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2901 E Madison St, Seattle, USA

Delicious, creative

20 Feb 2010

I eat at Cafe Flora a few times a year and I'm happy to bring out-of-town guests here. First off, the cocktails are very good, as are the wines by-the-glass. The food is creative and delicious. I've grown quite tired of vegan/vegetarian restaurants that feature tofu in every other dish. Everything is very nicely seasoned, there are plenty of vegan options, and the flavors are fresh and well-combined. This is not an inexpensive restaurant but I think it's worth the price. By the way, I use the Cafe Flora cookbook and it is excellent BUT the dishes entail a lot of prep work.

7314 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, USA

Very good but pricey

04 Sep 2009

I enjoy the ambiance of this restaurant and the fact that the menu offers small dishes - this way you get to try different things. The vegan selections are somewhat limited, however, and the portions *are* small (Yes, I know - they are small plates.) To have a satisfying meal you may need to spend quite a bit.

1921 S Jackson St, Seattle, USA

Vegan, yes, but greasy

20 Jun 2009

Pros: offers a full, separate, vegan menu - most of the meat and chicken dishes available with tofu and seitan (gluten) substitutes. A regular menu is also available, so your non-vegetarian friends can also be accommodated.
Cons: unfortunately, if you are even minimally health-conscious, you'll find the food to be greasy. I don't mean fatty and flavorful (a guilty pleasure): I mean greasy. We did not order the pho, which I expect would be less so. However, you can get pho in so many places in Seattle. Why go here? Also, many of the unique dishes of Vietnam are not available: just your basic pho and stir-fries. I was very disappointed.

1429 12th Ave, Seattle, USA

Over-complicated and over-priced

20 Feb 2010

I'm really surprised by the high ratings. I found the food to be a letdown. Plum seems to be a more expensive version of Hillside Quickie's (same owner): the same flavors but not as good. I would call it "faux fussy." Too many ingredients (I had the Wild Ginger Salad) that were not that harmonious. The tofu was overly teriyaki'd and the texture was downright spongey. My partner's dish also suffered the same problem: a bunch of ingredients that seemed to be thrown together without regard to whether they taste that good together. I have no problem spending $13 or more for a salad, but not one that I wouldn't want to finish. On the bright side, the setting is pretty and the service was friendly. I wanted to like Plum, but I'll stick to Hillside Quickie's.

Siraselviler cad. Soganci Sokak 8/A, Cihangir Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

Limited selection

26 Jun 2009

This tiny store is best for people who are planning to cook their own food, as it mostly sells grocery staples, including soy milk (as well as health products). Very little in the way of prepared foods or snacks.

Kurabiye Sokak 8-10, Istanbul, Turkey

Nice oasis; food is just okay

26 Jun 2009

I was happy to find this restaurant in Istanbul -- a city where even "vegetarian" dishes are sometimes prepared with chicken broth or meat! The atmosphere is serene and pretty. The menu is varied. And the location is good (easily walkable from Taksim) But I found the food to be run-of-the-mill and overpriced for what it was. I do recommend going to Zencifil; just don't expect marvelous cuisine.

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