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3 Plender Street, Camden, North West London, England

"Nice little place"

05 Oct 2011

Went here with a non-veg friend and we both had the buffet. It was pretty decent, I liked the noodles that were there but I didn't like the sweet and sour thing with pineapples in - but thats just cos I hate pineapples and I didn't realise they had them in there. My friend quite liked it too, which can only be a good thing. Best thing about the place is that its nice if you want to go for a good catch up with a friend. Also, bought some of the chocolate cake which has been the best choc vegan cake I've tried since being vegan!! Liked it so much I took some home!!! Another great thing is the fact that you pay what you feel is appropriate, its a flexible paying system so you can negotiate. I didn't in this case as its only in our interests to support places like this and would recommend others to do the same too - I can see some people taking the cheek with offers like this.

Only downside some people may find is that its a small place and the decor isn't the best but who cares. The food is good and so was my company. As a student esp, I would come here often.

Lot 102, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nice food, nice restuarant

26 Sep 2011

I visited KL recently and went to this restaurant and would definitely recommend it in terms of food. Great variety, I had the chef recommended (the items on menu with green thumb next to it) sharks fin starter which was delicious. Then for main I had some noodle stir fry which was not the best nor the worst I have had, it was tasty and did the job in terms of portion size. For dessert I tried the cake, which I didn't really like too much - was very sweet and needed perhaps some jam or something to take the edge of. It was a bit like having a cake but just with the cake and nothing else (no icing, jam etc). All in all though I was still very happy, its a nice restaurant and took me a bit of effort to get to from where I was staying (lots of cabbies kept refusing to take me because of traffic congestion on the way!) I also agree with the previous comment about the creepy waitering - it was more so as I was the only customer so every time my tea cup was empty or I finished a plate they were just there, waiting to refill or collect it which I found very weird. But all in all, the food was what I was there for and I enjoyed it.

Overall - 3.5 out of 5

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