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58 Mosley St, Manchester, England

Good food all round!

Went here last night for my birthday.
Had sundried tomato and olive crostini as an appetiser which was very flavoursome and cheaper than getting a starter. My boyfriend had the chillies stuffed with cheese which was pretty much as its title suggests. He liked it and wanted more but I did point out we had ordered an appetiser rather than a starter so the portions would have been smaller.
I then opted for the bangers and mash with red onion gravy which was delicious. My only criticism would be that it would have been nice to have had the gravy served separately as there was slightly too much for me. The sausages were fab; very herby and cooked to perfection. The mash was made with garlic which I loved but garlic lovers may want to stay away from. The star of the show was the gravy, which is why I thought there was too much as it would have been nice to have tasted the rest of the meal without the gravy on it at times. Rather helpfully, my boyfriend had the same as me, which meant he had my leftovers-- the portions being quite generous.
For pudding, I had a strawberry and peach tart served as a vegan option with soya cream which was pleasant enough. I'm not really a pudding person so probably cannot comment with any authority! My boyfriend had a shot of orange liqueur instead!
We both drank white wine and black coffee at the meal. I think the wine was expensive for what it was (fairly standard Sauvignon Blanc) but at least I knew it was veggie, with it being a veggie-only restaurant.
The restaurant is pleasant to sit in and we were seated immediately, despite it being quite busy. There was only one person serving which meant it was a bit slower than I would have liked but it's probably the same anywhere in Manchester on a Friday night.
I hope that the restaurant does well enough to expand its menu in the future. It is a pleasant enough evening out and the price is OK for the location--I paid £9ish for my main which is about right for a bistro in Manchester city centre.
Total bill for 2 meals, bottle of wine, coffee, liqueor and tips was £55. I believe they do lunchtime deals so I will have to try one of these one day.
I think I'll go back there in the future and would recommend it if you have time to take over your meal and don't want the hassle of having to check that everything is veggie. It's also convenient for the city centre.
Updated from previous review on Saturday July 30, 2011

Last night I had the rosemary polenta. OMG I even dreamt of it-v.Yummy!

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great place!

A real tip when going here is to BOOK AHEAD; it's only a small place and it gets full quickly when it's high season. We called ahead and was told a table would be ready in an hour, which it was.
We both had the vegan meal of the day, which was good value at 16 euros as we got a great deal of food: seasoned tofu; couscous; alfalfa; salad; tomatoes; spicy roasted sweet potatoes; lentil and carrot stew...just to name a few things on the plate! A perfect platter of food for a hot day. The only complaint was that the couscous was too dry but I rectified that with the chilli oil on the table.
We also had a slice of cake each: I had pumpkin and ginger and my partner had strawberry and lime. Both delicious but a bit too much after the food.
The service is not quick but the waitress is on her own and is very knowledgeable and attentive when you ask her something. Many dishes can also be made vegan.
The decor is awesome. It's very arty in there and you can even buy the pictures if you so wish.
It's fair to say, however, that we did not so much leave Bolhoed as waddle out of it. You may want to consider skipping pudding or sharing a main if you are a light eater!
You can probably get posher and more fancier food elsewhere if you want it but for honest wholesome grub in a nice atmosphere you can't go wrong. I'd go back.

1e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 4, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not much choice for vegans

The only vegan meal I could find was the veg tacos without cheese. And it wasn't cheap.
The decor etc. is nice and the service is friendly. I found the food fine but it wouldn't have tasted of much without the chilli sauce from the table. Bit so-so...I'd recommend going if you're in a big group and there's meat eaters with you who want their meat! It's not got a lot of choice.

74-76 High St, Manchester, England

Good grub

I keep forgetting about this place! Thanks for reminding me; I'm going to make sure I visit next time I'm in town. It's just your basic foodie-cafe stuff served in an eccentric looking cafe located within a shop that sells pretty much anything unusual and quirky. Have been here in the past and had vegan pasties, butties and hot chocolate. It's a nice welcome sit down when you're out shopping. So glad you guys have reminded me about it. I feel the urge to eat chick pea and spinach pasties and buy funky scented tissues and joss sticks!

Holwell, Nunney, England

Nice B&B...good food etc...

We stayed here this summer for 2 nights. We contacted them first to make sure they could do vegan food and they did. It was a nice place to stay for a couple of nights, although there seemed to be a lack of vegetarian beer at the bar which I thought was a bit strange for a veggie pub. The food was nice, but there was no menu and the chef just made what we asked. I think they may be changing this in the future as the chef was new and it seemed to me that they were testing out their meals.
I don't think the toiletries in the bedroom were vegetarian, either. Although I could be mistaken.
All in all, it's not a strictly vegetarian place but they do have an understanding about the food--we did eat some really nice vegan grub whilst there and it was reasonably priced. The staff are very friendly and can't do enough for you, which is refreshing!
We'd go back if down that way again. Comfy beds, tasty food, nice atmosphere in the pub etc...and very close to Glastonbury (1/2 an hour)

Behrenstr. 55, Berlin, Germany

It's OK...but not worth the hype.

I had a main only, which was 20 Euros. It was a veganised version of a barley wrap and, to be honest, it tasted very nice indeed. Perfectly cooked and very well seasoned. But it really wasn't outstanding.
The restaurant is quite hard to find but they email you the directions when you book.
It was roasting hot with no air-con and I can't help but think that they were trying to get you to buy more drinks to cool down. We, too, fell foul to the 'bottle of water' tactic. A bottle of water is 6 Euros.
The waiter and waitresses were very friendly and knowledgeable so no complaints there.
If you want to wine and dine some clients in Berlin then I guess this is a good option. But for me, I've eaten in better places in Berlin, with nicer food and for a better rate.
I think it also need to clearly indicate which meals are vegan.

Stresemannstrasse 60, Berlin, Germany

Vegetarian dishes can be made vegan.

I think my title pretty much somes it up but if you are after good, wholesome Italian food then this is your place. We had (egg free) spaghetti with olive oil and garlic and it was pretty much as it says - you can't really go wrong with that I suppose! They can also leave the cheese off the vegetarian pizzas as the base is OK. This was the very first place we ate at in Berlin literally 30 minutes after checking into our hotel and it was just what we wanted - lovely cold beer and something hearty and filling for an afternoon of sightseeing. It's limited for vegans but the staff are very helpful and will alter the menu. Would be nice if they put a couple of vegan dishes on there, though!

16-20 Turner Street, Manchester, England

Good grub

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place before! It's a favourite spot to go to in Manchester, although it's been a couple of months since I last went. It gets busy on a Saturday and you will probably end up sharing a table with another group of people but that just reflects the laid back atmosphere in here. It's quite canteen-style and obviously you grab your own knives and forks and glasses of water etc. But it's a very welcome retreat when out shopping. Shame it doesn't open in the evenings. The food is good - proper food and none of your fancy stuff. Just what you need for a pit stop and pretty tasty, too. The only negative is that they use cow's milk, which I really don't get. However, you can ask for soya milk instead and they'll do you a hot chocolate etc. with soya milk if you ask. It's a good spot for a rest but I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for an intimate meal etc...definitely not that kind of place but it doesn't pretend to be, either!

Utrechtsestraat 126, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice pizza!

I like the atmosphere in here, although we were seated next to the toilet which I found a bit annoying!
We received a welcome drink and the waitress was OK...although she kept having to ask us what we had ordered because she had forgotten (why didn't she write it down?!?)
My partner had the soup of the day - sweet potato -- which I wish I'd ordered when I saw the size of the pakora I received, although his accompanying bread was miniscule too.
We both ordered pizza. I had the vegan Pizza Rossa which was on a wholewheat crust, which I loved, and had loads of toppings. The tomato base could have been less stingy, though, as there were parts of the pizza that had no topping on it at all! My partner had Pizza Bianca, which had cheese on it (he isn't vegan) which he said was tasty enough.
I was full after the pizza but I think that was mainly because of the wholewheat crust. I was expecting something a bit more amazing for the price (and considering their promotional video on their website) but it was OK. Nothing special. Eat in there if you want to try something a bit different but not if you've been walking around The Hague in the morning and then Amsterdam in the afternoon, as we were, as we definitely needed something a bit more rewarding!

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

I'd give it 6 cows if I could!

Beautiful intimate restaurant - booking highly recommended!
Waiters were courteous and attentive and we felt as though we could take our time over the meal.
This is proper gourmet-style vegan food at very reasonable prices. It's far better than a certain other Berlin gourmet restaurant - nowhere near as pretentious and you don't need to ring a bell to get in!
Foodwise, well, I think I can only echo what most other people say. Divine, subtle flavours that seduce your palate. There were so many pleasant suprises, from the beautifully caramelised roasted yellow courgette in the salad accompanying the starter to the richness of the espresso sorbet which set off the raspberry tart perfectly.
This isn't cooking, it's an art! I insisted my boyfriend took pictures of all the food as it was so beautifully presented - it was almost a shame to eat but I'm so glad I did!
We ate: potato and cucumber soup; spring roll (not your usual bog standard affair but fresh and packed with flavour); tandoori seitan (I'm not usually a fan of fake meats but this really worked and the combination of flavours was amazing); raspberry tart with espresso sorbet and fruits.
We drank: (a lot of) locally brewed beer; soya milk cappucinos; brandy and whisky digestifs.
The whole bill came to 57 Euros but at least 20 of that was drinks (well, it WAS Friday night after all...)
Please visit this place if you are going to Berlin. It's well worth travelling (we were staying 8km away so got a taxi but were so glad we did) if you are elsewhere in the city.
I can't wait to go back.

Muntplein 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands


We went to a couple of these whilst in Amsterdam. I think the first one was Muntplein but can't be too sure but I suppose they're all much of a muchness.
If you want something cheap, tasty and filling then I'd highly recommend it. For 5 euros we had falafel, hummous and flatbread and then helped ourselves to the unlimited salad, which also included couscous, pickles and sauces. Fab to grab and eat on the move or you can sit in if there's room (very limited space). Most of the food is vegan. All of it is vegetarian.
I wish they had these where I live!

Schustehrusstrasse 26, Berlin, Germany

Pure tasty food with a 'feel good' vibe!

This is a really nice place to stop if you are seeing Charlottenburg or the palace. The menu is limited as it is seasonal. When I went there was only one real vegan option (which was also the vegetarian option as the other three meals involved fish) but you could add extra tofu, tempeh etc. to it at an extra cost.
For around 10 euros we ate a very wholesome dish indeed! Bulgar wheat with sweetcorn, a huge array of very fresh vegetables and a very tasty lentil and carrot stew. We both ordered the large plate as we had walked from Kreuzberg to Charlottenburg and were really tired and hungry but, to be honest, it was a struggle to finish it all. They are certainly generous with their portions.
It was what I can only describe as 'wholesome'. A bit like what the old-school veggie cafes used to serve in the 80s. All good, natural stuff and very tasty indeed. It was also a welcome relief to eat the kind of food you'd make yourself (albiet, at least for me, much nicer!) rather than all fake meats and really rich sauces.
It's good stuff. Would have been nice to have had a couple of choices though but I guess that's why everything is so fresh.
The decor is quite simple but it's very clean and the amount of lone diners in there gave me the impression that this is a popular lunch spot for local office workers seeking a few minutes to themselves in order to have a tasty wholesome meal.
The waitress was lovely and we muddled through in bits of German and English.
They also do beer (including non-alcoholic beer), which was something of a relief to my boyfriend!

9 Rue Saint-Augustin, Paris, France


Very tasty with vegan options. Lovely decor, friendly staff (English speaking too) fairly reasonable price. Starters of onion bhaji and vegetable samosas, mains of peas pilau, chana and mushroom curry. Different from the kind of thing you get in the UK but very tasty. Not too spicy but very flavoursome. Recommended.

Wilhelmstr. 77, Berlin, Germany

HUGE portions!

We went here twice during our stay in Berlin because it was so near to our hotel. The portions are huge so make sure you wear your elasticated pants!
The highlights of our visits included the starter for 2 (which could easily be a starter for 4); the veggie yellow curry; spicy courgettes stuffed with tofu; and the very friendly staff.
It doesn't have the ambience of some of the other restaurants but for the price I think you get what you pay for.
The 'spicy' food isn't very spicy, although you can ask them to make it hotter for you.
There's a lot of deep fried food so beware!
It was all good and we'd go again if we were in that part of Berlin.

144 High St West, Glossop, Derbyshire, Glossop, England

Vegan Pub Food!

I'm from Glossop originally and my folks still live there so I always try to get a meal in the Globe when I'm down that way.
It's ridiculously cheap, and so are the drinks. It is possible to get a main course and a drink for under a fiver.
The chickpea curry seems to have gained somewhat legendary status amongst Glossopians. Even my meat-eating mates will go there just for the curry and the accompanying rice alone is amazing.
The chips are hand fried so they taste like proper chips. As it should be!
I've also had the chilli-deluxe in there which is very tasty and the casserole which is lovely too. But I'll always go back to the curry....mmmmmmm
If you are planning to visit then please remember that this is a pub in a small market town, not a fancy restaurant or a Manchester city-centre bar. You sit at pub tables in the pub, which gets busy during the evenings. If you go in the daytime it is nice to sit in their beer garden, which is lovely in the summertime. I wouldn't recommend sitting out there in the evening as it gets crowded with smokers.
However, it's a really friendly place and there is often live music on. They don't allow any idiots in either. It's the kind of place you can go on your own and just start chatting to the people on the table next to you. You can get a main meal or just a snack--they do samosas etc. if you just want to nibble (or if you get the beer munchies!)

Erkelenzdamm 49, Berlin, Germany


First day in Berlin and we headed out for dinner. We shared the freshest bruseta and salsa I've ever had and the accompanying salad was very tasty-peppery rocket, toasted seeds, alfalfa sprouts, tofu. Mains-I had rigatoni which was packed with flavour and the veggies were so fresh. Nice touch with soy cheese and the cherry tomatoes were marinaded to perfection. My partner likes his fake meats and had seiton with purple potatoes and cauliflower in an amazing sauce. We had no room for pudding! It was quite a trek from our hotel but so worth iy. Waiting staff lovely; polite and attentive and spoke English. 1 shared starter, 2 mains, 2 beers 36euros. Ps they also do vegan wine at a reasonable rate. Bit quirky. Very tasty. Loved it all.

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