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16563 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, USA


23 Jul 2009

I have been to at least...14 different raw restaurants across the country, and this is definitely one of the best, if not the best. If you have any interest in raw food, you have to go. Really.

First of all, RAW DONUT HOLES! It's been a while since I've had a donut, but these definitely had a strong donut vibe. They're soft, moist, warm, not at all what I was expecting. You won't be disappointed.

I had the pasta di amore made with kelp noodles. This is only the second time I've come across kelp noodles, but I was glad to see them used in this way- served warm like an italian pasta. I have no idea how to describe the sauce, except that it was amazing. I took a bite and I immediately had my boyfriend try it. It reminded me so much of real pasta, it was even buttery! And it came with raw garlic bread that was very spongy and bread-like.

The menu is huge and divided into raw and cooked. I ordered only from the raw, but my boyfriend got the cooked "pork" spring rolls and I tried one and they were great. It was a lot to take in and I wish the waitress could have explained it a little more when we were trying to order, but she was still very nice. And later a different waitress did answer some of my questions.

The raw menu did strike me at first as too expensive, but after I tried the food it seemed very humbly priced. I hope I can get back soon to try the raw "fried" rice.

4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Great example of a raw/vegan restaurant

23 Jul 2009

I had a great experience at this restaurant. Impressive selection of green juices to choose from, I went with the "green dragon" which had just the right amount of fennel. I had the green lentil dal with quinoa. The lentil turned out to be red and spiced perfectly. The large was pretty big, I ate all the lentils but couldn't finish the quinoa. My mom got the "recession bowl" brown rice and black beans with garlic tahini sauce for only $3. It was great and definitely enough. My sister got the cilantro pesto pizza. I've had quite a few raw pizzas and this was not one of my favorites. The sauce was nice but the crust was a little too heavy. Definitely not bad though. The desserts were amazing. Definitely go and get the tapioca with raspberries. Not only is one of the prettiest deserts I've ever seen, it was delicious and fun to eat. The raw brownie was great too. It reminded me of the home made chocolate candy my grandmother used to make. They had vegan baked goods too, including a wheat free spelt muffin. That was a great muffin.

Nice atmosphere, ecologically friendly restrooms, friendly staff.

1026 NE 65th St A-102, Seattle, USA

Wonderful smoothies and desserts!

23 Jul 2009

Any restaurant that will make you chocolate coconut smoothies is a treasure. I only had the "coconutty" but it was very hard to choose. I wish I could have tried the "Boutenko's Best". I ate here twice while I was in town but I wanted to get the coconutty both times. The smoothies come in four different sizes, so if you don't want to pay $9 for 24 oz, you don't have to.

I'd never had kelp noodles before, but I got them in "Oh my Samurai". Very fun and tasty. I also had the "Oh Pastadoro". It was more like a salad and less like a bowl of pasta than other dishes I've had like it, but it was still a very nice salad. My sister loved the almond ricotta.

I highly recommend the key-lime pie. It was even better than the one at Cafe Gratitude. Very limey and a little reminiscent of cheesecake. Excellent texture. The chocolate moose pie was nice as well.

The only thing I didn't like were the flax crackers and nacho cheese. The cheese was boring, a little too sweet. The crackers were completely bland. Some raw restaurants have awesome, herbed flax crackers, some just don't.

This place is definitely worth checking out, especially for the selection of smoothies and the desserts.

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