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1620 St. Michaels Dr, Santa Fe, USA


26 Feb 2015

love this place
unique variety of Indian and American items
great selection of teas
owner very nice
vegan cheese options
laid back atmosphere

163 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, USA

Cafe Roha adds a nice bit of variety

12 Jan 2016

Tucked away inside the DeVargas Center is a little gem called Cafe Roha. While not a vegan joint, Roha is veg/n friendly. The menu is limited which means the veg/n options are too. However, the Misir Wot (red lentils) are superb as is the Injera (traditional flat bread). The people are nice and knowledgeable about what's vegan. Hours are set by the mall so be sure to check ahead.

218 Shelby St, Santa Fe, USA

More Vegan Eats for Santa Fe!

15 Feb 2016

In a great old building filled with art galleries is Santa Fe's newest veg restaurant. Nice fresh menu is a mix of veg and vegan, raw and cooked, teas and coffees. I had the Tuscan "pizza" which was delicious but nothing like pizza and a tall glass of mint iced tea. Both were great and I'll be going back.

4 S Fullerton Ave, Montclair, USA

Yummy unique food

26 Feb 2012

Stopped in a few days ago while traveling away from home and was delighted by the delicious food. The place is small (only 2 tables) and a bit confusing because it's part home goods store too. Kinda shabby and funky so if you're looking for fine dining and table clothes you'll be disappointed, but if your looking for truly yummy and unique food, go during their limited hours. I had the Happy Hen Un-Egg Salad (made with cashews) and a fresh juice - my Dad had the Mushroom soup. Both were fantastic and fresh. I wish they were open for dinner and more importantly in my neighborhood (D.C.). Go to GoLightly - you won't be disappointed in the food. 5 Stars on food.

43761 Parkhurst Plaza, Ste132, Ashburn, USA

Fantastic Food in Humble Settings

17 Aug 2014

Loved the meal we were served in this Indian Vegetarian restaurant that is mostly vegan also (ask your waiter as it's not really that clear from the menu). Honestly, some of the best Indian we've been served despite the fact that the place was nearly empty (8:30 on a Saturday night). The place is a little shabby, and the menu is filled with typos and cross-outs. Forget all that - the food is great! We ordered the Swagath Cut Mirchi, Mulligatawny Soup, Channa Palak Potato Dry, and Pulkas / Chapathi Oil-free pan fried whole wheat bread. Everything was superb including the rice which was perfectly cooked - soft and fluffy. The owner was very nice and showed us some upcoming specials that sounded great including Baby Corn Manchurian. Located in a small shopping center with lots of free parking, this place is worth finding. We'll definitely be returning the 40 mile drive. Whatever the issues, Swagath gets 5 stars for delicious food.

1323 Central Ave, Charlotte, USA

Yummy unique food

04 Mar 2012

Had the Roasted Cauliflower which was great, the Warm Kale Salad which really didn't need the Chevre Cakes (gamey as always), the fantastic OM Burger w/vegan cheese maybe the best veg burger every, the yummy Spiced Root Vegetable Chips, and a fresh green drink (not sure of the name) which was way too bitter but I felt healthy drinking it. Overall, the food was great - a nice upscale veg experience.

317 Aztec St, Santa Fe, USA


30 Dec 2015

Indulge Cafe is a great addition to the growing veg/n food scene here in Santa Fe. On a nice small side street in the old part of town, Indulge fits right in. The place is small and cute with a limited but nice vegetarian menu that can easily be adjusted to vegan - Daiya cheese is available. We had the Burrito and the Portobello sandwich plus the vegan cheesecake desert - all yum and beautiful. Check out Indulge.

2102 South Blvd, Charlotte, USA

Yummy Yummy Yummy

04 Mar 2012

Being unfamiliar with raw food I wasn't sure what to expect but I came away with a lot of respect for how good it can be. We had the Gaia Treasure which was wonderful, the Fire & Brimstone Burger which was also very good (think falafel burger with great seasonings), the Kale Lemonade which was good but a little bitter and the Chocolate Coconut Pudding with Raspberry's that was simply OMG. We also took with us the Orange Macaroons, some kind of cookies, the Hola Granola and the fresh roasted coffee beans. The whole thing was a fortune but I don't regret it at all.

199 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, USA

I guess it's good for non-vegans?

17 Jan 2016

I've been here 3 times and none have been satisfying and today's visit was the worst. I live in town and feel terrible not being a fan but after today I cannot hold back anymore. While technically a vegetarian restaurant (some of their exilers are not - Shangbai Mountain ant & Red Deer Antler), they are not vegan friendly either in service or menu. The menu does not contain the word vegan at all which then forces you to inquire with the wait staff who instantly get weird and uncomfortable. With eggs, cheese and ghee in nearly every item it's really hard to figure out what's what. Today I went with a friend to try a dessert - walked up to the counter and asked what's vegan and was told "nothing", then was told "oh, this $8 chocolate avocado tort is but nothing else". So against my better judgement I ordered the tort for my friend and I and it was inedible - slightly sour and rancid. We both agreed. I didn't want to make a scene and in fact tried to pay for it but they refused and apologized. Call me wacky, but I expect vegetarian restaurants to be at least as vegan friendly as regular restaurants. Love Yourself Cafe loves their eggs, cheese and ghee better than they love their vegan customers. I hope they can figure things out so I can update this review to a positive recommendation.
Updated from previous review on Saturday January 16, 2016

2842 Rogers Dr, Falls Church, USA

our favorite local once a month place

02 Oct 2014

we've been eating here for years and it's gotten better and better - never a bad meal - the american is just just as good as the asian - the owner is so sweet - the pastry assortment is divine

79491B Tysons Corner Center 1, Mc Lean, USA

Spicy Vegan Tofu and Kale ... at the MALL!

17 Dec 2012

Mixingbowl was a totally unexpected pleasure serving some of the best veggie Korean food we have ever eaten. Nice people with clear answers on what is and what isn't V (the kim-chi ain't). We had the Vegan Tofu Bibimbap with Brown Rice and the Spicy Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps, both of which were excellent. The veggie choices (4 per dish) were fresh and yummy as were the sauces too. While not 100% vegan, it's the best thing going at Tysons Mall. Stop by Cake Love a few doors down for vegan cupcakes and your trip to the mall has been transformed!

20 Church St, Montclair, USA


15 Jun 2014

One vegan and three omnivores in the group and we all loved everything. The lasagna was great with no clue that it's gluten free. The César salad was great too. Really everything was great. Wonderful coffee! My experience says that anyone complaining is either being paid to or has no idea what food is supposed to taste like. Montclair is lucky to have Mundo Vegan. Go, enjoy and see for yourself.

135 N 9th St, Philadelphia, USA

vegan dim sum

02 Oct 2014

shabby vegan Chinese place with an extensive menu including dim sum options which is what we ordered. some items were outstanding. some only fair. but overall, a good all vegan restaurant worth visiting and returning to.

551 W Cordova Rd, Santa Fe, USA

Nice alternative to Indian offerings in Santa Fe

04 Jul 2015

Paper Dosa has a nice small menu with many vegan options. I ordered the Mushroom Uttapam which I've never seen offered before and was delighted. A taste and texture profile that I've never had before at an Indian restaurant. The Mango and Avocado salad was also delicious and beautiful. I'll go back to explore their other offerings and ask them to include more vegan info on their online menu.

7103 Brook Rd, Richmond, USA

Yummy unique food

04 Mar 2012

Never had veg/an Vietamese before and was so happy we stopped while traveling through Richmond (thanks Happy Cow App). The food was great. Had the special which was veggie meat skewers with veggies and a side of brown rice and marinated tofu. Also, the Pho was great - not too sweet at all. The spring role appetizer was perfect as was the rice, black eyed pea and coconut milk desert. Wish they were in our area. If this is what good veg Vietnamese is about, I don't need to eat Chinese anymore.

556 N Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, USA

Delish Vegan Pizza

11 Jan 2015

Pizza Etc is a tiny place in a SF shopping mall - the same as SPROUTS Market. They are one of the only pizza places to offer a vegan cheese option. It's more of a carry-out or delivery place but there are a few small tables and the toppings are good. I'll be going back regularly.

815 Early St, Santa Fe, USA


25 Apr 2015

#2 - Believe or not, Rasa is the best restaurant in Santa Fe. It's tiny ... it's got limited hours ... it's a bit off the beaten path, but it's awesome and creative and simply sublime. Sure it's mostly raw vegan, but forget that ... it's simply a must taste kind of place. Withhold your judgements about what vegan food is, open your mind and prepare yourself for a shockingly delicious treat.

#1 - This wonderful little cafe is so much more than a juice bar it's almost a crime to call it that. Rasa is one of the only vegan places in Santa Fe (honey is in a few deserts but they are very knowledgeable and will easily tell you) and regardless of what you eat it's not to be missed. Fresh mostly raw food is delish and filling and satisfying. Super friendly staff and customers. I'm going back.

Updated from previous review on Friday February 27, 2015

6224 3rd St NW, Washington, USA


08 Apr 2012

Wow! We've eaten at most every V place in the city except for the few food carts and this is possibly the best one going. In terms of atmosphere, it's nothing, but if food matters then Senbeb rocks. They are in a quite residential area in NW and have only 4-5 tables. Ordering is done at the counter and it seems like it's mostly a take out place. We ordered lunch which was so good we got 2 more entrees for take out. The menu is a quirky mix of soul and chinese and american - all of which is superb. In fact their chinese dishes are better than most of the veg chinese places we've been to and (according to my wife who is Taiwanese) as good as anything she's been served in Taiwan. We had the crispy tofu sandwich, chicken curry, black-eyed pea soup, southern fried chicken, beef and broccoli, kale, green beens, cole slaw, and raw pecan pie - all fantastic!! Parking is easy on the street. No website but they seemed busy. Yum Yum Yum - go check out and support Senbeb Cafe.

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