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Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lovely Place on Prinsengracht

'The Bowler Hat' on Prinsengracht in the Jordaan area is a lovely place for vegetarians and vegans or for anyone seeking good, wholesome food.
The menu changes daily with regular, staple dishes. 'Side' salads are big portions so beware of that! Puddings come from the 'pie' fridge and are equally generous in size. The team make their own biscuits and cookies too.
On this occasion we paid a lunchtime visit and enjoyed a delicious pasty with salad and left completely full up.
The restaurant is cosy in Autumn and Winter and has some outside seating in warmer weather. Service is excellent and very friendly.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Quirky and Lovely

Love this place!
A vegan bar/restaurant serving vegan beer in the city centre: where could you go wrong? Perfectly situated just off Via Laietana near Placa St Jaume (Jaume metro, Line 4) this gorgeous place offers great food at amazingly reasonable prices. If you fancy a 'simple' burger there are plenty of options to choose from. If you have a bigger appetite you can order from the menu of the day: starter, main, dessert, drink and bread for just over ten Euros. Be warned though: the portions are healthy and you will need to be ready!
We ate a delicious mixed salad to start. Our mains were a vegetable wrap with sweet potatoes, carrot, hummous and a gorgeous 'carrot mayonnaise' and vegan 'meat'balls. Dessert was chocolate cake and a herb liqueur.
You can also take away from Cat Bar: we treated ourselved to a couple of slices of cake which were truly scrumptious.
It's not essential to be vegan to enjoy this place but it is well worth a visit if you are!

Via Acciaioli 9, Rome, Italy

Beautiful food in a peaceful atmosphere.

We ate here twice on a recent visit to Rome: once for dinner and once for lunch.
We had dinner on a Saturday night and the restaurant was pretty much full (it has about seven tables). We had amazing sushi, pumpkin noodles and pea hoummous with sprouts and other salad. The food was delicious, clean and surprisingly filling! We did find room to share a small and very tasty dessert. We drank an amazing Italian organic red wine.
For lunch we had their incredible spinach and avocado soup (served warm) and the noodles again with rocket pesto.
The food here is all vegan.
The staff are really helpful: some do speak English but they will also tolerate attempts at Italian.
Ecru is within walking distance from the Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo. There are bus stops nearby.

Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

Excellent Vegan Food in the Heart of the City.

We love this place! It is an excellent place to pick up a burger or a sandwich to eat al fresco or take to the beach. There is limited seating inside and a few seats in the square outside.
There is a really impressive range of burgers and sandwich fillings to choose from as well as excellent value salad plates.
Gopal also has beautiful vegan cakes including doughnuts.
The staff are friendly despite the very busy and, at lunchtime and weekends, slightly frenetic pace.
You can find a lot of local information on yoga and meditation on the various flyers which would be excellent for those staying a little longer than the average holiday.
Fabulous, filling and excellent value for money.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France


We really thought this would be a nice treat for us but could not have been more disappointed and angry! We waited at least 20 minutes for a menu and then another 20 minutes to order food and wine. All this time, there was a complete lack of eye contact or reassurance that the (busy) staff knew we were then. The staff then told me that my 'dish of the day' had finished so I gave them my second choice only to end up with the original choice! Both mains were cold though so were returned to the kitchen with a response from the waitress of complete incredulity! By this point, of course there were no more 'dish of the day' mains left so I resorted to my original second choice! Again, both dishes were lukewarm but by this point we just wanted to eat something and get out. We needed to remind the staff four times that we had ordered a bottle of wine which never materialised. 32 Euros for vegan chilli and seitan goulash is a joke but coupled with appalling service and lack of heat is an absolute insult. Shame on this restaurant which could be a shining light in this beautiful city. We left, annoyed and let down, and went in search of a bar and some culture.

7 Rue la Martine, Nice, France

Vegan on the Cote D'Azur!

Le Speakeasy is a great place to visit if you are a vegetarian or vegan visiting Nice. Run single-handedly by the lovely owner, the small restaurant easily fills and the menu options will become more limited as the lunch session or evening progresses.
There is usually a choice of miso soup (with gorgeous bread); home-baked pie with vegetables or seitan/tempeh and accompaniments. The chef also has home-made puddings such as vegan ice cream or other options.
Don't expect gourmet bistro cooking here: this is a tiny, honest place with a welcoming atmosphere which deserves to be supported.

Jovellanos, 2, Barcelona, Spain

Lovely place

This was a chance find for us and really delightful. We had a real treat at this lovely restaurant. We shared a starter and moved onto Seitan Millefeuille and a Tofu and Tempeh dish for our mains. No puddings for us but a lovely liqueur. Really nice staff and great wine. Classy.

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