one of these places would offer a true, all you can eat buffet. I'd pay! ;) Mamo is great; highly recommended.

Urbanstraße 68, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Yum Mo!

30 Apr 2011

I ate at Mo's ages ago and remembered it as being good. I went back the other day I got the vegahaloumi,or whatever they call it. Wow, that was the best falafel sandwich I have had in ages. The 'haloumi' is just two pieces of lightly fried tofu. I didn't think it added anything to the sandwich, but tasted delicious when I ate it separately. The sandwich contains what I guessed was eggplant, mushrooms, shredded fresh carrot, tomato and rucola. All was tasty and added a whole new dimension to the falafel. The falafel itself was crisp and wonderfully flavoured. I detected a hint of anise. I would argue the falafel itself is the best I have had in this city, and I have eaten A LOT of falafel! The lentil soup and everything else I saw looked good. As I remember, a regular falafel sandwich costs €2.50, a vegan one €3, and the vegan haloumi &falafel €3.50. I have to say, I am a cheapskate and I did not feel ripped off paying €3.50 for this sandwich. Delicious! Highly recommended.

13355 Bernauer Strasse, Mauer Park, Flea Market, Berlin, Germany

ok, but not great

23 Sep 2011

I had waited so long to actually try this place. It had closed for a long while. I finally got to try the sandwich when it reopened this 'summer'. Maybe I was expecting too much. It's a sandwich cart. The one sandwich is fine, a nice change, but nothing so spectacular as people make it out to be here. The bun was incredibly small in comparison to the fillings. Actually, I would call it a small dinner roll. It came with a very cold chunk of beet root. The tofu was nice, but it was just tofu. My tongue told me it detected MSG in the sauce, but it could have been mistaken. All in all, it's a nice treat on a Sunday if you are already at Mauer Park. Otherwise, there are lots of similar options at the same price or less all over the city.

Puecklerstrasse 32, Berlin, Germany

Vegan Haven

16 Nov 2011

16.11.2011. update: Nooooooo!!!! Why did this store close?? Veganz is now competition, but it's so far away, and not cool. argh!!! RIP.

Only shop in town that is all vegan (well, at least that I have found). There are lots of shops with veggie options, but vegan specialty items are actually fairly hard to find in Berlin. VVV is a small shop, but there is a lot of great stuff crammed in there! Vegan cheese! Vegan boots! Plus, lots of activist info, etc. Prices are not cheap, but reasonable. Helpful, if not overly friendly staff.
Updated from previous review on Saturday January 15, 2011

Krossener Str 12, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Cupcakes are always good, but...

15 Jan 2011

I hate to say I was disappointed, but I was. Any cafe offering vegan baked goods must be applauded, but for me, it stops there. I tried the one vegan cupcake available and a brownie. The yellow cake did not rise above a box of cake mix. The icing was cloyingly sweet and had surprisingly little flavour. The brownie was much better, but tasted exactly like a Duncan Hines box mix. This is not necessarily bad, but I'm not sure it warrants the €2.50 price. Maybe it was an off day. I applaud the effort, but I hope they go back and rework their recipes. The shop was nice and cosy with friendly staff. They also sell Dr Pepper, at €2.50 a pop.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Inconsistent, Disappointing

16 Nov 2011

The Cafe: The first time I went, my partner ordered my piece of cake and was given the wrong one. I ate it anyway, and it was good, even better than Vux. He had a bagel sandwich, which he liked but didn't think was better than Vux's. We were pleased. The second Sunday trip was different. My highly anticipated cake was dry as hell and had obviously been sitting out for a very long time. My partner had a cheesecake and coffee. The cheesecake was indescribably bad. It tasted like vanilla pudding dried out in a crust. I told him to send it back, but he is too polite. We both agreed, it was the worst 'cheese'cake we have ever had (even worse than our now second worst 'cheese'cake from Viasko). I had to remind the server to bring his coffee that she had forgottten about. The two staff members didn't really inspire too much confidence, or make me feel happy to give them money. I know it's Berlin, and a Sunday at that, but Veganz is still a new venue that should probably be concerned about building a solid customer base. The store lights were all turned off and it felt like a cheap supermarket cafe during a power outage. When the store was open, the 'cafe' (really just the front section of the store) felt serviceable, but definitely not cosy, and not as marketed in the fliers. But, hey, if the cake rates, who cares? I didn't mind on the first trip, but the second trip made me feel depressed. If I'm in the area, I'll stop by, but I'm sad to say it's not really worth the trip for me. :( Two cows. (based on trips a couple of months ago)

41 Blessington St, St Kilda

Eh. Great Concept, Mediocre Food

01 Jul 2013

It's a great concept, based around really ordinary food. We were seated to the back, which felt cramped and not nice. The front tables looked more inviting. My serving of curry was quite small, and absolutely lacking in flavour. It was essentially 5 chunks of pumpkin in juice. The partner had a lentil burger that was truly below par. The savoury pancake thing was the only thing with promise. Surprisingly, my espresso was fine, and the long black tasted okay. The place is not without its charms, but seems to trade more on an idea instead of good food. If I return, I will be better prepared to keep asking for more dishes until I am full. Had I paid $10 for this meal, I would have felt ripped off. The payment thing is interesting, but at the end of the night, it doesn't really matter how little or how much I paid if I walk away hungry and completely dissatisfied with the quality of the food.

170 Chapel St, Windsor

Sooo Disappointing....

01 Jul 2013

This was my second visit to LOTF, but first to this branch. The burgers were terrible. I don't know how they could be so different from branch to branch, but they were. The burger felt undercooked, all mooshy inside, and just unpleasant in texture. The staff were defensive and patronizing, completely insincere. Such a stark contrast to my experience in Fitzroy. I gave back 75% of my double burger and received a marginally better single burger. Not sure how that works. Additionally, One of the five onion rings was made out of onion skin, not edible. I am the first person to say I am cheap, but $25 is still a lot to drop on two burgers and one pack of fries. I expect a bit more, and a bit more consistency. VERY disappointed, will not return. Well, at least to this branch. I might allow one of the other branches to wash away this most unpleasant experience.

I would give this a one cow rating, but Happy Cow says all vegetarian restaurants must be given at least two cows. NOT acceptable, Happy Cow!!!

383 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Great Burger Experience!

01 Jul 2013

My Fitzroy LOTF experience was fantastic. My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed our burgers. The guy in the kitchen made a mistake and offered us the botched order burger for free, stating it would just be thrown out. What a way to keep your customers happy!! My cheese loving partner was amazed that the vegan cheese burger was actually tastier than the cow cheese. The fries were delicious, the popper was good, but a bit dear. Seating options were good, and the place had a nice feel to it. We spent almost $30, which seems ridiculous to me, but it was a really satisfying visit (and not expensive for this town/country).
I highly recommend this branch, but not all LOTF are the same.... beware!

Oppelner Strasse 4-5, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

falafel and a bit more

15 Jan 2011

This place offers a variety of veg/vegan options, clearly marked. Also provides menus in about 6 languages! Friendly atmosphere. My tofu sandwich was good. My companions had plates with nice sides of root vegetables (not sure which). Nice change of pace from plain falafel sandwiches for only a little more money. The peanut sauce was good, but there wasn't enough!

Level 1, 28 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne


01 Jul 2013

Ordinary to flat food at a cheap price. Vegans are catered to, but must wait longer for service. There are two restaurants, actually. The day I visited, the one was flooded, so customers for both were jammed into one. The counter help was a bit grumpy, but seemed to realise this and later apologized. The long wait was understandable, but unfortunately made us more critical of the food. Two dishes, rice and bread. The bean dish was fine, nothing special, but fine. The other was more of a stew with TVP chunks. I had the vegan version, which made it obvious the flavour was all in the non-vegan ingredients. The wait to get refills was long and tedious in the packed restaurant. The food was well below par, and I kept thinking I would rather buy some ingredients at home for $15 and cook something 10x better. Having said that, it is cheap grub in a central area.

Goethestrasse 5, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany

Used to be Great Sunday Buffet

25 Jul 2015

Old Review: I love Satyam. Some days the food is excellent, sometimes it is just good to very good. The buffet dishes change every week, but there is always a nice selection of pickles and chutneys. Always a lot of vegan options and everything is clearly marked. The regular menu has lots of interesting looking options, but I usually only go for the buffet! Good value at €7.50. Cosy place with helpful and friendly staff.
Updated from previous review on Thursday May 10, 2012
New Review: Visited again after a hiatus. Was displeased to find one of the advertised main vegan options on the buffet had been changed to a cheese dish. Also, as usual, the vegan dessert came out periodically on a small tray of tiny cups, while the veggie dessert was in a huge bowl. The vegan dessert was snatched up quickly and not replenished for a very long time, most intentionally. The daal was bland and lackluster so I was left with one ordinary dish. I regretted the visit. I don't begrudge them the 2 Euro increase, but I do mind the waiter not wanting to give me free tap water, and the toilets stinking of piss. Unacceptable. Will likely not return.

Treptower Strasse 95, Berlin, Germany

Vegan Italian! In Neukoelln!!?

08 Sep 2011

Rixdorf and NK in general is becoming a vegan hotspot! I was beyond excited when I saw Sfizy's sign: Vegetarian Italian Cooking. Everything is vegan and reasonably priced. I tried the Bacon Cheezy Burger and was pleased, but not thrilled. The burger was fine, sauce and tomato good, but the lettuce was well past peak. The potato chunks were excellent though. The second trip was far more rewarding. A "Giro Pizza Classico" for two was actually enough for two people and was delicious. The crust was fairly chewy, vegan cheese was cheesy, the toppings were excellent. The sauce was lacking, as were the herbs. I will forgive that, but perhaps a seasonings/condiments tray somewhere would be a nice touch.

I have to admit, however, that I was a little put off by the service. The pizza was put down on the table with few words and no table ware. I sat for a full five minutes or so before I realised that I must get my own steak knife to hack at the pizza, and then just make a mess on the table with no plate. This is fine, but not how I am used to eating. The ambiance in general was cozy, but not actually comfy. The chairs were too big for the tables and the tables were far too close together. As much as I wanted to read several of the books in the bookshelf behind me, I would rather have had the extra leg room. A stereo behind my head made conversation very difficult. The lights in the cooler chest of drinks were bright and made the place look like a spaetkauf. Hey, I'm picky, but hopefully someone out there is listening. One other thing: DESSERT. An Italian restaurant with NO DESSERT? pff! I can't always go to Vux, it closes at 7, so please add some desserts (like Tiramisu, mousse, whatever!)

Even with the negatives, I look forward to many return visits to Sfizy.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Good Store, OK Cafe

16 Nov 2011

Two parts: Store, Cafe. The store has some items I have not found anywhere else in Berlin, such as Daiya cheese. The focus is on prepared foods, not on ingredients (wheat gluten, etc.) The store also carries lots of fun things and practical enviro things (menstrual cups, etc.). The prices are not cheap, but seem to be on par. It's a great place to drop a chunk of change and enjoy not having to read every blessed label. Four cows. It's not a 'superstore' as some people here state (at least to an American), but it is on the larger side for Berlin.
Updated from previous review on Saturday September 24, 2011

Erkelenzdamm 49, Berlin, Germany

Really? Maybe I'm just really picky.....

23 Sep 2011

All rave reviews here, but I have to disagree. I was excited about trying this place and this idea that it was a really nice restaurant with delicious vegan food. I was sorely disappointed. It was not the kind of place to go for a romantic dinner on my birthday. If I was with a bunch of friends and wanted some overpriced pub grub, this would have been a good choice. The gnocchi was good, but nothing special and on the small side. My companion got the pflammküchen or whatever it is, at the server's suggestion, and was not thrilled and was still hungry. Both were pretty plain and completely uncreative. We decided to perservere and try the cheesecake for dessert. We were traumatized by the experience. It tasted and felt NOTHING like cheesecake, more like flavorless, gelatinous pudding in crust. It was indeed the absolute worst piece of cheesecake, and perhaps cake, that I have ever tasted.

I'm not sure how to explain, but the menu and setup don't quite match the venue. A rowdy vegan pub would have been a much better direction. I know I would have been happier with that choice. Overall, Viasko had absolutely lackluster food in a pub-type place for not-great prices. I am a highly critical person, my partner is not. We both agreed, Viasko was not quite a fiasco, but definitely a waste.

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