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78-6831 Alii Dr Ste B-106, Kailua Kona, USA

Great Find

22 Mar 2012

We ate here twice during our stay on the big island. Both times had veggie pizzas with vegan cheese. I thought the food was great and the staff very accommodating, even bringing nutrition info on the cheese to the table when my son asked about it. Can't wait to go back!

206 E 13th Ave, Denver, USA

Worth Trying

03 Oct 2012

I wanted to try Ciry O' City for their breakfast selection, as there are many places that offer vegan option for lunch and dinner. I had a vegan 'omelette', and it was good, but in no way resembled an omellete. My son had the Power Waffle and it was delicious. There are a lot of intriguing items on the menu like biscuits and gravy, and I plan to return. The biggest drawback for me was how noisy it is. It was hard to talk with out shouting. All in all, worth trying.

12120 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, USA

Good Take Out

03 Sep 2015

Fortune Kitchen has a nice selection of vegan 'meat', so you can have vegetarian sesame chicken of kung po beef. I have ordered from them four or five times, and liked everything I've tried. Delivery is a plus and the minimum is only $12.

2466 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, USA

Great Mediterranean Fast Food!

13 Jul 2012

I don't know how I've missed out on Garbanzo's for so long, but will definitely become a regular! You start by choosing your entree-A pita, laffa, or plate-and go down the line filling it with your choice of sauces, spreads, and veggies. Then you choose your protein. The only real vegan choice is falafel, and it's delicious. And the staff were so nice! As they waited on regulars who knew what they wanted they also explained the set-up and ingredients to me, warned me that the portobello were cooked on the same grill as the meat and offered me samples. All the vegan options are clearly marked. Planning to go back in a week, but may not be able to wait that long.

3140 S Parker Rd 7, Aurora, USA

A Wonderful Find!

06 Jul 2012

This is my favorite restaurant. I eat here about once a week with my son, who is also vegan. The food is always freshly prepared and the menu is very clear on what is vegan (or gluten free), and the staff couldn't be nicer. Try the Chettinadu Dosa, or Tomato Uthappam. Yummy!

10 E Ellsworth Ave, Denver, USA

Really Fun To Shop Here!

23 Sep 2012

I love it that they carry no products that bother my conscience! I've wanted to go since before they opened, but it's a bit of a drive for me. Just the vegan queso is worth that drive! They carry a very nice variety of sauces, 3 or 4 flavors of veganaise, lots of dairy-free cheese and meat substitutes, locally made products like five-points curry kraut and seitans from those fun loving guys at the Denver Seitan Company. They had produce, probably local, but I didn't check it out-They had chipotle veganaise, afterall. There were cruelty free wallets, funny stickers, and... vegan dog food (hmmmmm). I agree with the previous reviewer-everyone in Denver should check them out. Especially those who want to put their green money where their green mouth is!

1150 S Ironton St Unit 130, Aurora, USA

A Friendly Little Farmers Market

09 Jul 2012

I love sprouts. It has such a friendly, small business feel, and the produce is both beautiful and reasonably priced. Their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, whether you're looking for kale or wondering about the latest supplement in the news. The only small complaint I have is their very small selection of vegan products like dairy free cheeses and meat substitutes, but I understand that space is limited. I usually shop once a week at Sprouts and once a month at Whole Foods.

1014 S Peoria St, Aurora, USA

All fun & game until somebody bites into a pepper

20 Sep 2012

Very good Thai food made with lovely fresh vegetables and a large selection of sauces. My favorite is the Pad Kana, and I order it at least every other time I come. The menu isn't clear about which dishes are vegan, so you have to ask. Almost anything is available with tofu instead of meat, but some of the sauces are meat based. The staff is very nice, too!

3435 Albion St, Denver, USA

Charming Little Place

22 Sep 2012

This was such a wonderful find! Denver has a lot of restaurants with vegan options, but breakfast choices are limited. Here we were able to indulge in Cinnamon quinoa pancakes and French toast casserole. The pancakes were served with your choice of maple sunflower butter or yam coconut butter, spiced berry syrup and apples stewed in cinnamon. I had the yam coconut, and everything was delicious. The prices are very reasonable, but the portions are small, so make sure to order enough! We will definitely be returning to try more of their offerings. The menu is clearly marked r-raw; v-vegan; gf-gluten-free; nf-nut-free, so there are no surprises.

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