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Klenzestr. 89, Munchen, Munich, Germany

Love this place! Yummy food and relaxed atmosphere

05 Oct 2009

My husband and I have been in Munich for 3 days and this is by far the best meal we have had. We had what I think was the "grill plate" another reviewer mentioned, with 3 different fake meats (I think 2 tofu-based and 1-wheat meat) which came with a large, tasty salad and french fries. We also had the currywurst with fries. These came with 3 sauces- ketchup, tzaziki, and a sweet spicy sauce. We loved everything, even though the currywurst and one of the fake meats were a bit salty.

We also had some beer on tap and a Harvey Wallbanger- both were yummy. The server was friendly and chatted with us a bit in English, and answered all our questions. However, he was the only server/bartender in the whole place, so he could get a little busy. They do serve a Vegan White Russian, but were out of the vegan cream that day (a Monday) so I couldn't get one.

It is a very bar-like atmosphere, but the large tables make it a little more restaurant-like. They play classic rock and have rock and punk posters on the wall. The place is very clean and has a pleasant atmosphere- it isn't an agro vibe at all, but a friendly, low key kind of feel.

We had a great dining experience all around and will definitely be back before we leave Munich. the one big drawback- they appear to open only for dinner (I believe at 5pm) and are closed Sundays. Also, it would be nice to get a side of veggies instead of french fries because when you'r ein Germany you already eat a lot of fried potatoes if you're veg*n.

152-154 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, England

Highly recommended!

30 Jul 2009

When we visited London, m friends loved this place so much they went there two days in a row. Alas, I only went once. The food is excellent, and I was particularly in love with the (cashew) cheese tasting plate. I sampled everyone's dish and it was all yummy. The green curry was amazing.

The cocktails were also particularly well done and interesting. We tried something with apricot in it and other sported interesting fresh herbs.

Saf is nice enough for a fancy dinner to splurge on, but not excessively expensive. It is probably one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at.

The only con I can think of is that it does get quite crowded and sometimes the servers seem a bit overextended, as does the bartender. We had to wait a bit for drinks. But this place is definitely worth the wait and the price. I'm headed back to London in a few months and Saf is definitely on my itinerary.

3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA


09 Jul 2008

OK, so the service can be a little slow and sometimes ytou have to wait for a table. But everything I've ever eaten here, and everything my friends have eaten, has been delicious. I highly recommend the blueberry buckwheat pancakes, the breakfast burrito and the tuno melt. It's not too expensive, either. Great brunch place.

Georgenstr. 67, Munich, Germany

Just OK- but options are limited in Munich

05 Oct 2009

My husband and I were looking forward to eating here and were excited when we came upon a cosy, romantic looking place. The man behind the pastry counter did not speak English but was very friendly. We opted to sit outside. When no one showed up to take our order, we went inside.

Although we were literally the only people eating in the restaurant, and ordered a cognac and a beer- two drinks that are very simple to make (you just pour them), I would say it too at least 15 minutes for us to get our drinks. So long, in fact, that the dinner came right afterwards. It seems that the kitchen was fast while our server was amazingly slow. Once the food was delievered, she never checked on us once- we had to flag her down to get the bill and she put our leftovers in a box and left them at her station- never brought them to us. When we wanted to leave, we had to shout to the back and ask if that was our food.

We had to ask about the cake, which the friendly man behind the counter gave us, with some translation help from another customer. They have an amazing-looking pastry counter, but the plum tart/cake we got was just OK. However, it was free, and one of two free options (the other was rhubarb strawberry pie, which may have been vegan- the plum tart definitely was not).

The food was a little strange- my husband's risotto was not risotto but was basmati rice with julienned zucchini and sliced mushrooms on top, sitting in a salty milk soup. My vegan rice in curry was odd- it had zucchini and dates in coconut milk and I think dried basil, a strange combo. It was OK though, and I was just happy to have some actual vegetables instead of french fries for a meal.

Everything vegan is clearly marked on the menu, although I have to say it seems that 1/2 of the vegan options have dates or sugar in them, which is not really what you want for dinner usually. There are about 3 times as many vegetarian options.

In all, it was OK. We left feeling like we would rather have tried the Lebanese place next door. And I should say we are relatively easy going, and ready to forgive all when the food is amazing, which it was not. However, vegetarian and especially vegan options are very limited in Munich, so it may be worth a try if you're there for several days.

Meiji Dori, Tokyo, Japan

May not have veggie burger

14 Apr 2013

We stopped here for some veggie burgers, after hunting in vain for something else in the area. We did not see either the bean burger or tofu burger on the menu. When we asked, we were told they were "sold out" of those. I don't know if that means they normally have them or not.

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