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Pintor Fortuny 25, Barcelona, Spain

great spot!

This is a great spot. for the paltry price of €8.75 you get a 3 course meal ("menu") during the Comida hours (2-5pm around). A buffet salad/soup for 1st course which can be returned to, then a fine hot dish and finally a desert course. this spot is well worth a visit with great value, vegan options, healthy food and nice atmosphere and surrounds!

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

lovely food abit expensive!

this is a nice spot. the food is lovely, nutritious and tasty.
nice laid back atmosphere in the place and it says on the menu that they like to take their time preparing the food so it is right and this true!
i went for the vegan dish of the day (about €14) and was served a fine plate of nutritious food, varied tastes and delish! (maybe the tofu could be abit better!).
plenty of time to sit and digest and the plate was so full you couldn't really fit in a starter...
expensive but a grand treat!

Junta de Comerc 11, Barcelona, Spain


Very helpful and friendly staff. food delicious and healthy. 3 course meal for €10 salad/soup buffet that you can return to as much as you want. lovely hot 2nd dish and desert after (choc cake a little rich perhaps). nice atmosphere and great place to chat, sit around. well worth a visit!

76 Clarence Road, Hackney, East London, England

great spot!

I visited the Pogo over the weekend on a visit to London its a great spot. Lovely food, nutritious tasty, good portions and great value. Really nice atmosphere and friendly people -respect to all the volunteers! free internet access too and great cup of tea! Cool exhibition on the walls of UK zine artists which was great also! Id defo recommend this place. Its very close to the Hackney Central station once you've got your A-Z Guide you cant miss it! If you've got a bike its a handy cycle also! Do it!!

Bevrijdingsstraat 38, Wageningen, Netherlands

this place is tops!

This a deadly spot altogether. Its a collectively run veggie place thats only open thurs (book in advance) and fridays. For the paltry price of €6 you get a fine veggie meal and desert. Theres no menu just a set meal each day. The service is very fast and it was so good i would've had seconds though i was already full! All volunteers working, alot of the profits go to charity and running costs.
It shares the space with a collectively run bar where you can get some nice brews and enjoy the banter after your delicious meal!

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

good but pricey!

id say Cornucopia is the best option for vegetarian eating in Dublin. with nice nutritious healthy food on offer usually one hot option plus two cold (eg: salads) for the main meal. it can be abit pricey though and would be better if you could get a half plate abit like you can in Govindas that works out cheaper. it can be bit cramped in the restaurant with pressure on the seating area due to limited space. the staff are all sound and the atmosphere is good!

C/ Sant Antoni Abat, 52, Barcelona, Spain

lovely mains, skip the starters tho

the mains were lovely very filling etc. especially the buckwheat option and the polenta one. but the starters were disappointing overly fancy looking and not good value for money. id recommend this place nonetheless...

Church Rd, Greystones, Ireland

well worth a visit!

Happy Pear on the main street of Greystones is well worth hopping on a train from Dublin and visiting. It's a nice trip out there: a grand airy spot, but the best thing is the bites in Happy Pear. The food is lovely, healthy and delicious! It's counter service you choose a hot dish and two salads for example (this costs a reasonable €9.50). The salads are top notch real tasty and nutritious. I went for the lasagna as my hot option and wasn't disappointed there either! Theres a good easy going atmosphere and the staff there are very friendly and helpful (Also seems to be a wifi zone: free internet if you've got a laptop). The prices are very reasonable and overall I'd say take a trip out to Greystones especially for Happy Pear! Do it!

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