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1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

I am Not Impressed

Annoyed with the staff, in love with the food. Everytime we've been to the Berkeley location, I keep hoping the apparently high rate of staff turnover will allow us to FINALLY get prompt, friendly service, and every time I am disappointed. It always ends up taking 1-2 hours, but half of that is just waiting for your server to correct your order, bring your bill, or bring your bill AFTER you asked them to half an hour ago. Instead of tending their customers, servers socialize, do yoga in the kitchen, and wander around aimlessly (perhaps less time floating through the ethereal mist pondering existence and more time being trained on efficient customer service would help). I wish this place would take itself seriously rather than just be a hippie social club.

But I love their grain bowls and appetizers and desserts, so I keep coming back. The patio is a wonderful place to sit on a sunny day.

1140 Main St, Napa, USA

Only restaurant I've ever walked out of

I would be giving this place a 0 if I could. We went there for a friend's birthday, she made a reservation for the 14 of us, only to arrive and be told they did not have any vegan entrees that night, that we should be paying more than we were told, and were treated very unprofessionally. We were shocked that a cafe would go out of its way to be rude to a large group of paying customers, particularly in this economy. I sent an email the next day and spoke with the owner, who apologized but I still got the impression that he felt the "communication breakdown" was largely our fault somehow, as if we'd drive an hour to Napa if we didn't expect to have vegan food.

2083 Vine St, Berkeley, USA

It's 'our' place

We love this place: good prices, really yummy Buddhist vegan food, we always get our table, and the owners are adorable. The ambiance is a little lacking but it's a cute little hole in the wall and we love it. Great for vegan/vegetarians with student budgets, a short walk from Shattuck, we always go home with leftovers that are enjoyed the next day. Open long hours every day, as well.

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