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Nahalat Binyamin 31, Tel Aviv, Israel

Not vegetarian, not too vegan-friendly.

Went to Cafe Birnbaum/Birenbaum for breakfast, as it was listed as vegetarian on Happy Cow. This is a nice cafe in an interesting part of Tel Aviv. Nevertheless, we were surprised that there are multiple fish dishes (tuna etc.) on the menu. Also, they were out of soy milk, which makes coffee difficult for vegans. The same goes for the breakfast options, most options included yogurt, cheese or egg.

So I would call the cafe neither vegetarian, nor vegan-friendly - it's vegetarian-friendly.

Atmosphere was interesting, so I wouldn't really recommend against visiting this cafe - just don't expect a vegetarian menu or a great bunch of vegan options.

Yehuda HaLevy Str. 21, Tel Aviv, Israel

Good cafe for fast food, super tasty smoothies

Buddha Burger is a great place. Many of their dishes are fast food or (for lack of a better word) comfort food, yet the food isn't too greasy. The buddha burger is lentil-based and tasted really nice. They have a big salad bar which includes many fresh salads and vegetables and also different faux meats (seitan, smoked tofu, slices of hot dog sausages).

The smoothies are awesome - the orange-parsley-avocado smoothie in particular.

51 a Echad ha'am St, Tel Aviv, Israel

Great, vegan-friendly restaurant

Mezze is a very nice vegetarian restaurant. Relaxed, yet *slightly* upscale atmosphere and very friendly staff. They have an English menu and are pleased to cater to vegan needs.

The meals are mostly based on fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. I didn't see any seitan, tofu or "faux meats" etc. on the menu.

From noon to 6 pm they offer a fixed meal for around 50 NIS, while most other dishes seem to be in the 25-45 NIS price range (might be pricier at night).

Of all the vegetarian Tel Aviv cafes/restaurants we have seen so far, I would probably recommend this the most for a relaxed lunch or dinner for two.

The surrounding area is one of the more interesting hoods of Tel Aviv. There's lots of interesting cafes in the surrounding streets, and the eastern end of Shenkin St. is good for shopping.

Brühl 4, Leipzig, Germany

Very very good vegan Currywurst

Curry & Co. is a Currywurst place which is not exclusively vegetarian/vegan, but they do, in addition to their regular meat sausages, offer two different vegan kinds of sausages. I'm usually put off by places selling meat sausages, but was very happy after I walked by this place and decide to try their vegan versions of Currywurst with fries. They have two different versions of vegan sausages (one is slightly reddish and has a smoked flavor - it's called "geraeucherte". The other one is greyish and is closer to an old, West Berlin style Currywurst - it's called "gebruehte"). Both versions are good, but I prefer the "gebruehte" one, it's much closer in texture and taste to a real Currywurst (at least how I remember it) than the other version. You also have a choice of different sauces. I tried both the regular curry sauce and the hot/spicy one. Both were good. The hot one, although described as only slightly hot, was actually quite hot for my taste. The fries were good too. All in all, if you haven't had Currywurst before, my recommendation would be to get the "gebruehte" vegan wurst with regular curry sauce and a side of fries. That combination is the closest I've ever seen a vegan version of Currywurst get to the "real" (meat) deal, and I should know, I ate lots of the stuff in my youth I'm sorry to say.

The best thing about this place is that they seem to have quite a lot of vegan customers. You don't feel like the "strange customer" when you order the vegan version. In fact, during the time we were there, I would say about 70% of the Currywurst orders were vegan.

Curry & Co has three locations in Leipzig by now, including one just recently opened on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. See their web site for the exact locations. They also have a location in Dresden I think.

The atmosphere is nice, relaxed and clean. Staff was very friendly. At the Bruehl location, they have restrooms. Don't know about the other two locations.

All in all, this is a great place if you want to try authentic German Currywurst (or know it already, and want to relive it) without the killing part. I'm pretty sure I'll be back to this place almost every time I'll be in Leipzig from now on.

Updated from previous review on Saturday March 29, 2014

Updated from previous review on Saturday March 29, 2014

Friesenstrasse 26, Berlin, Germany

Limited but excellent menu

"Glück" is a recently opened vegetarian burger and fries place in the Bergmannstraße hood in Kreuzberg 61. I've been there about four times now. The food was great every time.

The burgers are rather unususal - they do not have standard faux meat burgers (like a chicken burger, a cheese burger etc.), but special vegetable patties in whole wheat buns, served with specially made sauces. One of their burgers features beets and a sweet mango or date chutney, I love that one - forgot the name though. Another one was based on sweet potatoes, and I also think I remember a "Provence styled" one - you get the idea. The big pro of course is that you don't only get an interesting new taste, but I'm also sure their burgers are much more healthy than usual fast food fare.

The healthy style of their burgers reminds me of the Sun Day Burger at Markthalle Eisenbahnstraße, but I think Glück's burgers are even better. Mainly because the patties have a more interesting taste than just tofu.

Their fries are standard frozen organic fries (I think) which are seasoned in an oriential style (a little bit like marsala). Nothing out of this world, but pretty good nonetheless.

For drinks, Glück has beer as well as soft drinks, and also a selection of homemade juice/lemonade combinations. I think I only ever had the one based on rose water, which was good, but maybe a little too expensive given its ingredients. Sadly, they do not have smoothies, which I would love.

Staff are very friendly. Place is small but nice. No restroom though. They also have outdoor seating. You can order your food to go. All in all, highly recommended.

Updated from previous review on Thursday July 11, 2013

Roonstrasse 59, Hamm, Germany

Great vegan fast food option in Hamm

This place, in addition to regular meat Doner Kebap, has vegan Doner Kebap. It is very similar in taste and texture to Royal Veggie Doner in Munich or Voener in Berlin. In fact I think their "faux Doner meat" might be the exact same product that is served at Royal in Munich. I think it is based mainly on seitan and it tastes very nice. The sandwich and toppings are good too - fresh bread, clean and fresh salad and a good choice of different sauces. If you order the standard vegan white "Kräuter" sauce, you're getting very close in taste to what you usually get at meat doner places all over Germany. For something a little different, try the red beet sauce, it's very good too.

They also have other veggie/vegan food options, like pizza, fries, falafel and salad, but I never tried those so I can't comment. They do list a "100% vegan" pizza, but I never checked if they do in fact use vegan cheese substitute or if this is a misprint, as I don't like pizza made with vegan cheese substitute anyway.

The staff is very friendly and the place is reasonably clean. There's no seats or restrooms though. There's no alcoholic drinks, only soft drinks in cans and Ayran yogurt drinks are served.

A doner is 4,50 EUR apiece, except for Thursday when it's 4 EUR. A menu of Doner, fries and drink is 6 EUR. This may seem a little pricey considering how dirt cheap meat Doner Kebap often is in Germany (although at this place, the meat Doner is 3,50 EUR), but then the owners of this place should be applauded for bringing such a great vegan fast food option to Hamm (which has no other specific vegan or veggie options as you might have noticed), and when you take this into consideration, I think the prices are fair.

Updated from previous review on Friday February 28, 2014

Via Cesare Battisti, 47, Cattolica, Italy

Probably closed

Went there in July/August 2013, and sadly there is no "Restobio" to be found at this address, and not anywhere else in the vicinity either. So either the address is wrong or the cafe is closed now.

Which would be a sad loss, since being vegetarian (let alone vegan) is tricky in Cattolica. 90% of all pasta dishes and salads contain meat or fish. I really got the impression that in Italy, unlike most other European countries, there currently is a trend to add even more meat to dishes and not reduce it. For example, for many bars and cafes, a "Caprese" sandwich suddenly doesn't mean just tomato and mozzarella anymore - of course, ham must be added for that extra nutritional value. At Bologna airport, it was impossible to get a non-meat sandwich either at the Carrefour in the basement or at the snack bar right next to it - there's either ham, meat or tuna on everything. As far as I remember, this used to be different in the past.

Also, be advised that "piadina"/"piadine", a local speciality in Emilia Romagna - kind of like a flat sandwich bread with toppings - contains lard ("strutto")in the dough in 90% of the cases. I also found lard to be a common ingredient in prepacked pizza and sandwich snacks at Italian supermarkets.

Updated from previous review on Thursday August 01, 2013

Roderswaldweg 25, Baden Baden, Germany

Slightly disappointing

Weinstube Röderswald is in a nice location on a hill, surrounded by vineyards. Went there for lunch. Between us, we had all three vegetarian main courses they offer (Maismehlflädle - kind of like a corn pizza calzone / Semmelknödel - German bread dumplings with creamy mushroom sauce / Bandnudeln - tagliatelle with tomato-spinach-cream sauce). All three mains were, in my opinion, quite bland and greasy. The Maismehlfläde were made using deep frozen vegetables and were baked under a butter-cheese-topping using pre-grated Italian hard cheese of the cheap and bitter variety - certainly no Grana or Parmigiano. The Semmelknödel, which I normally quite like, were extremely bland and had a viscous texture - really hardly edible, and this was not just my personal opinion. The tagliatelle were probably the best of the three vegetarian mains, although the sauce was very heavy on the cream. All mains were sprinkled with dry frozen parsley, which I personally find unexcusable, as fresh parsley is really cheap and easy to cultivate, harvest and apply all year round.

The side salad for all three mains was a nice "old school" German Gasthaus salad, using a creamy dressing. A mix of fresh salads and canned vegetables.

All main courses were slightly less than 10 Euros, which for the Baden-Baden area is certainly not expensive, but also not cheap either.

This restaurant is vegetarian friendly in the sense that they offer those three vegetarian mains, but apart from that, expect to be surrounded by a lot of fish and meat of the (in my personal opinion) slightly disgusting kind. The "small snacks" menu is comprised almost entirely of sausage-, bacon- and aspic-based meals and the like. Except for the already mentioned side salad and a tomato salad, all salads include meat - which I personally find totally unnecessary even for omnivores.

All in all, Röderswald should be recommended for even thinking of catering to vegetarians, particularly since the Baden-Baden is notorious for the difficulties vegetarians (let's not even mention vegans) run into when trying to find a suitable meal.

But I would definitely not recommend going out of your way to eat there. It might be a better option to go to an Italian or an Indian restaurant in Baden-Baden. Also, the restaurant located inside the "Caracalla-Thermen" spa in Baden-Baden had tofu burgers and nice vegetarian salad options last time I went there - I'm not sure if you can eat there unless you pay entrance for the spa, though.

Lychener Strasse 63, Berlin, Germany

One of the best vegan fast food places I know

Vego food world is my favorite vegan fast food cafe in Berlin - my no.1 place to go to when I need faux meat. The menu is mostly burgers (huge selection), pizza and the like. Their fries are fresh and have that "organic"/homemade feel (the unpeeled variety) and consistently taste good. I never had a salad dish there so far, but the small side salad that came with the burgers etc. was always surprisingly good (fresh vegetables, fresh sprouts, nice vinaigrette).

If you like Greek gyro/Gyros, then this is probably the best place I know for that. Incredibly textured protein strips, with fresh fried onions, and the awesomest vegan tzaztiki I ever had. Garlic-heavy though and ocasionally the gyros is under-fried, so you might want to order it "well done".

One potential downside (at least for me): I tried the pizza once and found it totally disgusting. Terrible texture of the faux cheese and *much* too salty. But I guess I'm biased, since I generally think real cheese (like mozzarella) can't be properly simulated, and I also think the inevitable flavorings found in faux cheese should be avoided as much as possible.

Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Order and fetch your meal at the cash register. They have a good selection of reasonably priced soft drinks and beers. Restroom is reasonably clean and well maintained. There's a piano, but I've never seen it played.

Location is a *little* off the beaten tracks, but not too much. If you're in Berlin on holiday, you will most likely pass some interesting shops on the way there. The new "boulevard" of vegan stores at Schivelbeiner Strasse ("Veganz" groceries, "Avesu" shoes and the new vegan-fairtrade apparel store) is within easy walking distance from Vego. There's also an omnivore Asian grocery store at or about Wichertstrasse 49 which stocks a surprising selection of faux meat products (to cook/fry at home).

All in all, Vego is highly recommended. Good cafe for kids too (if you like to have some fast food with them every once in a while).

Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

There are much better fast food places in Berlin

I've regularly been to Yellow Sunshine about 2-3 times a year over the last years, which has much to do with the convenient location. The food quality is hit and miss. They frequently undercook/underfry their faux meats. My last two dinner and lunch experiences there were really bad. Last time, even though (being warned by previous visits) we specifically asked for our gyros and "chicken" burger to be well done, both were not well done, but rather soft and clearly underfried. The "chicken" patty also had a strange taste/smell, almost like artifical almond flavoring. I guess we should have returned the food or have asked for it to be redone, but then you don't want to complain all the time, and we were hungry. Big mistake. The food was not only unpleasant to eat, but also gave us upset stomachs for the rest of the day and on the next day. I honestly have a very robust stomach.

The side salads are rather bland, do not expect anything more than some lettuce/romana salad, some carrots which were grated a few hours ago, onion rings and some sprouts on top. Then again, this is a fast food placed after all, so one shouldn't be unfair and expect a gourmet salad.

If you want vegetarian/vegan fast food in Berlin, I would definitely recommend going to Vego Food World, which is much better quality. If you're looking for an alternative in the Wiener Straße vicinity, try "Rootz" - who have nice burgers, but often close around 7:30 pm though.

Updated from previous review on Thursday July 11, 2013

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