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Lausitser Platz 12, Berlin, Germany

Different and Delicious

14 Aug 2007

My mom and I weren't sure at first if we wanted to eat here once we arrived, but after trying to figure out the menu we decided to stay. The English menu was very helpful, but it didn't list everything that the German menu had, so we ended up having to ask the English-speaking bartender what some of the dishes were. He was very patient and helpful. We also kept moving from inside to outside and back inside because of the smoking and then the rain. That was just us being fussy though. It was actually quite nice inside, with red walls and a real old-fashioned feel to the place.

We could tell this was a popular restaurant because it was very crowded, but unfortunately there was only one waiter! This was a problem because he was way too busy for the number of customers. We eventually got our food, which was accompanied by focaccia and was beautifully presented. We had no idea what to expect when we ordered because we never had anything similar to it before. My mom got seitan and vegetable balls and she asked for the cream sauce on the side so that I could try it. They complied so I had a taste and they were delicious. They came with wonderful roasted potatoes, too. I ordered eggplant stuffed with seitan and served with tomato sauce and rice. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who goes there, but you have to look at the German menu to find it because it was not on the English menu. I thought the food at Cafe V was supposed to be German-style, but it certainly wasn't what I think of as German food. It was truly scrumptious though, whatever it was.

If you go here, which you should, you MUST go to the eiscafe on the corner next to Cafe V for dessert. I went there thinking I would get some sorbet, but then I saw that they had VEGAN SOY ICECREAM! I had chocolate and hazelnut and it was sooo yummy. I wish we had soy hazelnut here in Boston! If you go early enough, also try to make a trip to Veni Vedi Vegi, which is really nearby too.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany


06 Jun 2010

After reading so many positive reviews of this place, my boyfriend and I were very excited to try it and had high expectations. The place was empty when we got there and the waitress let us choose our seats, so we sat by the open window, but it was still uncomfortably warm. Then some other customers came in and were seated at the table right next to us, when the rest of the large restaurant was completely empty! It was very awkward.

We went there for lunch, hoping that they would have a lunch menu that wouldn't be quite as pricey as the entrees. They had one lunch special that was cheaper but it didn't appeal to us so we went with the regular-priced options. It was basically a smaller selection of what they offered during dinner hours.

We ordered the bruschetta for an appetizer, and it was good, though not anything particularly special. I had the Tempeh Skewers with peanut sauce and my boyfriend had a raw Tagliatelle for the main course. I was pleased with how the tempeh was cooked, but the whole dish was waaay too salty and I could barely finish it. The rice it came with was really salty and the stir-fried vegetables were an oily mess. The raw pasta dish was pretty average, bland, nothing special. We decided to skip dessert after such a disappointing meal. Maybe we just went on a bad day, but it really should have been better for how much we paid.

Puecklerstrasse 32, Berlin, Germany

Awesome little vegan store!

14 Aug 2007

If only I had known how incredible the hazelnut Chocoreale tasted I would have bought 10 jars to take home with me. I wish I had a store like this to go to in Boston. There were so many great vegan treats as well as staples, one could easily live off of the food here. I focused on the sweets while I was there, buying mint chocolate, vegan gummy bears, a perfectly ripe peach, and the aforementioned chocoreale (perfect for anyone who craves a vegan version of nutella). I also got a package of wheat gluten powder, and the woman who worked at the store was very helpful and told me what the German directions on the package said in English. We talked about what to make with it and I was very excited to go home and try it! I recommend this store to anyone who wants a good vegan fix while in Berlin. Also make sure to get the vegan soy icecream at the eiscafe down the street!

Wolfgang-Heinze-strasse 12a, Leipzig, Germany

Nothing Special, and NOT all vegan!

01 Apr 2011

We were very hungry when we got to Deli, so it was unfortunate that the tiny place was so packed that one could barely move inside. There was seating for about 10-12 people, depending on how many people you were willing to squeeze in next to on the benches. We didn't know what to do at first because all of the seats were taken and we didn't want to eat standing outside in the cold, but luckily some people got up to leave and we jumped upon the seats they left.

There was one woman at the register, taking orders, giving people their food, and sometimes disappearing into the back to help get the food out. It was unbelievably understaffed for a weekend night at dinnertime.

While we were waiting, I noticed that the drinks menu stated that all drinks could be made with either soy or COW's milk! What is a supposedly vegan restaurant doing serving cow's milk?! That was somewhat infuriating because it is just so unnecessary and cruel and not vegan at all.

I ordered fries with ketchup and a tempeh burger with dijonnaise and some african hot sauce on the side. The fries were nicely seasoned but they were not the nice homemade fries I'm used to at Yoyo and Vego Foodworld in Berlin. The tempeh in my burger was way over marinated and too salty to finish, but the overall flavor was good. My boyfriend ordered the chili, which had some nice herbs in it that gave it an interesting flavor and made it quite yummy, and "The Deli" sandwich, which was a huge disappointment. It was just a boring hummus sandwich that anyone could make at home.

We got filled up and got the hell out of there. Some of the food was good, some not so good, but the overall experience was pretty bad. And they really need to take the cow milk off the menu.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

All the vegan treats you could want!

05 Aug 2011

Veganz is the greatest supermarket! They have anything you could need, whether for cooking or for a quick prepared meal, and you never have to check the ingredients to make sure it's vegan because everything is! I had a small problem with the beets I bought because I'm sure it said red beet, but when I went to make borscht it turned out white! Oh well. But everything else I've bought there has been great. They could maybe add some fun vegan clothes or something if they had space but the grocery aspect is spot on. And I went there when they opened and got a free Veganz organic cotton bag, which I love and use proudly

Bornaische Strasse 54 (Sachsen), Leipzig, Germany

Beautiful and Delicious

01 Apr 2011

I was really worried that we wouldn't get to eat at Zest during our short stay in Leipzig when I called to make a dinner reservation for a Saturday and found that they were completely booked, but luckily they had room for us for brunch on Sunday. We got there at 11:30 am, the time of our reservation, and there was only one other table occupied for most of the time we were there. Someone came in at one point and got turned away, even when there were lots of open tables, so make sure you make your reservations!!!

I ordered a special spring smoothie that had mint in it, which was amazing. My boyfriend's fresh juice was as one would expect. We shared a pastry-wrapped soy appetizer, which was pretty tasty. He tempura seitan with beets and avocado risotto for a main course, which had tempted me as well. It was pretty good, but I was glad that I ordered the BYO Brunch. The jalapeño whole wheat bread was incredible, and I couldn't get enough of the vegan blue cheese. I need to figure out how to make that cheese at home!! I also had the smoked paprika tofu balls, the seitan with sage and fennel, and the shiitake sesame salad, all of which were excellent. I really loved my meal, and it was too bad that my boyfriend wasn't as enthusiastic as I was.

I was tempted by all of the vegan desserts, but we decided to just share the coconut lime cake with blackberry cream cheese frosting. I was surprised at how simple and homey it looked when we got it because their other food looks so fancy, but all that mattered was how delicious it tasted.

I don't think I saw anything on the menu that wasn't vegan, so it was really hard for me to decide, but I was quite happy with what I ate and was full and happy when I finished. I definitely recommend Zest to anyone!

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