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tucked-away nugget worth finding

a buffet-style place with a deceptively-large bowl to fill with various vegetable & pasta items. cuisine is hard to pin down-- on offer the night i went was tortellini, poppyseed pumpkin/squash, spinach & potato stew, and other things. food is nice & hot, and there are desserts & drinks to round out your meal. the fee for the meal seemed nominal, it was that inexpensive.

1298 Market St, San Francisco, USA

definitely an experience, both dining & otherwise!

i couldn't even remember what we ordered, the fare was so unusual... there was a mix of cuisines on the menu, so there was surely something for everyone, even if the end result was less than harmonious on your table. ;-) the place was packed for dinner (on a thursday) & they stop accepting new customers in advance of the closing time so plan your visit well depending on their business hours!

Luis de Vargas 4, Seville, Sevilla, Spain


Gaia was incredible... the cook not only came up to use & helped us with the menu in his flawless english, but he happeend to be a macrobiotic chef. everything we could have possibly hoped for in a meal happened that evening.
menu had lots of choices, tasty food, huge drinks & wine list. cuisine had an asian flair. choice of dips. entrees were served as complete dishes. we took the C4 bus to get there.. close to footbridge / Plaza de Legion / Estacion de Autobus.
dinner starts at 8pm.
vegan options marked, & there were a lot of them.

Lausitser Platz 12, Berlin, Germany

lots of choice

i must have ordered the wrong thing somehow-- not all of the food on the menu is light or healthy-- more like proper gourmet meals, but veg-style. glad to see the english menu, as the selections were eclectic & unusually-combined. the staff was also very friendly & helpful.

Plaza de la Merced, 21, Malaga, Spain

cosy place, delicious food

Lots of food choices on menu. Warm & cozy atmosphere. Green olives set on all tables for nibbles. Nice 1/2 litres of wine. Lots of "media" (half) portions to choose from. Me & my partner each tried the patatas, but with a different sauce. His was the smoky salsa (bravas), & mine was in this heavenly aioli/rose sauce. Enjoyed the verdura sopa (leek, potato, courgettes).

762 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

japanese cuisine with a difference

if you want non-traditional Japanese veg food, try this place. never had maize in my maki, or a vegan chocolate cake at an asian place before! interesting concepts for your plate and your palate.

Pozo del Rey, 5, Malaga, Spain

as featured in Lonely Planet

it's always an added bonus to note that your intended veg resto was in your travel guidebook all along... came here in november, & was a little chilly inside,but the hot food & mustard yellow walls helped warm (as the kindness of the staff). cute little corner, near the Roman Theatre. Enligh menu. smoking permitted. had some tasty food: melted, herbed provolone (the media was huge even for 2 people); seitan brochettes with different fillings; uniquely-made cannelloni & spinach with almonds & a bolognese sauce. huge portions of everything. delicious sangria with huge fruit chunks. plain bread with no butter, oil, or plates. 15 euro & up. Credit card OK.

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

pitfall-free chinese cuisine

ever try to order something vegetarian at a non-veg chinese restaurant only to learn that you've been served pork or another mystery animal? not a problem here! large dining area with traditional decor. great family restaurant.

Fort Mason Center, Building A, San Francisco, USA

requires tactical planning to visit

my LP guidebook praised this one to the skies. however, i found it hard to locate despite my maps, as it is housed in some barracks-looking building down by the marina (not close to the wharf). i also missed the dining room seating hours for lunch, and had to order quick black bean chili from the takeway bar, so i missed out on an experience i was looking forward to. hopefully you can, with careful planning, manage to get into the dining room & have a chance to experience the view of the water.

Calle Golfo 3, Seville, Sevilla, Spain

OK place

unusual location, very popular it seems. patio seating, but courtyard blocks sun. is indeed tricky to find. english menu & servers. separate veggie insert with a lot of choices, although i found the brown rice soapy-tasting. entrees not "healthy" so to speak (lots of fried options). lentil soup was amazingly delicious, though. mentioned in Lonely Planet guide. rations & media portions abound for almost each item. some dishes OK.

983 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

vegan diner with tex-mex flair

i didn't expect this "chain" to be vegan-- it was a little surprising for a place which felt mainstream to effortlessly put forth cruelty-free meals. came here for both dinner and breakfast, and there always was food left on the plates... in fact, my dining companion was irritated by the size of the portions as there was no way we could possibly eat it all :-) happy to see it was licensed. studenty-feel.

Calle Santa Escolastica, Esquina Plaza Girones 4, Granada, Spain

curious place - more for locals

i had the feeling that this resto was better for those in the know... some of the "rules" regarding the prix fixe menu, opening times, and what could be served at certain times (even where we were allowed to sit) were under some sort of established formula an outsider could not fathom. however, the food was decent for the 12.50 euro price (3 courses), and the waiter was patient and spoke english. smoking indoors (perhaps even 420 friendly?) but the ventilation was so good it didn't bother us.
smoothies & driinks only until dinnertime, about 8 or 9pm. small menu, which indicated a breakfast. seasonal gazpacho only (apr-oct). Tried the soup, salmon on rice, coucous with avocado, and a mystery wine.

264 Dupont Ave, Toronto, Canada

Amazing experience-- worth a visit

I'd been thinking of coming here for a year or two, but wasn't so sure about a raw food menu. I also had other preconceptions that made me wonder if I could enjoy a vegan place with such a specific culinary mandate.

Being proven wrong was never so delicious! There are a few cooked options, but the "raw" aspect would not have been a problem. In fact, I preferred the raw dishes to the hot ones.

Presentation, cleanliness, mood, ampleness of menu, taste, purity of ingredients, wide selection, innovation of dishes, service, great feeling for having eaten "right", unpretentiousness of staff and clientele, location (right on subway station)... I couldn't have asked for better.

I was just taken out for my birthday, and will try to finagle my way back again with other friends for a belated celebration!

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA

high-end vegan dining

ahh, the fabled Millennium. it was a treat to come here not once but twice for dinner. very much like Fressen back home in Toronto, only more grand. creative gourmet dishes which never fail to either delight or confuse. really tasty desserts.

Goethestrasse 5, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany

plain fare

i was a little disappointed in the experience, although i will allow that this might be partially down to my north american expectations. i ordered a cooling raita to tone down my anticipatedly spicy meal-- it was not required, which ironically was a good thing as a) no water was provided and b) the raita had the taste & consistency of a chip dip & not a delicate salad/sauce. the menu was lengthy but with few appetising options. cash only.

Körtestraße 38, Berlin, Germany

too much is a good thing!

this charming place feels like 2 different private home dining rooms attached to one another. there are about 4 tables in total, but not to worry if you don't mind making some strangers as dinner companions! the tables are for the most part very large. the atmosphere is cosy, but you have to go to the buffet counter to order. food was re-heated in mircowave. know some german before you go! bring your appetite.

399 4th St, San Francisco, USA

what a place!

there is only one of these in Toronto, so SF is spoiled rotten with its several locations! an organic/health store supermarket of epic proportions. although it sells meat products, Whole Foods very much caters to the whims, needs, & tastebuds of the veg ilk & the health-conscious. an unexpected treat: a LARGE selection of decent wines takes the risk out of buying something disappointing.

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