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Elias Smiths Vei 7, Sandvika, Norway


18 Mar 2012

Great food, great environment and nice staff! Unpretentious and relaxed, in a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Sandvika is very close to Oslo, so just take the train or a bus, and you're there.
And extra kudos for being the only real veg restaurant in this area (not just a cafe or cantine)! I hope Oslo and it's surrounding areas soon catch up with our Nordic neighbours, we are lagging behind ehrn it comes to creating new places for vegans and vegetarians. Thank you Helt Ra for being there for us.

Calle 53 Unit 42-19, Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia

Good burger, bad bread

19 Jan 2012

The burger is OK, but the bread is very bad quality. Of corse, bread is generally not a very healthy thing to eat in Colombia, since it most likely is very white, very sweet and not filled with any kind of nutrients that you need.
One serving with burger will not be enough if you are very hungry. The chili sauce is very good.
I have also tried the lasagna, a quite average dish. It was not fresh, but heated from frozen condition. It was served in a aluminium tray that was not reusable, and didn't come with a salad. I would rather go for the burger.

One of the staff was nice and service-minded, but another one working there seemed to be in a very bad mood and gave you the feeling of not being welcomed.

Lots of potential!

Oehlenschlaegersgade 12, Copenhagen, Denmark

Good stuff!

23 Jan 2012

Very good food, and a very nice place! Baby-friendly (several babies and mothers were having a good time when I was there) and hipster-friendly (several young guys with big glasses were also enjoing themselves).
Good staff working there.
Please open a place like this in Oslo!

I ate the Tabouleh with falafel, it was good stuff. I also had warm chocolate with almond milk, and a slice of orange "cheese" cake - smooth and nice indeed! The cake is very big, enough for two persons.

Akersgata 74, Oslo, Norway

Give me just a little bit energy

23 Jan 2012

The food has improved since the place moved from it's earlier place downtown. But still, it feels kind of old fashioned. Very often, the main dish is filled with tons of carbs, too much salt and too many over-cooked vegetables. But luckily, there is a lot too choose from in the buffet (main dishes, soup and salad bar).

The environment is just like a office after closing hours, really boring. But food and environment could be forgiven in the name of vegetarianism, if it hadn't been for the people working there who don't seem to care too much about the place or the customers. I get the feeling that they are saying : "This is healthy veggie food for you! Be grateful and don't expect the world to be fresh, tantalizing and inspiring!!!".

Food is not only about the ingredients, but also about energy. Spread the love, people! And I will come back and eat your lentils with a smile on my face!!! : )

But of course - Credit is due to this place in the name of service to the people. They have been hanging on for decades, serving the cause of vegetarians in Oslo. And that's why it deserves an improvement.

Cr 47 Sucre 54 -10, Medellin, Colombia


19 Jan 2012

Very nice people working there, good service! Lots of good and healthy types of juice to choose from. I ate the lunch menu of the day, which was good. I don't care so much for soy products that are supposed to taste like meat sausage, but aside from that it was a nice meal. The dessert was way too sweet, but I guess that is something you have to expect on the American continent.
The ice cream is also very good, a good vegan option for people with the munchies.
The pople working there seemed very knowledgeable about food and animal rights.

Carrera 8, no.17-23, floor 2, Bogota, Colombia

Old Fashioned Veg Place

19 Jan 2012

I have been here once while on holiday. An old fashioned vegetarian place, with a lunch menu (which is the time of day when you would eat your biggest meal in Bogota) presented as a buffet, where you get a soup,fresh juice, a selection of simple salads, and some rice/tofu-like dish.
When I went there, the clientelle and employees seemed to be 50+. Very nice people, but the place is a bit dark and grey, and feels like it might have been the new thing in the 70s. Lots of flyers about why you should be a vegetarian and the benefits of soy products etc., also contributed to creating a slightly out-dated atmosphere.
The food was ok, but a bit grungy and grey, reflecting the place itself. Needs an update, but is still an oasis in this meat-only country.

Sørkedalsveien 10B, Oslo, Norway


18 Mar 2012

This place is nice and relaxed. It's situated in a shopping center. But I guess those places need some extra good spirit, so I'm glad there is a veg restaurant there.
The soup was very salty, so I hope this was a slip in the kitchen. The main dish was nice, though.

5 Defkalionos St, Chania, Crete, Greece

Lovely place

30 Jun 2011

Me and my friend had a lovely time at this nice place. The food was very good, and we had a mix of the different special dishes of the day. The owner was a very friendly man, who made us feel welcome. The mood of the place was warm and relaxed.

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