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1065 King St W, Hamilton, Canada

Posted vegan menu!

The inside has a posted menu that is slightly different from their printed menu and what appears online.

They have a special Vegan section listing the following items that are/can be made vegan: falafel ($4.49), koshary -- a mix of rice pilaf, chickpeas, onions, and elbow noodles ($6.49), moussaka without cheese ($6.49), moussaka combo with rice ($7.99), and the option to add hummus or baba ghanouj. They offer regular or whole wheat pitas.

They also offer a variety of fun drinks: vitality juices, mango juice, and various sodas from the soda pop shoppe (grape, root beer, orange).

The falafel was slightly heavy on the onion, and they were out of whole wheat pitas, but otherwise it was great.

19 St Leonard's Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland

A hidden secret

The food at Engine Shed is a wonderfully healthy, refreshing delight. I found the opening times a bit deceiving, though. They are open 10:30 - 3:30, but only serve hot foods after noon. I was able to get a plate of tofu salad and fruit salad, and it filled me up until dinner time. Since I was there early, I may not have had the usual experience, but you order cafe-style up front, then bring the food back to your table.

You can buy their homemade tofu and bread to take away with you.

Hamilton & surrounding areas, Hamilton, Canada

Wonderful welcome to Hamilton!

This is an all vegan food truck. They park at various places around the Hamilton area. They post their weekly schedule here: https://www.facebook.com/karmachamealeon

Since they source local ingredients, the menu changes. We loved the Philly Cheezesteak and Po'Boy, both with coleslaw. They were $7 and $8. Hot dog and fries for $6. Quinoa salad for $5.

The owners/operators were friendly and looking to increase the healthy options in Hamilton and to encourage local food consumption. They also use only compostable containers and utensils and cart their waste and separate recycling container off with them when they leave.

Food is made to order and takes a few minutes. Cash only.

12 Park Ave, New York City, USA

A bit of an upset

I went here for take out because it's almost right on the way from Penn Station to Grand Central Station. The service was as fast as any Chinese restaurant I've seen (though this is Korean)-- less than 10 minutes for my entree. With tax, I paid $13 for 6 dumplings. I was glad that I wasn't super hungry before, because it left me satisfied, but not full. The dumplings themselves were a little bland. Contrary to another review, I got them steamed, and realized they tasted like "healthy food" (not that it was a bad thing). It just wasn't a special treat. I'm pretty sure all of the dumplings are freshly made. The spinach dumplings had bit, hearty pieces of spinach in them (which I liked).

The entire restaurant is 100% vegan, which is nice. I haven't tried any of the noodle dishes, so don't know if that deal is better (or at least closer to traditional Asian take out). The waiter was also friendly and the decor was lovely. It might be a good place to go for a special, fancy event, but certainly not for quick take out. I think most of what you pay for at Franchia is the experience.

94 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Quick and healthy

I had a wonderful experience at Henderson's Salad Table. The Henderson's building has three dining establishments-- a fancy restaurant on the ground floor (the bistro, listed separately), the Salad Table in the basement, and the shop on the ground floor.

The Salad Table restaurant is cafeteria-style: you order and get a tray and pay at the end of the line. They have a variety of fruit, veg, pasta, and some salads with mayo that you can combine to make a full meal plate. They also have vegan (and gluten-free) soups that come with bread. Both times I ordered the soup, as it's reasonably priced and a full meal (around 3.5 pounds). They have lovely-sounding entrees, but those are much more expensive (around 9 pounds). Most of their yummy looking desserts ARE vegan, but are not marked so. Be sure to ask. Not everyone working there will know what is vegan, but the older man always does (I think he might be the owner). All of their breads are always vegan, they told me.

The true delight, which I only managed to get to once, is their shop, open 9 - 5. They have a wide variety of vegan sandwiches with unique combinations, like apricot pate and baba ganoush, for 2.30 pounds. They also have a deli case full of wonderful vegan creations-- lots of indian food, lentil and spinach balls the size of a fist, and a vegan spring roll the size of a burrito (for 2 pounds). They also have a wide variety of prepackaged dessert bars with delightful combinations, like ginger and coconut, almost all of which are vegan and clearly remarked.

I highly recommend getting to the shop if you can, but the salad table as a close second (and perhaps a bit healthier-- less fried).

215 N Cayuga St, Ithaca, USA

Good food but overrated

The menu here changes nightly. So while this does mean that everything is fresh and local, that means that you can't look up ahead of time what they will be serving. Often there is only one vegan option; at most there are two. They have four entrees per night, one of which is always fish. The desserts are very yummy. Lunchtime is a much better deal. Also, sitting in the bar and just ordering an appetizer is often a much more affordable way to dine there.

For a restaurant that touts itself as vegetarian, it is quite disappointing to dine there as a vegan. Dishes tend to be heavy in cheese.

100 Main St, Pine Bush, USA

Vegan Enclave

This place is fantastic. As an ENTIRELY vegan restaurant (that doesn't even use honey), it is one-of-a-kind in its area. Especially when driving across NY, it's a great place to stop along the way. They do not serve lunch specials on the weekends, which can make a bill pretty expensive. [For 2 people, we spent $50 for appetizer, entrees, and dessert. When we got just entrees, it was until $30.] Plenty of free parking is available on the street. No alcohol is served or permitted in the restaurant.

The Pure City Platter is a lovely sampler, but not very big, so overpriced for what you get. But, it is a great way to try so many of the items that sound delicious. The spare ribs in particular were excellent, as were the veggie nuggets. My experience with veggie nuggets was different than listed by another user. I thought they were like a less-tough version of seitan. The Sesame Veggie Nuggets and the Mixed Diced Vegetable in Taro were great. So was the cheesecake! (though the piece was small for the price)

1293 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, USA

Eclectic Menu

This place is very easy to get to whether you are taking the bus or driving. It is right on Bardstown Road, across from the Midcity Mall (movie theather, library, ValuMarket). They have a new menu featuring items with homemade seitan and vegan mayo and vegan cheese. The panini sandwich has been my favorite so far. This is a great place to take non-veg friends. Surprisingly, many have been tempted by the veg options anyway! They pride themselves on having options representin many cultures. You will get so many wonderful recipe ideas just by reading the menu. I get something different every time, and am always happy. I like spicy food, but found the jerk seitan just a little too spicy in a weird way. The house salad for 2.95 is always so big it is spilling off the plate with dark greens and the biggest variety of veggies that EVER makes it into a house salad. This is one of my favorite restaurants in ANY city.

56 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

A filling meal

This was the first place I ate during my week in Edinburgh, and at first, I was quite pleased with my meal of a baked potato with vegan haggis for 3.50 pounds. It is a little bothersome that they don't have tables, but they are very close to a central square off of the Royal Mile (just across from Starbucks) where you can sit and dine (and sometimes catch a street performance).

The menu clearly indicates which offerings are vegan. In addition to filled potatoes, they also have some Indian treats like samosas.

For someone trying to dine inexpensively, I have found that a shop just a few buildings down Cockburn St called Mama Says has the same desserts and samosas, plus vegan pasties, for much cheaper.

3.50 pounds is one of the best deals you can find for a full meal in the city, and most would tell you that it's inexpensive, but the Engine Shed Cafe, the Forest Cafe, and the pasties in some of the shops have this place outdone.

There is usually a huge line spilling out of the storefront, but service is quite quick. It's just that popular.

They only accept payment in cash.

5339 Mitscher Ave, Louisville, USA

A lovely surprise

This is known as the best Vietnamese food in Louisville. I have had equally tasty meals at other places, but this is probably the most authentic Vietnamese. There is lots of meat on the menu, but at the very back is the vegetarian section. They have about 10 dishes that would be suitable for vegans. I had trouble distinguishing what I got from any other Asian restaurant's veggie and tofu mix over rice. Be careful if you get the Vietnamese iced coffee that you specify with soy milk (otherwise it automatically comes with sweetened condensed milk).

If you go, be sure to check out the ValuMarket next door-- half of the store is devoted to international options that you can't find or wouldn't even know to look for at other grocery stores.

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