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Rataskaevu 8, Harju, Tallinn, Estonia

soy cream.. ahh

so this is a nice place.. looks fancy. No local would go there due to the cost. I had dahl which was nice and bread. But the red bean and potato cassoral actually made me sick I think the soy cream was too much. Otherwise they have nice bio german beer.

167 Cuba Street, Wellington

Interesting place

It was very busy when i went there. I didnt' realise you paid before you ate. But I had a great meal. I had Godu godu... though it was most of a sweet type of sauce with peanuts in it. Lovely Roti bread, probably the best i've had in a while. Nice drinks but staff were very busy.

Vilniaus g. 41, Vilnius, Lithuania


ordering was slighty uncomfrtable...

but the red curry was nice.. little green leaf symbol means vegan. I hear they have nice falafels...

Very good for lithuania.. the only place in the city.

Be ahppy its here.. food was tasty and the fried bread was good.


Venloer Strasse 47, Gegenuber Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany

open late

So they sell everything.. vegan, vege, meat..

But they sell a good range.. reguar prices for germany.

182 King St, Newtown


I can never go to sydney without going here. They are open long hours and great staff. Everything is vegan and so yummy. Best dish is the Five Spice Bean Curd and Massaman curry over rice. Drinks are not that appealing very corporate... but everything apart from that is GREAT

Blagardsgade 17, Copenhagen, Denmark

some points for trying

Living in Denmark for nearly 2 years and I was very hopeful that Cafe N was somethign special since this is what I have heard.
I went for Dinner around 6:30pm, many people eating but we did find a seat. Nothing is in english (though i do read and speak danish)
You just need to ask if something can be made vegan, both my boyfriend and I had the burger menu for 69kr each with a burger (this is a burger you can find frozen in the supermarket) with lots of mustard and salad in the bun, nothing so tasty about the burger but nothing bad. Baked potatoes with vegan butter- I love baked potatoes so its always a plus. Also with a slice of watermelon which wasnt so ripe. You also get a juice included. A burger by itself is 42kr. Teh menu is quite small, mostly bread with hummus, omlette, a vegetarian plate, vegan pizza and vegetarian only sandwiches. Wine and beer are all organic, and a range of organic juices and for some reason coca cola.
I havent found anything better in copenhagen, it is about the same as Morgenstedet though they have more variety then Cafe N.
Its a quick eat, i would go again but usually the local soup kitchens are cheaper and more exciting

Lausitser Platz 12, Berlin, Germany


This was a nice place. No issues with smokers. Great Hummus and garlic bread. I had the stuff eggplant and rice and my friend had curry dish with tofu and a spinach and nut pattie? it was quite nice... not my usual choice of a place to eat. But the price was 25 euro for 3 dishes and 2 beers. Not bad. They have veagn clearly marked on dishes that are vegan. Staff speak excellent english.

Recep Peker Cad, Unit 28, Kadıkoy, Istanbul, Turkey


this was my first cig kofte so i dont know how to rate it, it tasted interesting. definately was tasty since we were so hungry. They do sell dariy based foods there too.
It was quite cheap but i think nothing special.

Laugavegur 20b, Simi, Reykjavik, Iceland

yum free hummus and bread

well i liked this place. Good range of food. Staff are so friendly. Know exactl what vegan is. Happy to talk with you. Really nice food before leaving iceland.

Gammel Kongevej 113, Copenhagen, Denmark

shopping in the evening

egefeld is open until 7pm in the week. a huge range, many vegan optins including soya meats, butter and other goodies. biggest range of fresh produce. they sell a selection of meat, this is in the back section. A negative point but if you cant find something you are looing for you could find it here.

5 Palmotićeva, Belgrade, Serbia

shinning light in belgrade

Very friendly staff, energentic and glad to give you any information you need. Only one meal wasnt vegan with potatoes. I got a lot of little battered and fried vegetables, a good unhealthy snack. Also a chocolate muffin and a free serving of rice, aubergine and brazilnuts because I was wearing purple. I think they have a lot of nuts used in many dishes for protien, so if you have problems with nuts do ask. Very tasty, with some indian type influences in flvaours. In summer they will hopefully have vegan ice cream

Sukhumvit 36, just past Soi 3, Bangkok, Thailand

my tastebuds are happy

i arrived here on a sunday afternoon, very quit but Herwin was wonderful. I had a chocolate shark (45 b?) that was something i was missing for a longtime! I had a peppersteak burger with fries and tofu mayonaise- the mayo isnt so sour/ vinegary but still nice :) also i had a chocolate/coconut ice cream that was wonderful!!!! I came back a second time and had the shrimp greencurry served with brown rice which was perfect, no complants. I ordered a tae away soya burger and fries for the train which were fine. His new brownies and the apple cake were also very tasty. Maybe he will change the hours and be open on monday and closed sunday. Very good food, and the mixture of thai food and junk food is good :) just remember to draw or print a map because its just too easy to get lost



i got a good curry, it was vegan Lovely staff.. can have it there ot take away. Made my train trip good.

3-4 Qidaoyan Jie, Chengdu, China

hidden treasure in a cultural area

i found my way here with bus 55 from the train station though you can use the metro. It is two stops from the northern bus station at the stop Wenshu temple. about 10 minutes from here.
One of the staff spoke some english and he was very helpful and curious.
I ordered spring rolls, an eggplant dish ad rice. Eggpant dishes in china are always very oily so if you dont like that dont order it! The spring rolls had a meaty flavour, these were interesting and the eggplant was fine I think it was nearly 30 yuan. Not bad. If you want to use the toilet ask for WC. A very beautiful decorated restuarant!

Kurabiye Sokak No 9/A Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

agreed, bland

the food is bland and not so cheap. Its in a good location, so if you are not having any luck with the "vegetarian turkishfood" filled with meat stock then i guess you could come here, as i did... it will fill you stomach and your tastebuds wont care for it.

Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

helpful staff

Really great people. They made me a bagel with avocado spread and spinach... they did try very hard to help me. I had a Soy berry smoothie. Good smoothies

Købmagergade 53, København, Copenhagen, Denmark


The shop is on top levels, the top in more health- beauty items and below is food. Great selection of fairly traded items. All the usual items. Some tofu in the fridge and good variety of soy and rice milks. Prices are average or a little more than most places. Friendly staff.

Koln Bahnhof, Cologne, Germany

good location

good selection for small shop even mock meat. a little pricey.. i agree. Open on sundays, thats nice. next to platform 10 and 11

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