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1722 D Saint Michael's Dr, Santa Fe, USA

First raw vegan restaurant we went to was success!

My husband and I were on vacation and were in Santa Fe and needed some delicious vegan food! I found this place by googling for vegan restaurants, and I'm glad we chose it!
We had the burrito, spring roll wrap thing, and tiramisu. Oh my gosh, that was good! I thought the sauces were really nice and the tiramisu was amazing!
On our three week long road trip, this was one of the best places we went to. The only bad thing was between my maps app and not being familiar with Santa Fe, we had a hard time locating it.

404 Fourth Ave, Olympia, USA

I Will Not Be Returning

Probably the only positive thing I can say is they had good French Fries and pickles. The service was abysmal, I never received my tab (everyone else at my table did though) and food was excessively greasy.

3239 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, USA

I expected Loving Hut and got it!

This is the same as any other Loving Hut, with one exception- they sell their "beef chips" (for lack of a better term) by the gallon zip lock bag for $10. They are easy to rehydrate at home and are very tasty.

Our food was good, our server was friendly, the place was clean.

1226 S Jackson St, Seattle, USA

I sure appreciate the Loving Hut

Quick, friendly service. We got take-out and everything was as ordered and neatly packaged. It met my expectations for a quick easy meal before a concert. I would probably go here again.

1324 Martin Luther King Wy, Tacoma, USA

Good but Very Greasy

The milkshakes here are AMAZING. We also got a home style platter and a sandwich. For sandwich spread they use potato salad. It was very good! I really love comfort-y greasy bad for you meals, but even I couldn't handle this! It probably doesn't help that my husband and I don't know what portion control is when we go to eat out :(
It is in kind of a bad neighborhood though, but the food is worth it! Our server was very nice and laid back.

1101 N Beckley Ave, Dallas, USA

Freakin Fabulous Vegan Junk Food

Oh my gosh, of all the places we ate out at during our three week road trip, this is the place I remember best and want to go back to most. During the two days we wee in the Dallas Fort Worth area we ate here twice. Every single thing I had was simply amazing and I am glad I don't live in Texas or I would gain twenty pounds from this place alone!!
We tried a lot of menu items, but my favourites were the pickle sandwich (simple but AMAZING), the potato salad (I have never had non-vegan potato salad, so this was a great first), apple pie milkshake (yummmm) and the nachos. Oh, those nachos. I dream of them. I want to visit Texas again SOLELY because of these nachos.
Everything else we tried was awesome and didn't fail to delight our taste buds. We also got three different desserts to go, and they were all excellent.
The decour was great, really fun, the servers were all attractive hipsters, the bathrooms were clean and had great framed prints.
I HIGHLY recommend going here.

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