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9341 Katy Freeway, Houston, USA

One of my favs

03 Jun 2008

It's a health food store?
It's a restaurant that meat eaters, health freaks, and vegans can all enjoy?
In Houston, no less?
I love the place - walk in, go to the left, stock up on healthy, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, and/or organic fare. They sell food, herbs, drinks, snacks, health & beauty products & supplements in a compact but easy to navigate shop.
Go to the right, and hit the restaurant. The offerings vary from vegan, to organic, locally grown meat meals.
As a vegetarian, I am partial to the seasonal gazpacho soup, the vegetarian lasagna (can also be made vegan with a simple request) and the hummingbird food cake.
I have brought many a meat eater/non-believer to eat here and have yet to have any one leave hungry or dissatisfied.
It feels homey - like you're hanging out in your quirky aunt's farmhouse.
The atmosphere is relaxed, and prices are reasonable for the area. (Memorial HS is within walking distance.)
One of my favorite go-to restaurants the food never fails to please. I've been eating there often since 2001 and have never had a bad experience.

315 W 19th St, Houston, USA

Great brunch for a lazy Sunday

03 Jun 2008

Consistantly good - I only end up there on the weekends but they have never disappointed. I wouldn't call it health food, but compared to Texas' usual food fare, it is not the worst thing you could put in your body. I am partial to the vegetarian breakfast croissant-wich.
They cater more towards vegetarians but they do vegan options on request.
They serve breakfast/lunch, gelato & a full coffee/tea/hot beverage bar. The atmosphere is laid back; very funky & ecclectic - not unlike the neighbourhood. Want some quiet? Go to the "adults" room in the back - no kids allowed so it keeps the volume down.

2320 W Alabama, Houston, USA

No bells and whistles, but the food is wonderful

25 Jun 2008

Has the feel of a college hang out - the walls are painted outlandishly, but there's no decor to tie the crazy paint into a design, so you walk in and go "woah" and marvel at what the hell the owner was thinking.
Good thing the food's great, or else this place would have a real problem on their hands because the ambiance is sorely lacking.
They run the gammut for veg friendly fare; serving fish and chicken as well as vegan meals. Everything from Mexican, Italian, Indian, & Asian food.
It's the kind of place you'd meet an old friend for a meal, where you'd grab a quick bite after a workout, or a quiet place to go to study and refuel.
Not a first date or "dress to impress" joint.

17240 State Highway 249, Houston, USA

Salad bar with great selection

03 Jun 2008

It's ahrd to find chain restaurants that are good about labeling their food - Sweet Tomatoes makes sure to note if their offerings are vegetarian friendly - leaves the vegans to fend for themselves on the prepared foods, but it's a start. Food is fresh, place stays clean, employees have hairnets/hats & gloves & there are two-way sneeze guards. The atmosphere is on the stark light/pleather booth side, and the clientle runs the gammut from business suit to questionable. (I confess, I love to people watch there.)But overall it is good.

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