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Calle de la Ballesta 13, Madrid, Spain

My favorite in Madrid

11 Jul 2013

I am so glad that I found this restaurant! I ate here three of the five times I ate out during my stay in Madrid. Although the language barrier was a bit frustrating for some of the staff (and understandably so), others were very accommodating and patient. The coffee dessert and chocolate milkshake were delicious!

Akacfa Utca 50, Budapest, Hungary

My Favorite in Budapest

06 Jun 2013

I ate here two of the four nights I was in Budapest. The owner was very friendly to the customers. He was sure to ask how spicy I liked my food and even veganized the mango tea for me. It was delicious and just what I needed after being drenched by the rain. This was certainly the best meal I had for the price while in Budapest and I would recommend it to anyone in the area!

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Would Like To Try Again

11 Jul 2013

Although I really liked the idea of this place (and the staff was very friendly), I'm sorry to say that I wasn't too crazy about what I had to eat. I would've gone back to try something different had I been in Barcelona longer and I would give it another try if I ever got a chance to return to Barcelona!

Calle de Atocha 12, Madrid, Spain

A Bit Too Fancy For This Solo Traveler

11 Jul 2013

This was a nice restaurant and I really enjoyed the food. If I was in Madrid with my significant other, I think this would have been a fine place to take her. As at it was, I was a solo traveler and felt a bit out of place eating alone here, honestly (and I've gotten very used to eating alone during this trip). However, that doesn't change the fact that the service and food was good!

40 Great Windmill Street, London, England

Not Good

14 Jul 2013

A friend and I decided to go out to celebrate her last night in London, but I really wish we had picked a different place. We paid £9.25 each (£6.90 for the weekend buffet price, plus £1.50 for a drink, and a 10% service charge for serving that drink) for lukewarm food that neither of us enjoyed.* Also, the only staff member upstairs stood in the corner and wasn't very concerned about how messy the buffet line became. I certainly won't be going back.
*I will say that the broccoli was warm and very delicious.

Ferhadija 39, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina


31 May 2013

I double checked, but I'm afraid my experience was just like Bram's. The furniture was still inside, but the restaurant was closed when I went as well and the woman at Makrovita told me it wouldn't be opening again.

Dohány u. 1/b, Budapest, Hungary

Wasn't Open

31 May 2013

I picked this restaurant after a long day of traveling because I thought it would be open until 22 (which is what this facebook page said: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yes-Veggie/261218823989845?id=261218823989845&sk=info), but when I got there around 20:30 it was closed and I didn't see any hours posted. Because there is furniture inside, I assume it hasn't gone out of business.

Jungmannova 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Could Be Better

12 Jul 2013

I only ate here once while in Prague because I wasn't very happy with my original experience. The man serving the food didn't speak very much English and seemed less than thrilled when I asked what was vegan. Also, there wasn't enough seating upstairs after I got my food. Although I feel this place could use some improvements (such as food labeled vegan and vegetarian on the serving bar), I will rate it as "fair" because I really appreciated the vegan yogurt and things like that sold in the store part of the "restaurant"

Vladislavova 24, Prague, Czech Republic

Reasonably priced

11 Jul 2013

Because of the language barrier, I wasn't always certain that I was actually getting vegan food. Sometimes a dish would be marked vegan, but usually only one dish would be marked and sometimes none at all would be marked (although when asked the staff would tell you that there were vegan options and might tell you which). This place was reasonably priced as far as I remember.

60 bd Voltaire, Paris, France

Brush Up On Your French Beforehand

11 Jul 2013

True to French stereotypes, I was told I needed to learn French after telling the waitstaff I couldn't read a French menu. However, the man serving me spoke English very very well and the burger I had was good. My burger, fries, and a drink came to about €9, I think.

Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria


11 Jul 2013

These are some of the nicest, most warmhearted strangers I have ever met! I cannot properly express my gratitude to them. I would eat here every day if I got the chance to return to Vienna! Also, the food was yummy and I got to try my first Go Max Go candy bars here!

Plac Matejki 2, Krakow, Poland

Would Recommend

11 Jul 2013

I ate countless meals here while I stayed in Krakow. It was easy to find and the staff was pretty friendly. I really liked the carrot and raisin salad! Also, the smoothies and iced coffee were really good! I just wish there had been more vegan desserts

Mikolajska 14, Krakow, Poland

Would Not Recommend

11 Jul 2013

I only ate here once during my stay in Krakow and I actually left food on my plate (even though I hadn't eaten in a good long while) because the salad didn't taste very fresh and I couldn't force myself to eat any more of it. I also left very hungry even though I ate the majority of what was on my plate.

3 Amor de Dios, Madrid, Spain

Would Not Recommend

11 Jul 2013

After spending all day on a bus from Barcelona, I went to this restaurant since it was open late and it was close to my hostel. I was very disappointed and wouldn't recommend it. The staff seemed completely uninterested in serving me and took a very long time to bring my dessert (even though it was pre-made and they weren't busy with other customers). Also, a fruit fly crawled out of my salad.

Tynska ulicka 6, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Pleasantly Surprised

11 Jul 2013

Considering how close this restaurant was to the main tourist attractions, I was expecting it to be much more expensive! I was pleasantly surprised by the prices and how delicious the food was. Certainly the place if you are looking for a nice (but not outrageously priced) dinner in Prague with a loved one. I wish there was a second location farther away from the tourist attractions. I might've eaten here more than once if I didn't have to fight crowds of tourists to get there.

8, rue Xavier Privas, Paris, France

My Favorite in Paris

11 Jul 2013

Of the four times I ate out during my three day stay in Paris, twice was at this little shop. During both visits, the staff was friendly and my food was prepared quickly. Also, this was the cheapest vegan food I found in Paris. For €8.20 I had a falafel sandwich with fries and a drink. It might not have been the best falafel I've ever had, but it certainly wasn't bad and I loved the fresh salad toppings. Also, this place was relatively easy to find and pretty well located in my opinion.

Prijeko bb, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Very Happy This Restaurant Exists!

06 Jun 2013

As a vegan staying in a hotel in Dubrovnik, I ate almost every meal at this restaurant during my ten day stay and I liked almost everything I ate. Plus, the look and feel of the restaurant was lovely! Although I never felt like the staff was happy to see me, they were friendly enough.

Via Marghera 8, Rome, Italy

Highly Recommend

11 Jul 2013

I'm convinced I would've eaten here every day during my stay in Rome if Aimee had been making the food! Unfortunately, I was only able to eat her delicious vegan food twice since I got in on a Sunday and had a flight to catch that Wednesday. When I showed up at The Beehive famished before she officially started brunch on Sunday morning, she made me a delicious tofu scramble and was so nice to me that I could've cried. I went back for dinner that very same day because I enjoyed brunch so much.

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