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422 W Willis St, Detroit, USA

Vegan (non-bread) options come and go

22 Jul 2009

This is the bakery that supplies the vegan cookies and muffins you see at all the suburban Detroit coffee shops. They are strictly organic, so be prepared to spend about $6 for a loaf of bread, $2 for a cookie or muffin. A couple years ago they used to have some great vegan ready-made sandwiches and soups, but they slowly disappeared. For vegan lunch options, you can usually find a ready-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I miss the vegan avacado, sunflower and pesto sandwich they used to make regularly. Maybe I was the only person who ever bought it? Anyways, there is often one vegan veggie focaccia bread available by the slice. They are first and foremost a bakery, so it remains a great place to buy organic bread. They usually have one or two types, each, of vegan cookies and muffins. Last time I checked, they are closed on Sundays and Mondays, and offered a 10% discount if you showed a Wayne State student ID on Wednesdays. They have a cooler stocked with drinks such as Odwalla juices and have their own coffee bar. If you are in the area and need a quick lunch, you might be able to get something decent if you are vegan, no guarantee though. The staff will gladly heat up anything you buy in the oven, if you want.
My favorite breads are the farm bread (aka sourdough) for making sandwiches at home, and the cherry walnut for something sweet to snack on.
If you're not familiar with the neighborhood, look for the nearby "Spiral Collective" which is easier to spot ... Avalon is only a couple doors down from them.

240 W Nine Mile Rd, Ferndale, USA

Dare I say, better than what Xhedos was!

22 Jul 2009

So AJ is the person who bought the infamous coffee house Xhedos, renamed it and revamped the menu before reopening. Thank goodness AJ saved this coffee house, because it is still vegan friendly and better than ever! The stage is still in place where many people perform, whether on open mic night or during one of the "performing marathons" AJ puts together to support the community.
AJ spent some time living in Mexico and learned about authentic Mexican cooking, so I highly suggest trying one of the Mexican dishes while you are there! Not all items are vegetarian or vegan, but you can always find a vegan meal, dessert, and tea or coffee drink here. Outdoor seating available both in the front of (on 9 Mile) and behind (by the parking lot) the store. I do believe this coffee house (including the stage area) has the most square footage of any in the Detroit area, if not the entire state of Michigan. Its nice to have room to spread out with your laptop or books, but it can still be quite noisy in here (not the best for intimate conversations.)
This place is a real treasure! web site: ajsmusiccafe.com

214 W Nine Mile Rd, Ferndale, USA

Why is this place such a secret?

04 Aug 2009

This is a safe place for people with many food allergies and dietary restrictions. The owner takes great care in making sure the cafe is peanut free, in addition to being able to provide milk-free, gluten free, soy free, corn free, etc dishes and desserts.

The dining area in front (you have to enter off of 9 Mile) only has around 10 tables. A small banquet room in back is available for private parties. When I have dined-in, the owner was basically the only person working, so this is not a place to eat if you are in a hurry. Allow 2 hours for dinner to be safe.

Meals tend to be heavy on protein, light on vegetables. The tuscan tomato soup (which is vegan without the cheese garnish) seemed like really thick pizza sauce, so I'm not sold on it. The soup d'jour is often vegan, and an actual "soup," not sauce. The food served is very savory, to the point where one person I've dined with couldn't handle all the flavor overload. The owner, who is very hospitable and tries to get to know all of the customers, is very attentive and if he can tell you didn't like something, he will offer to change replace it with something else, change the seasoning, etc.

What this cafe offers that no other (vegan-friendly & allergen-friendly) place I know of does, is make their own candies in addition to baked goods. The owner buys raw chocolate and makes his own chocolate sauces (only the white chocolate items are not offered vegan.)

The owner can custom bake desserts, will modify menu items by request, and the small, smoke-free dining area is filled with beautiful artwork and world music plays in the background.

Its a shame more people don't know about this place! This cafe has been around for over 10 years and has some very loyal customers due to the owner's dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for those with food allergies and selection of vegan and vegetarian options.

Angel's Cafe is a great place where just about anyone can find something to eat.

301 S Main St, Rochester, USA

Nothing else like this around here!

22 Jul 2009

The owners have designed a very environmentally friendly restaurant, and they are also skilled in great hospitality. For example, they will gladly give you a tour of the building and show you the geothermal heating unit. I held my last birthday party here and it worked out really well. Gluten free and vegan options are clearly marked on the menu. This place will satisfy just about anyone with some kind of dietary restriction, foodies, environmentalists, and beer or wine connoisseurs. I'm sad to see the giant (vegan) chocolate smorgasbord dessert that I enjoyed so much, during the winter, is no longer on the menu.
Their menu is seasonal and they tend to offer two vegan options in each category (appetizer, dinner, dessert) with each menu change. As a bonus (to me, at least) they are also smoke free! Outdoor rooftop seating is being offered during the summer.

317 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, USA

Wow, what a surprise!

27 Jul 2009

This is strictly a crepe restaurant, just a warning for those who may be expecting a variety of french cuisine. The building is super small, with the servers' station right in the middle, in a narrow hallway, so navigating the inside is a little rough. There is outdoor seating along Washington, however.
There are many vegan options here! You choose from the vegetarian or vegan crepe batter and choose your own fillings.
I was going to be a hard sell on this place, because I do make awesome vegan crepes at home, but the vegan crepes here are fantastic! I was definitely impressed. The menu is seasonal, so the veggies and fruits being offered change. The sauces you can choose from include truffle oil, and I don't think you can go wrong with that. If you choose tofu for a filling, it is diced and comes in just the right portion (definitely not skimpy.) I don't think you can go wrong with any of the savory crepes. I was a little disappointed with the sweet crepes, though. The "vegan chocolate sauce" appeared to be cold chocolate syrup, straight out of a bottle. The crushed berries were not crushed, rather a handful of fresh berries. I would consider getting a sweet crepe again with ice cream filling, and a fruit sauce, but I'm not sure if I feel the price for one is justified. The savory crepe prices are appropriate, though, and a better value than the crepes Inn Season serves for brunch.
If you are really hungry, you may need to plan on ordering two crepes. One is fine for lunch or a small-ish dinner. The menu becomes confusing when you look at something other than build-your-own crepes. For example, a house crepe that is labeled "vegan option" contains chicken ... perhaps they are substituting tofu for chicken if you request the vegan option? So, don't accidently order something less obviously non-vegan, such as a dessert crepe labeled "vegan option," without telling your server you actually need it prepared vegan!
The waitstaff were very nice, but I could tell they weren't making any money due to slow business. Hopefully this place makes it, and it will be interesting to see what happens to their menu in the winter when they don't have the fresh fruits and veggies available right now.
Back to the "build-your-own" crepes ... for flavor, you have to rely on the sauce(s) you pick. What I found a little strange: they don't offer any herbs or seasonings (other than sauces) to add to your crepes & the otherwise nice atmosphere is hurt by serving soda in a can.

311 S 5th Ave, Ann Arbor, USA

Love them!!!!

04 Feb 2009

If you need something in a hurry, they never fail! This is a very "New York City-ish" type of place that we are lucky to have here in Michigan.

500 E 4th St, Royal Oak, USA

Not fair to claim its been around over 20 years...

22 Jul 2009

because this place has changed hands, chefs, etc. several times. Inn Season has not always been a vegetarian restaurant, and they seem to change whether or not they serve fish, etc. every couple years. Their standard menu is over priced and nothing special, but the current chef does create some wonderful specials. I always call ahead and listen to the recorded message listing their specials before deciding to go. Inn Season doesn't hold a candle to other vegetarian restaurants in Chicago, NYC, etc. in either their menu selections or value, but it is the best we have in the Detroit area. The brunch menu, however, offered on Sunday morns only, is my favorite thing about Inn Season. Both the regular menu items and specials for brunch are consistently yummy, but the service is sometimes horrid. I officially gave up on eating in for brunch after MULTIPLE Sunday mornings of watching the very young staff spend time sitting down at tables with their friends, ignore the tables they are supposed to be waiting on, and just all-around act clueless; fortunately for Inn Season I love their brunch enough to order it for take out instead. In sharp contrast, I have usually had great service when eating in for dinner. If the waitress with the long blond curly hair still works there (sorry I forget her name!) try to request her because she is the most knowledgeable, hardworking, and has worked there for a long time. Also, note they (pointlessly) list several items as wheat free, they are NOT gluten-free at all, if you have a co-diner with concerns about that. And yes, the opera cake (and other desserts) are the best! Order some dessert to go, you'll love it!

26025 Greenfield Rd, Southfield, USA

Kosher pizzeria that's great for vegetarians

01 Aug 2009

Their main reason for existing is to serve kosher pizza. Also great for vegetarians who want fake pepperoni, artichokes, and more toppings to choose from in addition to the standard assortment offered by most pizza joints. Not vegan friendly (when I last checked, their dairy free cheese contained casein.)

120 S Main St, Royal Oak, USA

Its OK

20 Aug 2009

I believe the current hours are 9am-8pm M-Sat and 11am-5pm on Sunday. There are 5-6 free parking spots in the back, right up against the back of the building, and you have to turn into the alley off of 2nd street to get to them. I'd say over half of the store is filled with supplements, and only 3 small freezers with frozen goods plus a couple coolers for other perishable groceries in addition to a few aisles of dry goods.

About the only reason I stop in here is for the frozen falafels (the brand name escapes me, but they really are the best you can buy and few places carry them) plus the greta's ginger juice (call to see if it is in stock first, though) and vegan donuts that I can't find anywhere else nearby since Good Food closed.

They have some kind of frequent customer card, where a purchase over $50 gets you a punch, and when you've reached a certain number of punches, you get a gift certificate (similar to the program at the Natural Food Patch in Ferndale.)

Not sure if I would ever do all of my grocery shopping here, but you can find most vegan items you need for baking. Check the snack items carefully before buying (bags of chips, snack bars, etc.) because they tend to sit on the shelf a long time to the point where some items are past their "best by" date and are stale.

23136 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, USA

Don't quite understand the description...

22 Jul 2009

This is a seafood heavy restaurant with several vegetarian, and few vegan, options. They used to have great vegan dinner specials and desserts, years ago, but they have offered fewer and fewer vegan options over the years. The cafe has been up for sale for a while, call and make sure they are still open, and don't count on much to choose from if you are a vegan. This is not the vegan friendly place it used be a couple years ago.
If you are looking for Om Cafe, it is hard to miss: bright green building on the east side of Woodward, north of 9 mile, next to Toast.

3675 W Maple Rd, Bloomfield Township, USA

For groceries only

22 Jul 2009

Decent for grocery shopping, they can have some good sales. This is a new chain, that is basically copying Whole Foods. What is really funny is that the family that owns Plum Market is the family that owned the Merhcant of Vino's stores, which were bought out by Whole Foods several years ago. You'll find most vegetarian and vegan grocery and household items that you would at Whole Foods, but Plum Market fails to offer vegan options in their deli and prepared foods departments. Not worth a special trip unless you are really hell bent on not spending your money at Whole Foods.

116 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, USA

Just be prepared for the heat (literally)

20 Aug 2009

For years I wanted to visit this vegan mecca, so Rosetta's was the first place I stopped at when I first visited Asheville, and the food, overall, didn't disappoint.

However, I live in the northern part of the U.S., so maybe this is normal for NC, but dining in Rosetta's was like sitting in an oven! There was a huge open window, with no screen, with limited seats that provide great street views ... but, there still didn't seem to be any air circulation in the joint.

You order at the counter, seat yourself and bus your own tables, which can lead to you having to clean a table that the previous diner decided not to before being able to sit down; this is not a place for germaphobes. The portions were large; for one of the very few times in my life (maybe due to the heat, though) I couldn't finish what I ordered. The "soul food" was great, I really liked the vegan mac n cheese, but the item I was most looking forward to, the peanut butter fried tofu, is the only thing I've had here that I wasn't crazy about. It is very perplexing to me, that I didn't like it, since it sounded like something I'd go crazy over. Even more bizarre was that my omnivore companion who never, ever eats tofu happily devoured it when I didn't want it ... I must be the only person who just doesn't like it.

My suggestion: if you are stopping by Rosetta's in the summer and aren't from the south, get a bunch of food (including dessert) from here to go.

2541 Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor, USA

Incompetent staff

04 Feb 2009

How can you work in a vegetarian restaurant and not know what is vegan? The menu fails to describe many dishes (in terms of ingredients) in great deal, so you have to ask about a few things ... and while the server was assuring me a certain item was vegan, lucky for me the hostess walked by and overheard what he said, and corrected him. Its scary when your server doesn't understand/can't tell something has cheese in it, therefore making it not vegan.
Their food is only slightly better than average.

545 W 9 Mile Rd, Ferndale, USA

An all time favorite!

22 Jul 2009

You have two options: the vegetarian platter or the meat platter. The vegetarian platter is vegan. You are served a platter with several items (collard greens, a potato-carrot-pepper mix, a lettuce and tomato salad with oil and lemon juice, and several lentil dishes.) This is a meal for people who absolutely love lentils - if you don't like lentils, don't bother going. I have found the food to be consistently prepared so you always know what you are going to get. Their sweet and cinnamony (yet sugar free) house tea is wondefull and I sometimes buy some to brew at home. I've always had decent service but make sure you ask your server to refill your bread and food (unlimited refills/all you can eat) before you run out, if you don't want to have to take any "breaks" from eating. I come here with large groups of people and for special occasions. I love they way they season their food and I can never get enough! Since it is "all you can eat" any non-vegetarians that accompany you should be plenty stuffed without paying extra for the meat option (which tends to be very messy to eat anyways.) Oh, and if you go, don't forget to check out the bathrooms (free mouthwash, perfumed body oil, etc for customers to use!)

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