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300 E 12th St, New York City, USA

Hit the Cash Machine and GO!

17 Mar 2010

We stopped in on a Sunday night; it was crowded but not extremely so. Our waitress was super nice and helpful, but not hovering! We got the special yukon gold potato appetizer, which sounded better than it was, even though it was very good--just not dazzling. The veggie "sushi" was SO good. It's not very sushi-like, just awesome.

We both got the special dinners. One was a tofu-mushroom mixture in handmade phyllo, with fresh green beans. It was fantastic. It seemed like everyone in the place was ordering it. The other was their homemade tempeh in a spicy sauce. I like tempeh, and theirs was several notches better than any I've had. The sides were abundant: gorgeous steamed broccoli, roasted turnip, sweet potato sauce and one other I can't recall.

My husband got the banana cake with peanut butter frosting. I'm a PB nut, so I swiped a bit of frosting and thought it was tofu-y. I am not a fan of tofu-y frosting or puddings. My blood orange pie had a nice flavor and a substantial crumb crust that I really liked.
The best thing is you bring your own alcohol, with no pouring fee! I think the prices are very reasonable for what you get. Yes, it's not convenient that you have to remember to get cash before you go, but I admire their refusal to engage with the banking system which does keep costs down. How can people complain about a place where you can get an entree for $12 in NYC?

73 Second Ave, New York City, USA

all about the Vegan Treats

06 Dec 2009

We went after Candle 79 to get dessert. We met friends who also ordered a late dinner. Their food was mediocre, ravioli came with some jarred tomato sauce. The place is so cramped, even if it's not that busy.
But we came for our Vegan Treats cake which was killer and awesome. But Vegan Treats from Philly delivers at least once a week to various places in NYC. So call them and they'll tell you where to get their awesome cakes. The Coconut Cake! The Peanut Butter cheesecake is beyond belief!

Wolf-Dietrich-Strasse 1, Salzburg, Austria

The Worst

12 Jul 2008

We were so embarrassed to take our hostess in Salzburg here. The menu was bizarre, random menu items over a number of pages, most seemed the same. We finally just picked something each. Then he tells us he doesn't have two of the things we chose. So I picked something else. My "dal" came and was half chick-peas, which don't belong in dal. But the real surprise was the little worm crawling through my salad. I'm afraid of bugs, so let out a yelp. (Also, not real vegetarian!) It was awful. They took it back, but I couldn't eat at all. Our hostess's daughter refused to eat her food. The other two adults said it was OK, but strange tasting. The service was not nice even before the incident with the worm.

Also, I'm suspicious of the GUEST who keeps giving this place 5 cows. Hmmmmm. Stay away.

Bezručova 5 a 7, Plzen, Czech Republic

A Real Treat

12 Jul 2008

We were so excited to find this place! The service was really, really friendly. The food was presented nicely and was delicious. Portions were pretty generous, too.

42 Drury Street, Dublin, Ireland

Best vegan selection in Dublin

13 Sep 2011

Nice shop as everyone says, with by far the most vegan choices in the city (or country for that matter). No getting away from the fact that Ireland is wicked expensive, and this is no exception. The salad bar is eu15.20 a kilo. That is about 7 per pound, which right now means about $10.15 a pound for salad. Ouch. My husband got an oversized spring roll for eu3.20. The things we got were very good. My only regret was paying eu3.35 for a little slab of apple pie, which was pretty mushy and not sweetened at all. I felt a bit ripped off on that one.

Still, considering the options in Ireland and the fact that they are so vegan-friendly, you have to give it a go.

41 Carmine St, New York City, USA

More is better

21 Jul 2012

The Blossom empire further expands. Most shocking is they don't have the milkshakes! They said the menu was totally different from the other Blossoms, but my husband had the Seitan Marsala. Maybe it has different sides than at Blossom, I don't know. It was fantastic at any rate. I got a Seitan sandwich from "Boards" (which are sandwiches) It was awesome. Not huge though, because I ate my whole dinner which I rarely do. I got one onion ring as a sort of garnish, and it was hands down the best onion ring EVER. So crunchy and not at all greasy. I asked him if I could order a side of them and he said only at Happy Hour. Beer menu is limited for beer-lovers like us.

P. O. Box 38-1071, Cambridge, USA

Best Food Fest in the US

28 Aug 2010

OK, so I happen to be one of the organizers of FF, still it's a not-to-be-missed event. In 2009, the Food Fest expanded to two days and was even better than before.

Usually at the very end of October, FF features nationally recognized speakers covering all aspects of adopting a plant-based diet: Animal cruelty, environment and health. The festival is actually all vegan and features tons of food sampling, great veg-themed products and books as well as non-profits that word for animals. And it's FREE.

The rest of the year, BVS is active in advocacy and has a monthly dining-out at Grasshopper with a featured speaker. Check the website calendar for info!

via dei Vagellai 18r, Florence, Italy

Great time

04 Apr 2015

We went one night, and they were too busy, but we made a reservation for the next night. The staff there is so sweet! Our server spoke English fairly well. I got this 12eu sort of combination plate. You choose one salad, one pasta, and one of these special flatbreads. I wanted the gnocchi special and she said that was fine for my pasta choice. The fennel salad was awesome. The eggplant flatbread was sublime. The gnocchi were a problem. I had no idea they were gluten-free and I'm a GF-hater. They really were like glue. When I told them this, the sweet young lady up front (a manager or owner?) came back and offered to bring me some tortelloni even though my husband had eaten the gnocchi (hates to waste food!). THEN, the chef shows up; i was embarrassed. He apologized and said he's not allowed by the state to say GF on the menu because the kitchen is not separated etc. So nice of him. My husband had the special seitan and potatoes (10eu), it was a very generous portion and he really liked it. True, it's not vegan, but there were plenty of options including two desserts. And the prices are very reasonable. (There is s small coperto for bread/service)

Schützengasse 18, Dresden, Germany

Veg or Not?

08 Nov 2010

We went here last month and sat waiting for some time for a server. I asked for a menu in English and the one we got was confusing with very odd translations (I speak a bit of German). While they now claim to be a vegetarian restaurant, I can't verify that. And almost nothing seemed vegan, with some sort of kase (cheese) in the descriptions.

I finally got up and asked the waitress for some help with the menu and she told me to sit down and wait for her. I thought I didn't understand her at first, so I said I just had some questions. (The restaurant was nearly empty and I went up to her at the bar/counter) She was pretty surly and told me again to go sit down and wait for her. I walked back to the table, we grabbed out coats and left.

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Mixed Reviews!

11 Jun 2011

I liked Cafe Blossom, but thinking about the food, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just so great to be in a nice vegan restaurant (can someone open one in Boston?!) We started with the Crostini Tapas, very good and tasty. I had Seitan cutlet in "roasted tomato basil sauce" that really tasted like canned tomato soup--the cheap kind. The sides and the cutlet were great though. My husband had the seitan scallopini which he loved. My son had the mushroom pesto pasta, which came with a bunch of onions (not listed on the menu) which he can't eat, so had to send it back. His new one was just strange, very little pasta and a ton of sauce. It was good he said, but too much. We actually took it home and later mixed it with a bunch more pasta and he loved it. He then had a lovely chocolate/avocado torte/cake? It sounds odd, but the avocado adds gorgeous texture. It was great.

The service was really nice and friendly. No attitude at all. The portions were definitely good size, but no way they are $10-15 unless you get a veggie burger. I got the sense that the food is better than we happened to get that night.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday April 23, 2008
We returned to Cafe Blossom because we had to pick up tickets for Shakespeare in the Park a few blocks away, then head back for the play later. My husband got fried green tomatos which came on some naked salad greens. He really enjoyed them. I had cold green pea/mint soup. Neither flavor dominated and it just wasn't very good. The big fail was that just as he had finished his app, and I was still eating my soup, someone came over to the table holding our big dinner plates. We looked at him, like what do you want us to do?? He awkwardly put my husband's plate down and took the app plate and I said, can you just give me 30 seconds to finish my soup and bring my dinner back? He put the plate under a warming light and disappeared. So I sat there waiting. Finally we got someone's attention and I got my dinner: Bacon Cheeseburger and really greasy soggy fries. I called the waitress over and she didn't seem to know what to do, except point out that they "are fried" in response to my complaint that they were extremely greasy. But she brought out a plate of hot fries, which were OK. The burger is good, if on a bun that is a bit oversized. The Butterfinger shake and chocolate cake were outstanding. Still, too many problems and better vegan options, so we'll pass on this place from now on.

Kames 5, Ice Mall, Eilat, Israel

Very good options

30 Mar 2016

We scoped out a few places in Eilat that lacked choices, then went to the mall where Landwer is. First of all, you might miss it: it's on a platform between the levels of the mall. So, there were a few veg options, we didn't look at them really, and about 4 interesting vegan options. I had these nice lentil balls in tomato sauces with tasty rice. Husband got soya strips with mushrooms in a brown sauce with the rice. Each dish came with a nice little salad too. Both were really good, a bit salty but good. The prices for the entrée with salad was around 55 shek. That is pretty good compared to the junk you might get for 40-something sheckels on the boardwalk. They had three vegan desserts too. The place is Kosher/dairy.

Pninat Center, Eilat Promenade, Eilat, Israel

Not veg

29 Mar 2016

We went here and checked out the menu. Didn't see anything vegan at all. Maybe some veg things w cheese but there are better options in Eilat.

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

Simply the best

06 Nov 2009

We've been trying for two years to make it here, only to be stymied each time we were in NYC. Finally ate here and it lived up to its reputation. First, I'm amused by people calling it bland or too crowded or pricey? Are they from Iowa or someplace? This is NOT expensive for NY. And the table are not really crowded at all. And it's only bland if you are used to oversalted processed food.
Our seitan chimuchurri appetizer was sublime. We couldn't believe how good it was. Almost the same for the yummy Arancini, a treat I've missed since being veg. We both had a seitan dish for dinner. Absolutely delicious and unique sauces. Good sides like mashed potatoes and green beans included. We thought the portions were more than adequate. We didn't get any dessert as we were meeting friends downtown for dessert. The options looked OK, nothing thrilling. I will say one thing: my entree came and it wasn't hot. I have a thing about hot food. But when I told the waitress, she got a suitably horrified look on her face; not like "you're a fussy pain in the ass". And she got me a hot re-done plate as quick as she could. So we will most def be back!

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA

just lucky?

07 Mar 2009

Had I read some of these reviews first, we probably would've skipped coming here. But,I've heard good things about CoD over the years. We must have been lucky in that our waiter was a super-nice new guy, taking a financial break from college. We had the yummy tempeh Reuben, loved it. And a tempeh and polenta and veggie plate. It, too was very good. Our meat-eating friend loved his soup, but wasn't crazy about his raw pate; if I'd been paying attention, I would've advised something else. He's never eaten vegan food except at my house, and certainly never raw. They special made me a smoothie sans banana, yea, it took a few minutes, but was totally awesome. OH and we had the "famous" nacho appetizer. It was just fantastic, much better than ones we've had elsewhere, and our waiter was really nice, bringing us some extra chips for our leftover guac. So, if the service suck when you go, call them out on it and tell them you'll post here!

1600 Southeast Rd, Farmington, USA


12 Mar 2011

My husband was coming home from a day in CT and said he was bringing Chinese food. I was like, but we have two vegan Chinese places here, why bother? He said, This isn't like that. And it wasn't. The General Tsao Chicken is just beyond belief, it's so great. (He brought two!) Twice Cooked Beef? I haven't had it in years, and this made me remember why we loved it our meat-eating days. Everything was awesome in spite of being two hours old when we ate it.
Worth a drive if you are anywhere near it!

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Good find

12 Jul 2008

Especially in city w/minimal veg food, this is a great find. Nice atmosphere. The food was really good and the service was nice (especially for Prague). Just back from 3 weeks in Europe, so really don't recall much detail. Just recall the portions were good size and the food was delicious.

18 Milk Market Lane, Tralee, Ireland


13 Sep 2011

We didn't get to eat here, but it's the only remaining veg place in the area and a local told us that it's pretty dumb because they make like one batch of food and it's always sold out really fast. So only try it if you can get there within a short time of them opening for lunch.

Derekh HaYam 6, Haifa, Israel

Everything Awesome

01 Jan 2016

UPDATING 12/2015: Different owners from last year. The guy taking my order didn't understand Hebrew or English. The sandwiches were fine, but the creamy cauliflower was a mess. It was sort of cold, so I sent it back. A very long time later, it came back very hot. But the cauliflower was just mushy and there was a huge pool of water at the bottom of the bowl. I didn't even finish it. There is NO salad bar anymore to dress your burger. We got a cake for 30nis and it was so dry, no one wanted to eat it. Definitely not as good as before.
(FROM 2014)
Took my non-veg son and daughter in law here. They've been before and really like it. I ordered a large pizza just to try it, sort of as a starter. It was very good, the cheese was gooey and melted. The seitan sausage was not up to US standards of such things, but overall it was a hit. We also got a large eggplant lasagne which was great even though it seemed more like moussaka than lasagne. My shawarma seitan sandwich was really good too. Shakes were delicious. Tried the chocolate torte cake with cherry bottom, served with coconut ice cream. It was absolutely amazing!! Will definitely be eating here my next time in Haifa.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 13, 2014

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