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Alameda Santos, 2214, São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


I ended up eating here for lunch almost every day - the menu changed daily - the selection of food always interesting, diverse, very fresh and very very clean, lots of different flavours in their dishes. Buffet (ALL you can eat)was 18 Real. There is a good health food shop across the road. The only disappointment was the juice -it's not their speciality (but there is an EXCELLENT juice bar around the corner on Paulista).

60 bd Voltaire, Paris, France

fast with a tight squeeze

Although the burger was good, the quiche also, their vegan apple tarts delicious, it is sometimes not such fast food because of a long queue and a tight squeeze to be in that same queue. Prices reasonable, and it's yummy to go there but nothing exceptional. Vegan choices can be limited depending on the burger choices (2 per day), but the quiche is always vegan. Unfortunately the side of coleslaw isn't, so there is no fresh vegan side. Staff are friendly. Afternoon tea deal - 2 cakes and unlimited coffee.
Impossible not to smell fried as ventilation isn't brilliant (in winter at least). Cute dining room downstairs, has wifi.

Nostitzstr. 33, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

cakes and hot drinks

This is an excellent cafe for a bite to eat and delicious dessert, the salty caramel kakao hot drink is amazing. They had a limited menu: soup, panini or tart, we ate a spinach tart with salad - good quality but fairly simple - I think the cakes are the winning item, with much more variety. The staff were lovely, restaurant is very clean and has a warm quiet ambience. I think they have wifi.

21/24 Rue Cail, Paris, France

delivate flavours, excellent meal

There have been many reviews so far - but i hope to reply to some of the compliments and criticism!

Having eaten at the majority of Indian restaurants in this Indian area of Paris (one of two areas), I was thrilled when Krishna Bhavan opened to be able to relax into it's totally veg and vegan friendly environment. When i first went there, they told me that only the dips and sauces had dairy, otherwise ok for Vegan. (they also refuse to allow meat onto the premises)

The food is always fresh (although yes they do use a microwave to heat up the idli's, vadai's...as ALL the restaurants in the neighbourhood do), but it is not heavy with oil or ghee, and I find their flavours to be delicate and rounded. Perhaps not flaming hot but as I hadn't been expecting that in the dishes I ordered i didn't miss that.
The masala dosas, sambal vadais and lentil soup are excellent examples.

There are two restaurants - one opposite the other. One has a more formal setting, with tablecloths and dimmed lighting, the other is more of a canteen style, also with cloths (on the formica tables), but a much more informal style. I have to say that this side, (incidently my favourite) although recently re-decorated, feels very mildly dingy, but you have a hand washing tap and everything that comes onto your table is spotless. This side is also usually packed with Indian families whereas the other side gets more tourists and French people. The menu is the same, the quality of the dishes is the same.

Although when it first opened it seemed that some of the staff may have only recently arrived in France, I have found that they all speak some English, if not very good English, and at least some French too. I have always found the staff delightful, smiling and kind.

And it is cheap! I always eat my fill, if not a little bit more, for under 10 euros. Some dishes may cost more - I haven't tried everything on the menu yet! If you add drinks of course that would be a couple of euros more.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 13, 2012

Rua Santo Antonio, 372, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Excellent meal

More gourmet vegan than traditional Indian in style, although the Indian influence can be tasted and seen in the deco. Mantra is a charming, lovely place to eat, the food was delicious, (entree, main, dessert) unlimited refills (except for the desert), fresh juice included. The staff were kind, generous and completely at our service. I wholly recommend it, and it is just a couple of streets away from a beautiful tree lined street well worth walking down.
Mantra also has a little shop selling Indian clothes, perfumes, incense, nik-naks... and is attached to a yoga school.
Updated from previous review on Friday December 09, 2011

14, rue Bichat, Paris, France


I affectionately call Tien Hiang "Chinese Paradise". The food is so delicious we always order too much.
the hot-pots are winners, as is the Vietnamese salad and the caramelised tofu. The only downfall is that they don't serve wine (only non-alcohol drinks and beer) and they tend to use msg, but if you ask them not to they don't. Also you need to check if your dish is vegan - some of their mock meats are vegan, some aren't..
Casual canteen-style, with lovely staff, and decent prices.
Both Tien Hiangs are in great locations, not far from interesting streets and bars, especially Tien Hang 2

Rua Augusta, 2030 Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil

best food, best value

Vegacy became my local eatery - either for it's vegan burgers or the lunch buffet - either fixed price all you can eat (18 reals in Oct 2011) or pay per kilo (one loaded plate is about 17R) Their desserts were delicious but often ran out (because they were so popular!) The buffet selection is fresh and freshly-made and had some great regular staples (rice and feijoada) and different dishes every day - extensive cold salad variety, different hot food, quiches and tarts, lots of tofu, beans, soja protein, selection of sauces/oils and grains, coffee (americano) on tap and choice of cordials (very sweet)included in the buffet or drinks bought separately (other coffees, juices, fresh juices, beer). Sells a few vegan products (soaps, chocolates, bars), cupcakes and cakes, t-shirts.. staff extra lovely and food DELICIOUS!!!
It's a real favourite :-) Highly recommended! A favourite with non-vegan locals too!

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