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101 N Industrial Rd, Tupelo, USA

Not bad

Has some good stuff, but a bit limited on the food end as far as vegan stuff. But still not bad considering it's in Tupelo. A lot of this stuff, honestly, can be found in the natural foods section at Kroger. Now I love to support local business, but if I'm gonna pay more, I expect a good selection of items I'm interested in.

That said, the woman who owns it is nice, if a bit over-bearing and talkative.

This is the best (only?) place in the area to get natural cleaning supplies. Sometimes I buy soap and shampoo here, too. They do not carry a vegan multi-vitamin last time I checked.

Does have vegan cheese, but it's so expensive (as it is most places, even in bigger cities) I rarely buy it. Vegan sour cream and cream cheese is cheaper at the Barnes Crossing Kroger and Earth Balance is cheaper and available at both Tupelo Kroger stores.

My advice is to come check this place out and buy whatever you find that isn't available at Kroger (pertaining to food). 100% recycled toilet paper (Marcal brand) is now available at Kroger, too, but dish soap and cleaning spray are not. If you are looking for gluten-free stuff, this place has more selection that Kroger.
Updated from previous review on Monday April 21, 2008

Edit: "The Health Food Store" on McCullough is just as good or better as far as selection and the employees are not abrasive.

116 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, USA

Not bad at all

First, the staff was really nice. The menu is broad, too. And they've got plenty of vegan desserts! Sadly, though, we didn't try any. We got chips and queso dip as an appetizer (while not bad, it tasted a little too much of nutritional yeast).

The peanut butter tofu is definitely not a favorite of ours. I think it's a hit-or-miss with everyone. You either like it a lot or not at all. But the smashed potatoes and gravy were pretty decent. And the tempalo wings and vegan ranch... delectable! Their lime-tasting homemade lemonade was pretty good if you like limes in your lemonade. I still regret that we didn't try any desserts.

I also give the place big thumbs up for all of their recycling, composting, and biodegradable takeout boxes (but be careful, the takeout boxes will start to leak if you don't eat the food in about 2 days). If I'm ever in the area, I'll definitely be stopping by again.

1421 Laurens Rd, Greenville, USA


Been here twice and loved it both times. Owners are very nice and will make it however you want. The inside is drab but clean and the grocery store has some neat items. Wish it was closer to where I live.

348 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Canada

It was okay...

I stopped by here while walking around town. The sandwich, some kind of veggie grilled sandwich on spelt with vegan honey mustard, was pretty good. However, the sandwich alone was $6. No sides, no drink, no nothing. Yes, everything is organic, but still...

I had a blueberry milkshake made with soy milk and vegan ice cream, which was pretty good, but a 16oz shake (not that big) was again $6. To top it off, I bought some kind of Ursa's vegan carob brownie (pre-made in the cooler for almost $3 for a brownie). It was the worst thing I've ever eaten. I like carob-- it wasn't the carob. It fell apart and tasted AWFUL. DO NOT EAT THE VEGAN CAROB BROWNIE UNLESS YOU LIKE THE TASTE OF DIRT.

199 Prince Ave, Athens, USA


OK, so some people have said their breakfast isn't the best. Well, we went for lunch and it was damn fine. We got the Mid-E platter and the Teriyaki Tofu Wrap and Rustic Lentil Soup (the soup of the day). The hummus on the platter was pretty good, as was the rest of the stuff. The falafel was nothing special, but certainly not bad. However, the tofu wrap was DELICIOUS. It was perfectly seasoned (something very rare) and the pita and vegetables went so well together. The rustic lentil soup was good, although the portion was small for the extra $1.75 price I paid to sub it for chips.

The highlight of this place, though, is the desserts. We tried a slice of the vegan bourbon pecan pie... Knowing what I know now, I'd gladly pay $5 a slice for that stuff (though I hope it doesn't go up to that price!).

The pecan pie was absolutely the best pie I've ever had, vegan or non-vegan. The other cakes and cookies they had looked awesome, too, but we didn't try anything else because we were only there for lunch.

My only real gripe is that it was hard to find parking even when UGA was on Spring Break.

12 Market Square, Knoxville, USA

Not bad

The sandwich I had was good. Wasn't too crazy about the soup. The 2 guys at the register were very friendly and accommodating to our veganism, though some of the other workers didn't seem so nice. But it doesn't really matter, since they weren't the ones you have to interact with!

I wish I'd tried the pizza, but if you look at a large, plain cheese, the plain cheese is $4 cheaper than the soy cheese. Jeez. I know vegan cheese is more expensive, but come on... They were also out of the vegan cookies when we were there :(

I'd probably visit there again. The vegan pesto on my sandwich was delicious and would likely be so on a pizza as well.

970 Woodland St, Nashville, USA

Cool place

Easy to find with a nice selection of stuff. Store is a little cramped, but that's no big deal. I didn't stay long (I was travelling through), so I don't know much about prices, but the vegan sandwiches they had prepared looked pretty good.

17 Baldwin St, Toronto, Canada

Good and fresh

They have a pretty big menu and I got some kind of stir-fry with a delicious sauce on it. While it wasn't the absolute best food I've ever had, it was definitely worth the money. Only complaint is that the portions are kind of small, but considering that it is a fully vegan restaurant, I couldn't expect the food to be decently priced AND abundant.

350 E Broad St, Athens, USA

Vegan cheese!!

I have corresponded with the owner of the franchise (via email) and he's confirmed that the soy cheese is vegan. The pizzas are awesome and cheap, since most of the vegan toppings aren't premimum (so they're free). Also, FYI-- Mellow Mushroom in town now also offers vegan cheese (daiya)!

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