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Rue la Vieuville, 24, Paris, France

I love this place!

Every time I go here, I walk away saying, "I love this place," to myself! It is a very cozy little place where you feel like you are in a home. There are always 2 choices. Everything is fresh and friendly, and full of flavor! Reasonably priced and healthy too! A definite must for vegetarians and vegans!
I take my non-vegetarian friends and they seem to like it too! But you will need to make a reservation! Otherwise you probably won't get in!

29, Quai des Grands Augustins, Paris, France

Disappointed every time!!

I have been to Paradis du Fruit 6-7 times and with exception to the one time that I just drank their non-alcoholic drinks (which I love), I was disappointed each and every time! I have tried 4 different locations. I want to like it, cause they do have convenient locations when I am entertaining friends from out of town, but it is terrible. They have no vegetarian salads, which is absurd to me. They are not vegan-friendly, and what vegetarian choices they do have completely lack the flavor one expects for these simple dishes.
What is worse yet, is they are inflexible and absolutely refuse to alter any dish for a vegetarian (like just leave-out the salmon).
If you are a true vegetarian, I think you will be disappointed if you go here!!

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